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Secret Achievement in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Secret Achievement165 (50)

Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

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Achievement won on 01 Apr 15
TA Score for this game: 4,826
Posted on 01 April 15 at 02:12, Edited on 15 April 15 at 01:26
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Until a patch is released this achievement MAY glitch for you. To avoid this glitch do NOT rescue any survivors throughout this easter egg.

You must have the Ascension DLC pack. Load up Exo Zombies > Infection.

The youtube video at the bottom of this guide is all you should really need,
however I have still included the steps in detail below.

This IS possible solo or in co-op.
There are no variations between the solo and co-op method.


Remember to keep 2 or 3 zombies alive at the end of the rounds to allow you to more efficiently complete the steps without having to worry about killing.

Opening the debris on the way to the Atlas Command first is a good idea as the 3dprinter will always spawn in there first.
Head to the sewers. You will find cream/brown pipes all around the sewers (if you're unsure which they are there are four of them on the walls of the tunnel between the sewers and value voltage). They are scattered around the sewers all over all the way up to the entrances to certain areas of the map and even all the way down near the decon pad.
You need to turn on FOUR valves by walking up to them and holding x.
Usually only one valve appears at first, sometimes more.
Once you activate a valve another appears, and so on.
Below is a list of the cream/brown pipes on which the valves will spawn.
Total pipes = 30
- 2x pipes on the wall near the exit of the sewers to Burgertown
- 1x pipe on the wall near the generator
- 3x pipes on the ceiling of the sewerage trap/ contact grenades area
- 2x pipes in the water area below the previous pipes ^
- 2x pipes on the walls near Exo Reload
- 4x pipes in the tunnel sewer exit to Value Voltage
- 1x pipe in the room with the Exo Suit
- 8x pipes around the insta-gator river
- 2x pipes in the insta-gator switch room
- 2x pipes in the ramp area near the insta-gator room
- 3x pipes in the decon pad room
You will know you have activated a valve when steam starts spraying out of it. Once all four valves are turned a secret sacrificial chamber will open behind the waterfall in the sewers and all four valves will stop spraying steam.

NB: This step can be difficult so try to do it on as early a round as possible! I'd recommend a CEL-3 Cauterizer or S-12 at the very least if you're doing it solo or for co-op everyone should have hit the 3dprinter twice and have 2 weapons! Nano-swarms and distraction drones placed in the centre of the room are also extremely effective for this step.

Make sure you equip your exo suit (it can be found in the sewers).
Head to spawn. In the ceiling you will see a golden skillet simply double jump up to it and hold x to pick it up. It should now show in your inventory on your HUD down the bottom left.
Next, head to the sacrificial chamber behind the waterfall and hold x to place the golden frying pan down on the altar. The altar should then lower down.
You now have to get kills on this grating around the altar to fill the reservoir up with blood. Once you have got enough kills the altar will raise back up and you will be able to take the skillet out by holding x. Take the skillet to the fryer/stove in Burgertown and hold x to place it down in the middle of the fryer/stove.

Once you have placed the pan on the fryer/stove in Burgertown you will then need to collect FOUR pieces of meat.
They look like a dark red and black pile of meat and are fairly easy to spot.
Collect each piece of meat by holding x then take it back to the golden skillet in burgertown and press x to place it in the pan. Repeat for all four pieces.
One piece of meat will spawn in each area.
All four will spawn at the same time (as soon as you place down the skillet).
The SPAWNS ARE RANDOM however I have listed some spawns below.
- On a crate on the roof
- On a counter beside the main counter to the right of soda machines & sauce bottles
- On one of the booth tables in the Burgertown restaurant
- Under a roller door opposite Bubby (the burgertown mascot)
- On the ground near the fence between Bubby and the sewer
- Between the sewer entrance, a flipped Burgertown van & the wall
- On the children's ride outside the restaurant near Exo Health
- Other [?]
- On the ground in the back left corner going into the sewer from burgertown
- On the ground near the insta-gator river between entrances to the pit
- Right beside the Tac-19 shotgun on the floor
- On the ground on a blue tarp beside the exo suit holder
- In a shopping cart in the insta-gator room
- In a vent on ground level near Exo Reload
- On the side of the tunnel to Value Voltage opposite the explosive drones
- Other [?]
- Under the 'help us' roller door near the tanker truck
- In a tray/box on the ground to the right of the 3dprinter
- In a bin outside the weapon upgrade machine room
- In the back of a wrecked car near the trash chute
- On some bricks on the roof near the MP11 ramp
- In a bin next to a wrecked car near the fuel pumps / charging stations
- On the ambulance
- Other [?]
- Indoors to the immediate right of the power generator on the floor
- On a large tarp on the ground in a corner of the building with the 3dprinter
- To the right of the 3d printer building on the ground in a corner between red broken doors and a free points station under a 'help us' wall
- Map outskirts on the top stair of a short set of stairs leading to a row of porta-potties
- On the roof of the building with the 3dprinter
- On top of a white container near Exo Slam
- Under a roller door near Exo Slam
- On the floor inside the cages near spawn (Hoard More)
- Other [?]

Once you have placed each of the four pieces of meat on the skillet the pile of meat will flatten into a patty.
You will now need the Magnetron from the 3dprinter!
Once you have the Magnetron aim it at the meat and hold the trigger to cook it (it should take about 10% of your ammo charge). When it is cooked you will hear a ding, the meat will turn darker and it will be smoking.

Kill zombies and keep your eyes peeled! Wait to kill a burger town employee zombie (has a burger town shirt and burger town sailor type cap/hat). He usually spawns on infected rounds or on non-infected rounds while you are in the pit (decon pad room in the sewer). He will drop a big floating spinning burger bun which you can then walk over to and pick up (it should then appear in your inventory). Place the burger bun onto the golden skillet back at Burgertown and it will then combine with your meat patty you cooked earlier. Wait a second and you will then be able to pick up the entire burger leaving the skillet empty however beware as it will infect you! Head to the decon pad (I recommend you take the trash chute) and activate it to decontaminate yourself and the burger. Next, take the burger to Bubby and give it to him by walking up to him and pressing x. An animation will play and he will say: "Mmm mmm so good! Time to replace my battery!"

Head to the Atlas Command area. Inside the building with the 3dprinter there will be a screen on the wall displaying a blueprint of Bubby and his battery walk up to it and hold x then immediately sprint and use your exo slide and exo boost (to move as fast as possible) over to the grey box on the wall in the room with the generator and immediately hold x while beside it before the hatch/window closes to pick up the battery. If you don't get there in time simply repeat the steps. The battery should now appear in your inventory (shown bottom left on your HUD).

Head to Value Voltage and place the battery in the charger on the fuel pump station in the middle lane by walking up to it and holding x. You will need to protect it from the zombies attacking it otherwise they will knock it out. When they knock it out you will see it sparking, simply walk back up to it and press x again to place it back in the charger. Once the battery has been in the charger for long enough the battery meter will be fully lit, the battery itself will turn red and you will then be able to take it back into your inventory. Head back to Bubby in burger town and place the battery in him by walking up to him and holding x. He will then give you a key. Walk up to the key and take it. The key should then appear in your inventory. Go onto the roof and walk up the ladder to the giant burger and press x to open the hatch and go inside. Next, walk up to the middle terminal and press x. The display should turn red and say access denied.

NB: If you're having trouble with this step go to the toilet with the green light in Burgertown & press x on it to flush it a few times (pretty sure this is just a placebo effect).

Head to the sewers. If you're doing this co-op I'd recommend a maximum of two players in the sewers otherwise there will be too many zombies. Activate the insta-gator trap and stay close to zombies around the river. When the insta-gator jumps out of the water and attacks the zombies SHOOT AT & KILL THE GATOR MID-ATTACK (I recommend a fast firing high damage single hit type gun such as an upgraded S-12 or CEL-3). A distraction drone can also help with this step however it is not necessary. When you do this right it will be fairly obvious as there will be a small explosion, the water will be disturbed and frothy and it will drop a zombie hand/forearm which will be floating above the water and spinning (similar to the burger from earlier). You will have a short while to grab the hand before it disappears by running up to it and holding x. If you miss your shots trying to kill the gator mid-attack simply try again. This may take quite a few tries. The piece you are trying to pick up looks like a zombie arm severed at the elbow (so just the hand and forearm). Once you have picked up the hand it should now appear in your inventory.

Head to spawn and head upstairs. To the left of the 3d printer on a wall there will be a palm scanner. Hold x while beside it with the zombie hand in your inventory to scan the zombie hand and open the safe beside the scanner. Pick up the red encrypted key from the safe by walking up to it and holding x. The red encrypted key should now be in your inventory. Head back to Burgertown and go back up into the giant burger. Place the red key in the centre terminal by walking up to it and pressing x. You will then be kicked out of the burger.

The burger will then shoot small burger bombs out of it which you can pick up and use against zombies however don't let them explode on you! A short countdown will appear on your screen and the rocket will launch out of the giant burger. After a short while you will then be able to re-enter the giant burger. Climb back in and walk up to the middle terminal and press x to retrieve the encrypted key which should now be green. The green encrypted key should now appear in your inventory. Head back over to Bubby, walk up to him and press x to place the green card in him.

There are a couple alternate endings;
1- He will explode as a DNA bomb, drop you four random drops and pop your achievement MEAT IS MURDER (Activate Bubby) for 50G
2- He will become possessed, his eyes will turn red, he will rip up the sign and start running around killing zombies. Also he will pop your achievement MEAT IS MURDER (Activate Bubby) for 50G. He seems to take friendly fire damage and is attracted to distraction drones so watch out for this if you're trying to keep him alive for a while. After a certain amount of time/ damage he will do a handstand then explode as a DNA bomb and drop you four random drops.

Don't forget you also have the level 25 upgrade machine inside the giant burger as a reward! You will need to upgrade your weapon using the normal upgrade machines to lvl20 first then place it in the machine to upgrade from 20-25 in one go for 2500pts.
Btw, if you're going for a high round from round 33ish onwards there are rounds where all three areas are contaminated/gassed so you will have to train in sewers. Enjoy hell.

Well done you just killed Bubby :'(
1 like = 1 prayer for Bubby

Tips to survive are:
-Start the low rounds shooting in the legs and knifing for more points
-Buy a cheap gun to start eg the Mk14
-Get your Exo Suit ASAP
-Attain Exo Health / Juggernog ASAP (2500pts)
-Attain two good weapons from the 3dPrinter/MysteryBox or the wall ASAP
-Train zombies behind you (gather them up behind you and run in circles around the room or map) once you reach approximately round 7 and upwards
-Upgrade your weapons using the upgrade machine whenever you can (2500pts)
-Pick up all powerups especially - DNA Bomb kills all zombies spawned in on the map, double points & instakill
-Knife/punch when you have instakill for more points
-Pick up all care packages! Why not they're free and they help you out!
-Gain free points from green security consoles by walking up to them and pressing x (randomly change around the map).
-Purchase all other perks in order of personal preference (I would suggest speed cola > quick revive > ground slam > gun-ho
-Prioritise killing zombies: gas/infected > acid > EMP > charger > standard

Good areas for training are Burgertown and Value Voltage.

Some additional useful info is contained in my map below!

External image

Pop goes the cheevo!

Hope this helps
Happy Gaming!


Check out my youtube video guide below!
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