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Medal Enthusiast

Collect a total of 1000 Medals, regardless of type

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Achievement Guide for Medal Enthusiast

  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead469,054
    16 May 2015 12 May 2015 14 Sep 2015
    30 3 18
    You get a Medal for completing a Quest during Quick Match, Co-op Mode and Special Games. The types of medal you can collect in order of difficulty are Iron Medal, Bronze Medal, Silver Cross, Knight's Medallion and Hero's Medallion. Some Quests can only be completed once, and if you have already completed them on the Xbox 360 before the updated Xbox One version was released, they will count towards this achievement. You can check which quests you have already completed under Collections -> Mission Mode -> Quests.

    Your should aim to complete some of these repeatable quests every match:

    Spearhead (Bronze Cross)
    Claim the first kill of a match.
    The Ripper (Iron Medal)
    3 kills in 1 game without dying or changing character class.
    Nightmare (Bronze Cross)
    10 kills in 1 game without dying or changing character class.
    The Killer at the Lake (Silver Cross)
    20 kills in 1 game without dying or changing character class.
    NBK Natural Born Killer (Hero's Medallion)
    30 kills in 1 game without dying or changing character class.
    Kill Streaks (Silver Cross)
    Claim 5 consecutive kills.
    Invisible (Bronze Cross)
    Claim 10 consecutive kills before dying.
    Tyrant (Bronze Cross)
    Kill enemies with scores lower than you 10 times in a match.
    Traitor (Bronze Cross)
    Kill enemies with scores higher than you 10 times in a match.
    Kill 'em all! (Silver Cross)
    Kill all enemies in 1 game.
    The Strongest Title (Knight's Medallion)
    Destroy the Big Tower and kill all enemies in 1 game.
    The Champion (Bronze Cross)
    The most kills in a single game.
    MVP Most Valuable Player (Silver Cross)
    Complete a game with the most kills and least deaths among all players.

    King of Construction (Iron Medal)
    Construct at least 3 towers in a match.
    Maximum Level (Silver Cross)
    Reach Level 5 in a match.
    First Off the Mark (Silver Cross)
    Be the first to enter the enemy castle in a match.
    Special Forces (Knight's Medallion)
    Destroy the Big Tower without losing any HP.
    Wire to Wire (Iron Medal)
    Claim the top score for any one 5-minute interval.
    Survive! (Bronze Cross)
    Longest survival time for a single game.
    Immortality (Bronze Cross)
    Finish a game without dying.

    Healing Hands (Iron Medal) - Cleric
    Heal allies 10 times in a match.
    Master Healer (Bronze Cross) - Cleric
    Heal allies 30 times in a match.
    Grave Raider (Iron Medal) - Cleric
    Resurrect allies 5 times in a match.
    Emergency Rescue! (Bronze Cross) - Cleric
    Resurrect allies 10 times in a match.
    Death Defier (Bronze Cross) - Cleric
    Resurrect allies 20 times in a match.

    You will most likely get the 146 medals required for these achievements along the way:
    Happy WarsBronze DragonThe Bronze Dragon achievement in Happy Wars worth 159 pointsGet 100 Bronze Cross Medals
    Happy WarsSilver WingsThe Silver Wings achievement in Happy Wars worth 185 pointsGet 30 Silver Cross Medals
    Happy WarsSacred KnightThe Sacred Knight achievement in Happy Wars worth 159 pointsGet 10 Knight's Medallion Medals
    Happy WarsLegendary GodThe Legendary God achievement in Happy Wars worth 285 pointsGet 6 Hero's Medallion Medals

    Assuming you collect an average of 5 medals per match, with an average match length of 10 minutes, this achievement is going to take around 35 hours. If you haven't played Happy Wars before, you could also reach Rank 50 in that time
    Happy WarsCommander of the Light KnightThe Commander of the Light Knight achievement in Happy Wars worth 122 pointsReached rank 50
  • LazyBarbarianLazyBarbarian231,906
    14 Jun 2018 23 Feb 2018
    3 0 0
    HolyHalfDead did a great job at explaining all the possible medals you can get in a game, but I'm going to tell you the route I'm currently taking to get this achievement. I suck at killing enemies so this is what I do now. Remember this is a best-case scenario medal run.

    Start off as a cleric and try to stay alive the entire round without dying (2 medals). Go around and build 3 towers (1 medal). Spam heal everyone you see at least 30 times and resurrect any fallen teammates 20 times (5 medals). When the gate is being attacked stay back until it is almost broken and then rush forward, use dash on yourself if you have it, and get in first (1 medal). If your team is rushing the tower use sacred armor on yourself so you won't get damaged and destroy the tower (1 medal). Level 5 will come naturally if you've done your heals and revives (1 medal). As you can see you can get 9 very easily, 11 if you are diligent.

    Extra medals: If you can pick off easy AI while a cleric go ahead and do so, kill 3 people this way (1 medal). On top of this if you can deliver the finishing blow to bosses those are also extra medals.

    A perfect run using this method will net you 12+ medals a game. Now, in reality, this is a little ambitious so plan on around 5-10 medals a game. One map doesn't even have 3 towers to build. Some games are over too quickly to allow for 20 revives or 30 heals.

    On that note, best of luck and I hope I helped!
  • VictimOfDesireVictimOfDesire850,832
    17 Jul 2018 18 Jul 2018
    2 1 0
    In this guide, I will detail how you can boost the following achievements with just one other person in Quick Match:

    Happy WarsMedal EnthusiastThe Medal Enthusiast achievement in Happy Wars worth 725 pointsCollect a total of 1000 Medals, regardless of type

    Happy WarsAngel of DeathThe Angel of Death achievement in Happy Wars worth 809 pointsKill 1000 enemies in Quick Match

    Happy WarsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Happy Wars worth 533 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Happy WarsMegalopolisThe Megalopolis achievement in Happy Wars worth 342 pointsBuild 300 towers in Quick Match or Co-op Mode

    Happy WarsWar VeteranThe War Veteran achievement in Happy Wars worth 94 pointsGain 20 victories in Quick Match

    Happy WarsWar MastermindThe War Mastermind achievement in Happy Wars worth 682 pointsGain 100 victories in Quick Match

    For this boosting method to work, each person will need a total of three controllers (so one for your main account and two guest accounts.)

    Once you have all three controllers signed in, search for a Quick Match with your boosting partner. You should find each other pretty easily, as this game is pretty dead except for the no-lifers that still play it. While we're on the subject of that, if at any point you get matched up with randoms, go to their Gamercard, block them, then back out of the lobby and re-search. I've noticed that blocking randoms stops them from being able to match up with you again (or this has just been a crazy coincidence for me, as every random I've blocked, I never got matched up with them again.)

    Once you secure a lobby with your boosting partner and his two guest accounts, the match will start. Depending on which map you get, you'll have 8-15 minutes to work on medals, kills, and towers (8 minutes on small maps with 1 tower, 10 minutes on medium maps with 3-5 towers, and 15 minutes on large maps with 7 towers.) You'll notice that each team has a single bot, which depending on what class they're playing, might become a nuisance during the game, so be ready to kill a bot that gets in your way. Have your main account select the Cleric class and spawn your two guest accounts as Mages (it is important that the dummy accounts are Mages, as they have less health than Warriors and Clerics, and them having less health will make kills later on in the game go by faster.)

    During this game, we are going to be working on getting medals, kills, and towers all at the same time. If you only need to work on one of these three things, this guide will detail the best way to work on just that thing, but for the sake of clarity and convenience, this guide will be written assuming you'll be working on all three concurrently.

    Once the game starts, move to the first tower spawn and build it to get credit for a tower. Once that first tower is built, move to the next tower (which, chances are, will be the middle tower) and build that to get credit for your second tower. Since most of the maps in this game are medium size and have three towers, this is probably where you and your boosting partner will meet up; each accompanied by your annoying bot companion. Each booster should focus on killing the enemy bot and whoever scores the first kill will get the Spearhead medal. Once the bots are dead, the second person can build the second tower.

    NOTE FOR PEOPLE FOCUSING ON TOWERS ONLY: If you and your boosting partner are ONLY focusing on building towers for the Megalopolis achievement, then both players should stay at the middle tower and build the tower back and forth. To aid in this process, I would add the Construction Speed Up buff to your weapon, as this will make building the tower go by slightly faster. My boosting partner and I also moved one of our dummy accounts to the tower we were building back and forth to help in building the towers quicker, which meant you were now holding cn_LT on two controllers instead of one. Be prepared for the bots to occasionally spawn at the tower after it's built, but I found that this doesn't happen too often, as the bot usually just wanders around between the main base and the first tower, so you shouldn't have to worry about this too much. If you are focusing on medals and kills as well, continue reading.

    After you've had your turn at building the second tower, move on to the third and final tower location (which, chances are, will be the tower right outside of the enemy base, since most maps are medium size with three tower spawns.) Be prepared to cross paths with the bot again and kill them when necessary. Once you build your third tower, you will receive the King of Construction medal.

    Now that your tower medal is done, we are going to work on getting into the enemy base. Go to the front of the enemy base and spawn the building materials for a Battering Ram using the cn_B button skill, Summon Materials (I'm not sure if this is a default cn_B button skill, or if I have a buff for it equipped to my setup. Could someone confirm this?)

    Once you have the materials spawned in, build the battering ram out of it by holding the cn_LT button (your Construction Speed Up buff will help in building the battering ram faster.) Once the battering ram is built, use it with cn_LT until the front gate breaks. Upon entering the base, you will receive the First Off the Mark medal for being the first person to breach the enemy base. Depending on your XP buffs, you might have also received the Maximum Level medal for reaching Level 5 in a match. If you're not Level 5 yet, you will have no problem getting there by the time the match ends.

    Now that you're in the enemy base, you will see your boosting partner's two Mage dummy accounts sitting there. Go BEHIND them and attack them until they die. Killing enemies from behind are considered Ambush attacks and will give you progress towards the Heart of a Ninja achievement. You also do more damage hitting people in the back anyway, so get used to attacking these guest accounts from behind. When the dummy accounts die, be sure you and your boosting partner are making them respawn at the enemy base so that you can continue getting kills.

    Depending on what team is in control of the towers, the bots will spawn at the base and try to kill you, so obviously kill them whenever they spawn in. Other times, the bots will spawn closer to the enemy base and try to destroy the enemy's big tower. When this happens, take control of one of the guest accounts and kill the bot so that they don't end the game prematurely. The most important thing is to make sure the bot DOES NOT KILL YOU, or else you will lose progress towards some of the medals that you're going for.

    While killing dummy accounts/bots in the enemy base, you should get the following medals:

    The Ripper (three kills in one game without dying or changing class)
    The Assassin (five ambush kills, aka kills from behind)
    Nightmare (ten kills in one game without dying or changing class)
    Tyrant (kill ten enemies with scores lower than you)
    The Killer at the Lake (twenty kills in one game without dying or changing class)
    NBK (thirty kills in one game without dying or changing class)
    Way Out in Front (I would occasionally get this medal, but am not sure what it was for. Perhaps having the highest score in the match for a period of time?)

    Once both players have gotten their NBK medal, whoever needs the win can destroy the big tower. When the game ends, you and/or your boosting partner will receive the following medals:

    The Champion (most kills in a single game)
    MVP (finish a game with the most kills and least deaths out of all players)
    Survive! (longest survival time in a single game)
    Immortality (finish a game without dying)

    Keep in mind, achievement progress updates at the conclusion of each game. It DOES NOT update in real time! If you leave a match or get disconnected, you will lose all of the progress you made for that game!

    My boosting partner and I were averaging over 30 kills towards Angel of Death and 9-15 medals towards Medal Enthusiast each game using this method. Once the game is over, you and your boosting partner will still be in the same lobby, and if no randoms join, the next game will start in 15-30 seconds. If randoms join, remember to go to their Gamercard, block them, then back out of the lobby and re-search.

    Once you have finished all of your medals and kills, wins can be boosted the same way, except instead of building towers and killing dummies/bots for ten minutes, just go to the enemy base as a Cleric, Spawn Materials for a battering ram, build the battering ram, use the battering ram to get into the base, and destroy the enemy's big tower over and over again until you've each unlocked War Veteran and War Mastermind.

    If you have any questions on this method, or need further explanation on parts of this guide, feel free to message me or comment below!
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