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Complete all the challenges in the career

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How to unlock the All Star achievement

  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,435,937
    04 Apr 2015 01 Apr 2015 04 Apr 2015
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    I recommend doing this in the 9-ball career as the 9-ball career is quicker gameplay-wise than the 8-ball career.

    There are three challenges for each non-qualifying round in each tournament.

    The various challenges will be varieties of the following:

    Jump Shot - Pot a ball whilst using a jump shot. Note that it will ONLY count as a Jump shot if the cue ball actually jumps a ball. This will not count if you just make the cue ball jump on the table, but not over a ball.
    Bank Shot - Pot a ball which target ball hits a cushion (NOT pocket edges) and bounces into a pocket.
    Kick Shot - Pot a ball where the cue ball has first come off of a cushion (NOT pocket edges) before hitting the target ball, which has then been potted.
    Combo Shot - Pot a ball using a 'plant'. E.g. Cue Ball hits the 1-ball, which is the target ball, and the 1-ball bounces into the 2-ball, and the 2-ball gets potted.
    Swerve Shot - Pot a ball by swerving the cue ball around another ball to get to the target ball. This will not count if you just make the cue ball swerve on the table, but not around a ball that is in the way of the target ball.
    Score - Have a total score of the given amount by the end of the match. This is where you CAN use jump shots, swerve shots, kick shots, bank shots, and all other manners of tricks to boost your score, even if you don't need to jump a ball, swerve a ball, or bounce off of a cushion.
    Shot Score - Get the given amount of points in a single shot. The highest requirement I've seen for a shot score is 10,000 points. The best way I found to do this was to use a jump & swerving shot to bounce off of either end cushion to perform a Combo Shot. This gets around 13,000 points if it's a good shot.
    Pot Streak - Highest I've seen for this is 7. All you have to do is pot the given number of balls without missing a shot or fouling.

    Note that challenges will NOT be completed if you do not win the game/match. You must win the game/match that you complete the challenge in.

    Furthermore, when you complete a 'Final' in an area, and you've done all the challenges, do NOT worry if the tournament stats says 12/15 for challenges - it's just not counting the three you've done in the final. However, if you go back to the stats page for the final after you're back in the match selection, you can see that the challenges have indeed counted.

    Hope this helps.

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    HolyThugRabbitYes, for anyone who wonders, it have to be done in the same career unfortunately. So pick carefully if you want to go for the quicker harder 9 ball or the slower easier 8 ball. The tracker goes back to 0% once you start a new career.
    Posted by HolyThugRabbit on 22 Dec 19 at 12:24
    MagnaMorbiusI am on Tournament 4, Stage 1 (Manchester) and the challenge is to score 30,000, in one frame. I'm playing 8-Ball, I have swerved and jumped and 8-Balled him, and I still can't get higher than 26,892. There must be a way of beating this, but I don't know how. Any ideas?
    Posted by MagnaMorbius on 11 May at 01:24
    Have you tried increasing the distant? As said above it's been awhile since I've played but as far as I know we all get the same challenges so if you're struggling with the 30K one, the 40K is gonna be a nightmare, however here's a copy/paste from a few helpful comments above

    Helpful Comments from above about the 30K/40K in one frame challenges:

    The Croissant said:
    ...How to actually do the particular shots. Thought I'd try to help. Dwaggienite does a good job explaining what these shots are in the solution, but here are some particulars.

    Swerve Shots - I find it easiest to see the curved path when you have a lot of power on your shot. I recommend filling the power bar up to about 75% and locking it with RB. Use left or right on the D-Pad to choose the direction to swerve in, and use RT to really accentuate the curve. Some backspin usually helps too. The controls are fickle, just play with it a little and you'll figure it out.
    Jump Shots - Easiest for me to lock the power bar at 100%. Use RT to raise the butt of the cue all the way, you'll see the jump that the cue ball will make after this. From there adjust the cue angle with LT/RT, LT jumps the ball further while RT brings it closer, and adjust the power accordingly.

    Like I said, the controls can be fickle. Lining up a good shot can be frustrating, but the aim assist makes it easily doable. Hope this helps.
    Tecstar70 said:
    There is a way you can check your score mid-game. go to the pause menu and highlight the challenges then press the A-button.
    Also the trick to replay shots to win games does not double your score so you do have to play frames until you get the required score total.
    ClownTastic said:
    A couple more notes for the 40,000 score in one frame challenge.

    - Pot streaks do add some kind of multiplier to each successive pot
    - Using your retry ability deducts points from your total score so try avoiding this unless absolutely necessary (I believe it also kills your streak multiplier but cannot confirm)
    - To give yourself the best chance after you or your opponent breaks and you do not get the very next shot just restart. You want as many balls on the table as possible for good jump shots.
    - Try tie two skill shots together for example jump/swerve into a combo or kick or bank makes good points.
    IIIT3III asked:
    Does the aiming style or difficulty you choose affect points? Did you all use extended aiming and easy AI when going for these challenges?
    EverStoned77 answered:
    I did all my challenges on easy w/ extended & as far as I remember it doesn't affect the points since it's the difficulty of the shot that gives the points besides that you need to do ALL CHALLENGES on the same difficulty & some like Jump shots are as good as impossible without extended aim.
    ParadoxReal8 asked:
    I need only the 40000 points to complete the game but this challenge is so hard...

    I play on 8 ball, easy, extended.

    Do you have not-so-hard-to-do trick to suggest. I was able to do everything else so I'm not so bad, but far that perfect. Thanks
    EverStoned77 answered:
    Not really sure what to add that haven't been said above,I played w/ exact same setting & simply kept doing swerve shots & if you have gotten the 10K in one shot, 40K in one frame should definitely be possible for you too :)
    As he says in the solution, ALWAYS use a trickshot of some sort, like jump, swerve, bank, kick, combo & so on, it won't come easy but keep practicing those high point shots while keeping the streak alive & you'll get there & again my goto was swerve shots...hope it help & best of luck
    HolyThugRabbit said:
    For anyone who wonders, it have to be done in the same career unfortunately. So pick carefully if you want to go for the quicker harder 9 ball or the slower easier 8 ball. The tracker goes back to 0% once you start a new career.
    That's those I found most helpful besides, of course, the excellent guide itself, Good Luck to you & anyone else who's struggling with the 30K/40K challenges, they're tricky but just keep at it & I'm sure you'll get there too wave
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 14 May at 00:11
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  • Dr MartyDr Marty649,551
    11 Mar 2018 11 Mar 2018 12 Mar 2018
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    This solution should hopefully maximize your chances of getting this achievement (and ease your worries about the 40,000 point challenge).
    For how specific challenges work, refer to Dwaggienite's solution.

    When I read the comments and talked to people, everyone got me worried about the 40,000 points challenge. But this challenge is easy. You don't even need to get all 40K in one frame, but rather the whole match, which can last up to a max of 3 frames (lose 1 and win 2). All points you get are added to your total match score at the end (This has been tested and confirmed). Just make sure you ultimately win the match.

    You should be able to easily get 40,000 points in 1 to 1.5 frames. Here is how:

    1. First of all, of course use extended aiming and play on easy. This needs to be set when you start the career and can't be changed after you've begun.
    2. Play 8-Ball. NOT 9-Ball. In 9-Ball you are forced to play the next ball in the sequence, which limits your shot options significantly. In 8-Ball you can choose which ball you will pot next and you have many of the AI's balls to swerve around and jump over.
    3. Learn how to swerve and jump:
    A good starting point for jumps is to press cn_RT all the way, and set your power to around 75% (lock it with cn_RB). Then play around with the settings until you have the perfect shot. You can also add front/back spin (cn_up/cn_down).
    For swerves you just add a spin with cn_left or cn_right to what you did above for the jump. (To get a good swerve you need to have a jump in your shot.)
    4. This point is specifically for the get "X points in one match" challenges: Don't play the ball closest to you. Try to set up a shot that includes a jump as well as a swerve and traverses the entire table. Preferably, the ball that you are aiming for will be behind some other balls. Don't be afraid to bounce of a bank as well for a kick shot bonus. All this shouldn't be a problem with the extended aiming assist on.

    Hope this helps. I got this the first time I tried.

    EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that some people had Tournament 6, Round 1 require you to get 40.000 points in 1 frame. This was not the case for me. That round only required 30.000 points and Tournament 6, Round 2 (which has 2 frames), required 40.000 points.
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    HolyThugRabbitMaybe the challenges is random? I did not have any challenges that required either 30k or 40k. Rather I had two times a single 10k shoot and a 50k overall score in a match. The 50k was in the final, so had plenty of frames to do it on.

    Anyway, very good solution though. Was very helpful with the explanation on how to do the jump shot and curve shot. Was stumped on that for a bit, but you explained it very good and made it very easy to understandsmile
    Posted by HolyThugRabbit on 01 Jan at 21:00
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