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Big Money achievement in Project Spark

Big Money

Clear a board in the Spark Treasure Trove game or complete 1 Champion Challenge with Avalon.

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How to unlock the Big Money achievement

  • James HoskinJames Hoskin193,874
    23 May 2015 13 Apr 2015 06 Oct 2015
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    Edit (5th October 2015): following Title Update 16, the original method of unlocking this achievement became invalid, and an alternate method was introduced.

    NEW METHOD (after 5th October 2015)

    To view the available challenges for any champion:
    1. Press the cn_back button when in a menu. If you are in a game (Crossroads, an episodic adventure, or user generated content), press the cn_start button and then press the cn_back button.
    2. Select "Challenges"
    3. Scroll along the "timed" tab OR the "goals" tab to find the challenges for the Avalon champion. There will be a single daily challenge in the timed tab, 7-11 one-time challenges in the goals tab, and 19 "level Avalon up" challenges (note: you only see one of these at a time) in the goals tab.

    To complete the challenge:
    Most are obtainable in a game of Crossroads. If you are struggling, search the user generated worlds with the search string "challenge", and you should be presented with a list of worlds with a continuous stream of 1 strength enemies designed for easy challenge completion.

    If you don't know how to complete the challenge, check out this thread on the official Project Spark forums. (NOTE: it may not be 100% accurate any more, but it should give you a general idea of what to do.)

    If you still can't work out what to do, try each ability the champion has, and check your percentage progress by viewing your challenges (see above) after each attempt.

    If you still can't work out what to do, give up and try again tomorrow with a different challenge. smile

    Note: this method is retroactive. If you had completed 1 Avalon challenge before the title update, this achievement will (or should...) unlock when you start the game for the first time after the patch.

    ORIGINAL METHOD (no longer valid, but left here for posterity)

    There are 20 squares on the Treasure Trove board. To clear it, you must make 10 matches in a week. Each attempt at a match costs 1 Golden Ticket. Regular users earn 1 a day, Premium users earn 3 a day. You can also purchase them for real money too. You will need to use between 10 and 20 Golden Tickets in a single week to make those 10 matches.

    Premium users (earning 21 Golden Tickets a week) will be able to do this in one week.

    Regular users (earning 7 Golden Tickets a week) will be able to do this in three weeks. Save your Golden Tickets for the first two weeks, and earn this at the end of the third week.

    When revealing squares, use a paper+pen to record which prizes are where as you work through the board.

    For the purposes of Treasure Trove, the week begins on Monday at 10am Pacific (USA), and each day thereafter begins at 10am Pacific (USA). You can use this website to convert 10am Pacific (USA) to your time zone. (Use USA/California/Los Angeles as the "Convert From" time zone.)

    If you want to earn all but one of the Treasure Trove achievements - including this one - as quickly/efficiently as possible, I recommend saving up your Golden Tickets until you have at least 20. Regular users earn 1 a day, Premium users earn 3 a day. You can also purchase them for real money too. Simply logging into Project Spark earns you your ticket(s), just don't use it/them. You will also need to visit the Treasure Trove board each day for a week. Beginning on Monday and ending on a Sunday, in order to maximize the daily multiplier. Once you have 20 Golden Tickets, and (on a Sunday) the 4.5 multiplier; use them all in one go to guarantee you clear the board. Be sure to use a paper+pen to record which prizes are where as you work through the board.

    edit (25th August 2015): updated solution to reflect new board reset days and times.

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    horstwayneI think you need 15 tickets in the worst case. That would be always uncovering a new tile first, taking notes.

    In the worst case you uncover 10 not matching tiles (5 tickets), then each new tile should have a partner you already know (10 tickets for 10 pairs).

    In any other case the order might be mixed, but you will always have (at max.) 5 non-matches and 10 matches.
    Posted by horstwayne on 19 Jun 15 at 11:12
    James HoskinRight now, I can't remember how I came up with 20 as the worst case scenario, but here is an example of 19 attempts:

    1. Uncover 20 credits & 50 credits
    2. Uncover 100 credits & other 20 credits
    3. Uncover 150 credits & other 50 credits
    4. Uncover 250 credits & other 100 credits
    5. Uncover 5 tokens & other 150 credits
    6. Uncover 10 tokens & other 250 credits
    7. Uncover 25 tokens & other 5 tokens
    8. Uncover grand prize & other 10 tokens
    9. Uncover secondary prize & other 25 tokens
    At this point, we know what 18 of the 20 squares are, and have no matches.
    10-19. Each of these 10 attempts will result in a matched pair.

    I'll try to remember how I came up with 20.
    Posted by James Hoskin on 19 Jun 15 at 23:27
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    24 May 2015 21 Apr 2017 25 Jul 2018
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    Achievement has been discontinued due to the server shutdown. It's impossible to unlock this now. Neither method works anymore. The treasure trove game is gone and challenges are inaccessible.

    No one has won this achievement in almost two years.
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