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Watch the World Burn

Kill 25 zombies with incendiary shotguns.

Watch the World Burn0
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Achievement Guide for Watch the World Burn

  • EnAN0 ERSEnAN0 ERS242,055
    01 May 2015 01 May 2015 01 May 2015
    16 1 3
    First you need to find an incendiary shotgun. I got mine from a CLEO drop, Lilly will let you know when there is a drop by CLEO. People have also found them in Spencers Mill gun shop:
    External image

    After you find a shotgun you need to either find or make incendiary ammo. to make the ammo you must first build a workshop and upgrade it to a munitions shop. To upgrade it, you need to build a library and then you must research ammunition. after all this you can finally make incendiary ammo. You will need 4 fuel and 10 fame for each crate you make, so make sure you have plenty of each. after this just get the 25 kills.

    note* there is an achievement for making 5 crates of ammo so this will help you get that achievement as well.
  • JohnnyInterfnkJohnnyInterfnk507,615
    29 May 2015 30 May 2015 30 May 2015
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    Not able to find an incendiary shotgun? Here is a quick way to get searching for one.

    Start a new game of Breakdown. Since Breakdown allows you to anywhere immediately, we're going to loot the two gun shops in the game. Grab the first vehicle you see and go to the two locations indicated in the maps below (one in Spencer's Mill, one in Marshall).

    Spencer's Mill:
    External image

    External image

    Once at a gun shop, search the entire building for the incendiary shotgun. If its not in either building, just restart Breakdown and search these buildings again. Rinse and repeat until shotgun found.

    The only negative of this is that once you find the shotgun, you may not have enough ammo to kill 25 zeds. You may luck out and find the ammo in the gun shop, or if you're really skilled you can take out multiple zeds in one shot. If you're unlucky/unskilled like me however, you'll now need to construct a Munitions Workshop at a home base (Establish base -> Basic Workshop -> Workshop -> Munitions Workshop). The second to last option in the Munitions Workshop menu is incendiary shotgun shells. Setting this up will take time, but once you do, you can create as many shells as needed to complete the achievement.
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