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It Burns! achievement in World of Tanks

It Burns!

Set an enemy on fire twice within a single match.

It Burns!0
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How to unlock the It Burns! achievement

    03 Apr 2015 04 Apr 2015 08 Apr 2015
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    Just finished a session where all 10 participants earned the "It Burns" cheevo. Here's what we did:

    Set up two platoons of 5. EVERYONE select the LeichtTractor with the Leighttractor III package and a fire extinguisher. No special shells or crew skills are necessary. Get both platoons in a Tier I 7 vs 7 battle. Call out to your party members where the non-boosting, random players are (there will be two per side) and once they are dead, meet in the middle.

    *Edit: Make sure the fire extinguisher is a MANUAL extinguisher and not an automatic fire extinguisher. The Automatics have an active boost that will decrease the tank's chance of catching fire by 10%.

    One of our fellow boosters (forgive me, I can't remember which player first pointed it out, but he is awesome!) told us the sweet spot to shoot on the LTractor to set it on fire: DO NOT shoot at the front panel. Look at the SIDES of the tank above the tracks toward the front. There is a little headlight, and right behind the headlight is a small round circle. This circle is the EXACT spot you want to aim for.

    Get close enough so your shots won't stray, and use a light tap on the trigger to fire a single burst. After a couple shots the target tank should hear a "fuel hit" notification and the next couple shots should set the tank on fire. Then use the fire extinguisher to put it out quick. Don't just blast away or the shots will stray or damage it too quickly. Short, controlled bursts are the key.

    Note: Some people say shoot the left side, but my experience was that the RIGHT side of the tank seemed to consistently yield the fuel leak and then fire results. For all I know the effects are exactly the same on either side of the tank, but it seemed to me like the shots on the right worked better than the left.

    If each platoon has their tanks sit still (once all the "random" players are dead) the person going for the cheevo should have no problem getting two fire results shooting at only 3 tanks, and if they have fire extinguishers they don't even need to die. Then someone in the opposing platoon can take a turn setting your tanks on fire. At least two players can get this each match, one from each side. If you're lucky maybe more. Then you can finish off the match with a base cap, some double ram kills on the weakened tanks, or whatever.

    Good Luck!

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    simosaaliit works. Everybody got it in my session by shooting the circle on the side.
    Posted by simosaali on 08 Apr 15 at 17:12
    KingCrimson220Can anyone help little ol me with this?

    I've had terrible luck asking ppl in games. An worse yet to get around ten random ppl! lol

    It's the last achievement I need too :-(

    GT is KingCrimson220

    Shoot me a message to let me know when's good for everyone...I'll get back to everyone soon as I can. Would like to get somethin goin in the next half hour but I'll be patient if anyone is willing to help.

    Thanks ahead of time of everyone... I really appreciated any help.
    Posted by KingCrimson220 on 29 Apr 15 at 03:22
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  • guycarbguycarb326,094
    17 May 2015 17 May 2015
    7 1 2
    This isn't a "solution", more so an addendum to all of the other solutions. Pls don't leave negative feedback because I didn't recap the other 5+ solutions.

    I just spent 2 hrs trying to get this LUCK based achievement with 7 other ppl in 2 platoons and we couldn't consistently set ppl on fire without indirectly killing them.

    I was the only one in the session to get this achievement though and it wasn't by following the achievement description.

    I got it by setting 2 different tanks on fire. To clarify, I did do NOT set the same enemy on fire twice. I popped this achievement after setting a 2nd DIFFERENT enemy tank on fire.

    We weren't able to reproduce these results in our session due to time constraints but I just wanted to put this out there in case it can help anyone who struggling with it.
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    EhrenfriedI can also confirm that it pops after firing up two different tanks!
    Posted by Ehrenfried on 21 Jan 16 at 23:56
    TheOtherBarberJust commenting to say that I got this achievement after setting only 1 enemy on fire & only getting 2 kills in the match. Whenever I shot the person that I set on fire it only had 3 hits worth of damage left on it and I killed it. The only thing I can guess is that the other tank I killed got set on fire too but it didn't have enough health left to actually burn.
    Posted by TheOtherBarber on 29 Apr 16 at 03:10
  • ratloachratloach261,330
    29 Mar 2015 29 Mar 2015
    4 0 2
    Get yourself a fast low tier (2 or 3) tank with an auto loader that has good penetration and low damage. Quickly drive behind enemy tanks and unload on the engine compartment.

    You can tell if the gun is an autoloader by checking the stats for rate of fire being higher than 60 or during the game you see little shells next to the reload gauge on the HUD.

    Before an engine catches on fire, you have to damage the fuel tank. By having an auto loader, it increases the number of shells hitting the fuel tank in shotgun effect because they usually fire 3 shells at a time.

    It also helps to have a highly skilled crew with the perk 'Deadeye'. This perks description is 'increases the chance to cause critical damage to enemy vehicle modules and crew.' The fuel tank is a module.
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    I Sanral II used the T1E6-X premium tank, having an autoloader definitely increases your chance of setting a tank on fire. The benefit of using a premium tank is you getting better matching.
    Posted by I Sanral I on 26 Apr 15 at 21:47
    saturnsailorI got this in a regular tier 6 tank without an auto loader just like that, without trying, but I would recommend the German tier 3 tank Pz III E (Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E), imho one of the most enjoyable tanks in the game next to the Chinese M5A1 Stuart, which btw could also be used to get this. I would say don't try too hard to knock this one down early, just enjoy the game and it should come as you go for the other achievements.
    Posted by saturnsailor on 26 Aug 19 at 16:07
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