The Enemy of My Enemy achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Enemy of My Enemy

Use the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.

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How to unlock the The Enemy of My Enemy achievement

  • PurplTreeFrogPurplTreeFrog517,763
    28 May 2015 23 May 2015 28 May 2015
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    The Axii sign can be used to turn an enemy into an Ally for a brief period of time once you've unlocked the second row of abilities for the magic spells (The skill is called Puppet).
    It can be levelled up 3 times which will make the turned enemy do 60% more damage than it would have done when it was trying to kill you.
    I find its best to do this when an enemy is in amongst a few of his friends, because he just goes straight into attacking them.
    A good place to do this is at the monsters nest that is north of Mulbrydale (has loads of level 6 Nekkers). If you use Axii on one of the Warrior Nekkers then it easily dispatches the run of the mill kind and,if you have the puppet Axii leveled up to level 3, by the time the possession runs out your able to possess either it or another nekker again to do it all over again
    Good luck :-)

    Edit 1: As pointed out by Sneakystabbalot, make sure that once you've unlocked the puppet skill (and equipped it) that you hold RT to activate it rather than the usual tap of RT to stun the enemy.
    I'm not sure if it takes the same amount of time at each level of puppet to control the enemy but it takes about 3 seconds of continuous holding for you to take over the other person at level 3, so make sure your far enough away from archers and other enemies before you try it.
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    SneakyStabbalotit turns out I was doing this all wrong - to make it work you have to hold down cn_RT for a moment and then release the button. just pressing cn_RT does not work.
    Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 28 May 15 at 02:01
    Shadow XBL20 times or 20 kills?
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 04 Jun 15 at 14:55
    PurplTreeFrogFar as I'm aware its 20 kills
    Posted by PurplTreeFrog on 05 Jun 15 at 03:00
    FiveWizzAnyone else lost the power of the sign? Now I seem to be able to only send people flying not control their mind. Used to work by holding RT. Been trying it all day today.
    Posted by FiveWizz on 24 Apr 16 at 12:51
    MONKEBOI86Does anyone know if there is any glitch for this not unlocking after the Blood and Wine DLC came out? Im pretty confident Ive done it over 20 times, but still not unlocking. Any help would be awesome.
    Posted by MONKEBOI86 on 03 Jun 16 at 19:44
    HeraizenFiveWizz are you sure you haven't accidentally equipped the telekinetic blast, which is a different sign.
    Posted by Heraizen on 13 Jun 16 at 04:32
    FiveWizzHaha yeah I had ! I figured it out about a week later I felt like such a donut! Thanks for the reply though appreciate it. That would certainly have fixed my issue. Lol.
    Posted by FiveWizz on 13 Jun 16 at 08:47
    BigOlBilliamAnyone else encounter issues unlocking this? I was farming kills at the Devils Point, bouncing to it, White Orchard, and then back to it, but even after about an hour of farming, I still haven't gotten the achievement to pop. To be clear, Axii is leveled up, I make sure to hold down RT to control them, and I'm sure that the person who I'm controlling kills another enemy 20 times. Any advice?
    Posted by BigOlBilliam on 12 May 18 at 02:30
    BigMoneyHarambeIf you’re having trouble getting this to pop try hard resetting your console and getting another kill. This works with many achievements in this game.
    Posted by BigMoneyHarambe on 29 Jan at 04:51
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