8 Ball Champion - No Aimz achievement in Pool Nation FX

8 Ball Champion - No Aimz

Win 8 Ball Tour - with no aiming aid

8 Ball Champion - No Aimz0
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How to unlock the 8 Ball Champion - No Aimz achievement

  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,878,169
    12 May 2015 01 Apr 2015 23 Jun 2016
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    MAJOR EDIT: According to eViL mOnKeY 270, the latest patch has changed the way the replay frame cheat works. "The glitch still works but not by pausing, going to instant replay and pressing start like usual. Instead as you take the shot to win the frame, hold b and soon as the new frame starts press left on the d-pad to replay the last shot."

    To unlock this achievement, win in the final of the 6th tournament, and this achievement will pop.

    If you're having trouble, don't forget that you must have aim off, but you CAN set the difficulty to easy.
    I advise also loading up the game with novice aim first, and then using the aim of the cue to sellotape a bit of string down the middle of your screen, vertically. This will REALLY help you aim the long shots when you're playing with no aim.

    For example, whenever the string is going directly through the middle of the target ball, you ALWAYS know you're hitting the ball full-ball, i.e. completely straight. If the string is going exactly along the left or right most side of the target ball, this means you're hitting the ball at a 45-degree angle. This means you can adjust your aim accordingly, i.e. have the string moving off to the side of the ball for an angle between 45-90 degrees, or have the string between the middle and the side of the ball for a hitting angle between 0 (full-ball hit) and 45 (half-ball hit) degrees.
    Don't forget that you can use the 'frame-award' glitch. The glitch goes as follows:

    When you're playing, make sure that you do NOT use your two shot-replay lightning bolts in normal play. When you're on the 8 ball, aim it, and when it goes in, and you get rewarded a frame win, and see the next frame ready for the break, IMMEDIATELY press cn_start, 'Instant Replay', and then cn_start.
    This will allow you to RETAKE the frame-winning shot. You'll notice however, that you've still got the frame win from the first shot you played.
    Repeat this for both retake shot lightning bolts, and this means you can win best of 3 and best of 5 matches by using only one frame.
    This also means that the best of 7 and best of 9 semi-finals and finals means you only need to win 2 frames and 3 frames, rather than 4 and 5.

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    thatNoseyParkerMy lord the bot’s god aim is screwing me in the ass!
    Been my last cheeve for a while, but I just can’t beat the Stage 4 final:(
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 31 Oct 17 at 23:33
    LaughinGuoturn on no free balls in rules. easy achievement
    Posted by LaughinGuo on 12 Nov 19 at 21:50
    KinectKid333^This must be done BEFORE starting the entire tour. Once you start, you cannot change this rule.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 13 Jan 20 at 05:21
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  • x athiktos xx athiktos x215,031
    09 Apr 2017 09 Apr 2017
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    The frame glitch works a little differently now...

    You will now need to hold cn_B, then press cn_left to replay the previous shot. Again, do not use the replay lightning bolts until right after you pocket your first frame-winning 8-ball shot. You can wait until the new frame is set up to make sure you get credit for the frame win before using the cn_B, the cn_left glitch.

    As for playing with no aim...

    The game will automatically set you up for a perfectly straight hit with the closest ball. However, if you are pressing buttons while it automatically moves the camera to that straight setup, you will override it. Still, the closest ball is not always the best shot.

    While lining up your shots, use the cue angle. When you press the right trigger, your cue will move up and it will become transparent. With the transparent cue up, move it to the left and right so that ball you want to hit is nestled evenly within your cue. This way you know you are perfectly lined up with that ball. Once you are lined up, you can then move to the left or right, using the transparent cue as a guide to create your angled shots. Once your shot is lined up, adjust your cue angle back to where you want it using the L/R triggers.

    Keep in mind that the further the ball you want to strike is, the less you will need to move your cue to the left and right from the center of that ball to create a sharper angle; the opposite goes for balls that are closer.

    Personally, I think the best way to learn is to practice using no aim and the transparent cue trick I mentioned, or the string trick dwaggienite mentioned. Be patient and stick with it. Good luck!
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