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Card Collector

Acquire all gwent cards available in the base version of the game.

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Achievement Guide for Card Collector

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    URGENT NOTE: Patch 1.08 is live. The achievement unlocks correctly once again.

    Note: Previously I had called this solution a work in progress. I think it is now 99% accurate and completely usable to earn this achievement as long as you read the whole thing and learn where the missable achievements are! If there's anything more to add, just drop a comment and I'll make sure it is added!

    This achievement is tied to Secondary Quest: Collect 'Em All. When you complete the quest, you unlock the achievement.

    This is a tough collectible achievement. There are at least 12 confirmed missable cards tied to Secondary Quests and Gwent Quests.

    You can get gwent cards in a number of different ways.

    1. Base Deck
    2. Gwent Quests (These are where you'll find the missable cards)
    3. Secondary Quests (These are where you'll find the missable cards)
    4. Win
    5. Purchase (One missable card - the quest, a Contract, is noted in the secondary quest section)

    Whenever you unlock a new area, make it a priority to play all the Gwent Players and buy all the cards. Many quests can cause players and vendors to leave or die, potentially preventing you from earning the achievement. I finished this achievement as soon as I made it to Skellige at Level 15.

    There are a total of 199 cards in the base game. Future expansions will add more. They are not required for this achievement. There are 119 unique cards. You only need to collect one of each card - not the duplicates.

    The cards are divided into four decks. These are listed below with the number of cards in each deck.

    Northern Realms - 37 Cards
    Nilfgaard - 38 Cards
    Scoia'tael - 37 Cards
    Monsters - 40 Cards

    Leaders - 16 (Four Each)
    Neutral - 31 Cards

    Base Deck
    There are a number of cards available in the base deck. I'll update this soon with a list of all of them, but they're not really worth worrying about as you'll always have them.

    Gwent Quests
    Throughout the game you will pick up Gwent Quests. These come from notice boards or finding and challenging the people the quest will send you to. There are five Gwent Quests in the game. The quests are below. They are organized as follows:

    Player Name - Location - Card Reward

    Some of these are MISSABLE if you proceed too far in other quests. I suggest doing them as soon as they are available. The person should drop their card nearby if they are gone, but that seems to not always be true. If the next person is not willing to play when you encounter them, keep playing the game while checking back periodically - they will likely become available at a later point.

    Gwent: Velen Players
    Baron Phillip Strenger - Velen (Crows Perch) - Sigismund Dijkstra (if gone, card on table)
    Old Sage - Velen (Benek) - Crone: Weavess
    Boatmaker - Velen (Oreton) - Letho of Gulet
    Haddy - Velen (Midcopse) - Vernon Roche

    Gwent: Playing Innkeeps
    Stjepan - Oxenfurt (The Alchemy Inn) - Yennefer of Vengerberg
    Oliver - Novigrad (The Kingfisher Inn) - Tibor Eggebracht
    Barkeep - Velen (Inn at the Crossroads) - Menno Coehoorn

    If Oliver dies during Secondary Quest: Now or Never, his card is next door. Go through a side door and look for a box on a dresser. If you want to avoid spoilers and want to make sure he doesn't die, either complete this quest first or...
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Gwent: Big City Players
    Vimme Vivaldi - Novigrad City (Hierarch Square) - Vesemir
    Marquise Serenity - Novigrad City (Passiflora) - Morvran Voorhis
    Sigismund Djikstra - Novigrad City (Bathhouse) - Esterad Thyssen (must meet in story)
    Scoia'tael Trader - Novigrad (SW of City) - Cirilla and another card

    Gwent: Old Pals (Start by talking to Zoltan after the Novigrad Main Quests)
    Zoltan Chivay - Novigrad (Rosemary and Thyme) - Eithné
    Vernon Roche - Novigrad (Temerian Partisan Camp) - Saesenthessis
    Lambert - Kaer Morhen - Triss Merigold
    Thaler - Novigrad - Geralt of Rivia (complete Secondary Quest: A Deadly Plot)

    Gwent: Skellige Style
    Ermion - Skellige (Kaer Trolde) - Leshen
    Crach an Craite - Skellige (Kaer Trolde) - Draug
    Sjusta the Tailor - Skellige (Kaer Trolde Harbor) - Yaevinn
    Gremist - Skellige (Gedyneith) - Avallac’h (Mysterious Elf)
    “Madman” Lugos - Skellige (Kaer Muire) - Vampire: Katakan

    Secondary Quests
    The following Secondary Quests will earn you gwent cards. For the ones in Novigrad, simply ensure that you complete all the Secondary Quests in the city as they come up before continuing with the Main Story. You'll get them all. If you go too far in the story, you can miss some of them.

    Secondary Quest: A Dangerous Game
    - John Natalis
    - Isengrim Faoiltiarna
    - Fringilla Vigo

    Secondary Quest: A Matter of Life and Death (Find the ! once you're at the party)
    - Milva
    - Vampire: Bruxa
    - Dandelion

    Secondary Quest: Following the Thread
    - Nekker. Card is looted off a named enemy in Skellige. Others have had it magically appear in their inventory. Failing that, see if Lambert will play you when you meet him at the Nowhere Inn. If all 3 methods fail, restart the quest and try again.

    Secondary Quest: High Stakes
    - Foltest, The Steel-Forged
    - Emhyr var Emreis, The Relentless
    - Francesca Findabair, Queen of Dol Bathana
    - Eredin, Destroyer of Worlds

    Secondary Quest: Shock Therapy
    - Iorveth. This quest is located at Gedyneith, the home of the druids on the main island.

    Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg
    - Buy all the cards from the innkeeper in Arinbjorn before you complete this quest. They become missable after it's done.

    Winning Against Gwent Players
    There are tons of gwent players throughout the world. Any time you see anyone that sells anything, you should speak to them to see if they play gwent. Oftentimes they will. Beat them to win a card from a pool of random cards.

    Bad Luck? If you have beaten most of these and just need a few cards, you can save your game and beat them over and over until you get a card you need (as opposed to a duplicate).

    There are more players than random cards. So if you can't find one, you can safely move on. I've found at least 5 extra and there are probably more than that.

    Save before each duel. If a player doesn't give you a card as a reward, reload the game and try again. A few didn't give me the reward the first time but they did on my second attempt or even my third. They all definitely give cards as rewards, so make sure you get them.

    Here is a list of the ones I have found so far. I welcome more in the comments below. It's a work in progress! Hopefully it will help some, at least.

    White Orchard
    Professor - White Orchard - In the very first inn, when you ask the patrons about Yennefer...He always gives Zolton Chivay and I'm not sure there's another way to get that card

    Nobleman - Vizima - In the courtyard on a bench

    Blacksmith - Velen - Blackbough
    Merchant - Velen - Blackbough
    Armorer - Velen - Midcopse
    Merchant - Velen - Midcopse
    Quartermaster - Velen - Crow's Perch
    Trader - Velent - Crow's Perch
    Fergus - Velen - Crow's Perch
    Yoana - Velen - Crow's Perch
    Blacksmith - Velen - Lindenvale
    Merchant - Velen - Lindenvale
    Trader - Velen - Oreton
    Merchant - Velen - Downwarren (Do this ASAP - He might leave during Main Story)
    Eggebracht - Velen - Army Camp in SE
    Merchant - Velen - Claywich (Must rescue from bandit camp to the SE, a decent distance away)

    Armorer - Novigrad - Oxenfurt
    Merchant - Novigrad - Oxenfurt
    Blacksmith - Novigrad - Oxenfurt
    Merchant - Novigrad City - South West of Hierarch Square (small square)
    Blacksmith - Novigrad City - South West of Hierarch Square (small square)
    Loan Shark - Novigrad City
    Merchant - Novigrad City - Next to Loan Shark
    Merchant - Novigrad City - South East of Hierarch Square
    Merchant - Novigrad City - Putrid Grove
    Innkeeper - Novigrad City - Golden Sturgeon
    Merchant - Novigrad City - Just South East of St. Gregory's Bridge
    Innkeeper - Novigrad City - SE of St Gregory's Bridge
    Herbalist - Novigrad City - South of Hierarch Square, on other side of river
    Elihal - Novigrad City - East of Gate of the Hierarch
    Priest of Eternal Fire - Novigrad City - Electors' Square, Temple Isle (alchemy vendor)
    Madame - Novigrad City - Brothel at the docks
    Merchant - Novigrad City - North-side of port
    Merchant - Novigrad City - North-side of port (Must save from bandits in city first)
    Innkeeper - Novigrad - Cunny of the Goose
    Innkeeper - Novigrad - Seven Cats Inn
    Alchemist - Novigrad - Just outside of the city, North of Oxenfurt Gate fast travel
    Herbalist - Novigrad - Herbalist's Hut (Northeast of Oxenfurt)

    Herbalist - Ard Skellig - Kaer Trolde Harbor
    Jonas the Innkeep - Ard Skellig - Kaer Trolde Harbor
    Armorer - Ard Skellig - Kaer Trolde Castle
    Blacksmith - Ard Skellig - Kaer Trolde Castle
    Merchant - Ard Skellig - Blandare
    Innkeeper - Ard Skellig - Arinbjorn
    Armorer - Ard Skellig - Kaer Muire
    Smith - Ard Skellig - Kaer Muire
    Merchant - Ard Skellig - Holmstein's Port
    Smith - Ard Skellig - Fyresdal
    Merchant - Ard Skellig - Fyresdal
    Blacksmith - Faroe - Harviken
    Innkeeper - Faroe - Harviken (only appears at certain times)
    Armorer - An Skellig - Urialla Harbor
    Blacksmith - An Skellig - Urialla Harbor
    Innkeep - An Skellig - Urialla Harbor
    Blacksmith - Spikeroog - Svorlag
    Merchant - Spikeroog - Svorlag
    Innkeep - Spikeroog - Svorlag
    Innkeeper - Hindersfjall - Larvik
    Blacksmith - Hindersfjall - Larvik

    Buying Cards
    It's also possible to buy many cards. Always talk to traders to see if they sell cards. Occasionally they will sell them even though they do not play themselves. Make sure you visit these traders and buy their cards as soon as possible! A few quests will make these traders inaccessible, but never without you having had a chance to get them first - so visit them asap as soon as you get anywhere near them.

    Here is a list of the ones I have found so far. I welcome more in the comments below. It's a work in progress! Hopefully it will help some, at least.

    White Orchard
    Innkeeper - White Orchard - Town (During Prologue only, replaced by Merchant below)
    Merchant - White Orchard - Next to Bridge in Town (After Prologue, in Patch 1.04)

    Merchant - Velen - Midcopse
    Quartermaster - Velen - Crow's Perch
    Trader - Velen - Crow's Perch
    Merchant - Velen - Lindenvale
    Merchant - Velen - Claywich (Must rescue from bandit camp to the SE, a decent distance away)

    Stjepan - Novigrad - Oxenfurt
    Oliver - Novigrad City - Kingfisher Inn
    Marquise Serenity - Novigrad City - Whorehouse
    Innkeeper - Novigrad City - Golden Sturgeon
    Merchant - Novigrad City - Just South East of St. Gregory's Bridge
    Innkeeper - Novigrad - Cunny of the Goose
    Innkeeper - Novigrad - Seven Cat Inn

    Jonas the Innkeep - Ard Skellig - Kaer Trolde Harbor
    Innkeeper - Ard Skellig - Arinbjorn
    Innkeeper - Faroe - Harviken
    Innkeep - An Skellig - Urialla Harbor
    Innkeep - Spikeroog - Svorlag

    List of All Cards
    This is a work in progress. It is mostly complete, but it is not fully complete. As with everything else, if you have anything to add, please do! For instance, I know the starting cards are partially incorrect. If you can help with what those are, that'd be a great help!

    Do the cards with the same names but different artwork count separately? I'm fairly certain only the name matters. If you have one "Ghoul" then you're good, you don't need all three. That said, it's not really anything to worry about. It's fairly likely you'll easily get almost every card, if not every card, before you unlock the achievement anyway.

    Below, I've listed unique cards. This refers to whether the cards "stack" in the deck builder or not. Cards that have a separate slot are considered unique, even if they share a name. As I said above, I think you only need one of these named cards, but you'll likely get them all anyway and better safe than sorry.

    Neutral (31 Total, 17 Unique)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Northern Realms (37 Total, 29 Unique)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Nilfgaardian Empire (38 Total, 32 Unique)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Scoia'tael (37 Total, 37 Unique)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Monsters (40 Cards - 40 Unique)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Leaders (16 Total)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    So hopefully this helps. I wanted to get out what I had so far since no one else was making a solution. Please leave comments with advice and more if you have any. This is definitely a work in progress!
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    This solution is specifically for people who missed the achievement on their playthrough, and want to know what the absolute minimum game is to obtain all the cards, and handle all quest interdependencies. Caveats:

    1] This is not a Gwent strategy guide, just a Traveling Salesman solution to obtaining the cards. You should already know Gwent well before starting.
    2] This guide doesn't itemize the cards; those lists are available in the other solutions. If you do the following quests, in the order specified, and play/buy as instructed, you will get all the needed cards. If you want to track your cards, be forwarned, that patch v1.07 changed some of the card locations around. As an example, Midcopse cards can now be bought in Lindenvale. Trying to track specific cards to specific locations is more difficult now, as they migrate around the map in your favor.
    3] Play on easy. We're only doing required quests, so you'll be running numerous levels below the suggested ones. Put your acquired abilities on Fast Attack, Strong Attack, Igni, Quen, and one on Axii and Vitality. Don't worry about side quests to level-up, you'll be fine (at least until the end).
    4] Money will be tighter than usual in the beginning. Conserve it for buying cards. Don't buy any swords, armor, or potions and you'll be fine.
    5] Save before and after every match. I had to play the nobleman 6 times instead of once for failing to follow this simple rule. (Game crashed during fast travel)
    6] Numbers in square brackets below refer to map locations as described at:
    7] Refer to for more detailed locations of players/sellers within a town if you get lost.

    Kaer Morhen
    - Play through the Prologue.

    White Orchard

    Lilac and Gooseberries
    - Beat the Scholar at Gwent
    - Buy 5 cards from the Innkeeper. With the v1.07 patch, you can keep coming back to the inkeeper, and she will have another Decoy card to sell, until you get all 3 of them (for a total of 7 cards). Number of cards available at other Decoy sellers will vary, based on the number of Decoys you obtain here (the game will not exceed 3 Decoys)
    - [Level 3] The Beast of White Orchard
    - [Level 2] The Incident in White Orchard

    Palace of Vizima

    [Level 2] Imperial Audience
    - Play the nobleman. He can be beaten with your weak deck, I did it on the first try. And again on the sixth attempt (see Rule #5).


    [Level 5] The Nilfgaardian Connection
    - Go to the Inn at the Crossroads. Buy 5 cards from the Innkeeper. Don't play the innkeeper yet; your deck isn't good enough.
    [Level 6] The Bloody Baron
    - Buy from the Trader, Crow's Perch. Total number of cards depends on how many you bought in White Orchard; I was able to buy 4. [7]
    - Play the Trader, Crow's Perch [7]
    - Play Fergus the Blacksmith, Crow's Perch [5]
    - Play the Quartermaster, Crow's Perch [6]
    - Buy from the Quartermaster, Crow's Perch [6]
    [Level 6] Family Matters
    - Play merchant in Blackbough [2]
    - Play blacksmith in Blackbough [1]
    [Level 5] A Princess in Distress
    - Play the Bloody Baron, Crow's Perch. You should take the Lubberkin choice, then go inside and play the Baron while the Lubberkin bakes. [3]
    - Play the merchant in North Oxenfurt. Swim across the river on the northwest side of Oxenfurt to avoid bridge restrictions. [5]
    - Play the armorer in North Oxenfurt [4]
    - Play Stjepan, innkeeper at the Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt [3]. Play first, buy later.
    - Buy 3 cards from Stjepan
    - Play the blacksmith in south-east Oxenfurt [2]
    - Play herbalist NorthEast of Oxenfurt [6]
    - Play blacksmith in Lindenvale [8]
    - Buy from merchant in Lindenvale [9]
    - Play merchant in Lindenvale [9]
    [Level 5] Hunting a Witch
    - Buy cards from the merchant at Midcopse [11]
    - Play the merchant in Midcopse [11]
    - Play the armorer in Midcopse [10]
    [Level 6] Wandering in the Dark
    - Play the merchant in Oreton [13]
    [Level 6] Ladies of the Wood
    [Level 5] The Whispering Hillock

    - That leaves three Players/Sellers to come back to later in Velen (Either your deck is not good enough, or your level isn't high enough)


    You need to play these Novigrad quests for 3 reasons:
    1] You need to do Get Junior to finish Big City Players,
    2] You need to do A Poet Under Pressure to play at Vegelbud,
    3] You need to level up to survive the first mission to Skellige.

    To avoid drama at the bridges, just fast travel to the herbalist north-east of Oxenfurt, then ride up the east bank of the river to Novigrad, until you arrive at the Seven Cats Inn. Then start a massive Gwent-playing campaign:
    - Buy cards from innkeeper at Seven Cats Inn [8]
    - Play innkeeper at Seven Cats Inn [8]
    - Buy cards from innkeeper at Cunny of the Goose [9]
    - Play innkeeper at Cunny of the Goose [9]
    - Play Elihal the Tailor [10]
    - Play merchant in the market by Tretogor gate [not marked]
    - Play dwarven herbalist south of Hierarch Square, across the canal [20]
    - Play the madam at Crippled Kate [23]
    - Buy cards at the Golden Sturgeon [19]
    - Play the innkeeper at the Golden Sturgen [19]
    - Play fish seller west of Hierarch Square [16]
    - Play the merchant across from the blacksmith [15]
    - Play blacksmith north west of Hierarch square [14]
    - Play the bookseller in north Hierarch square [13]
    - Buy from Olivier at the Kingfisher [12]
    - Play Olivier at the Kingfisher [12]
    - Play merchant near north notice board near Passifiora [4]
    - Buy 4 cards in the Passifiora [2]
    - Play innkeeper at The Nowhere Inn [5]
    - Play the merchant across from the loan shark [7]
    - Play the loan shark south west of Oxenfurt Gate [6]
    - Play the alchemist north of Oxenfurt Gate [3]
    - Play the priest near Elector's Square [1]

    That's about as good as your deck will get without doing some quests. So first finish Gwent: Velen Players:
    - Play the Old Sage in Benek
    - Play the Boatbuilder in Oreton
    - Play Hadko the Card Prodigy in Midcopse
    - Receive the reward card
    Now finish Gwent: Playing Innkeepers
    - Play Innkeeper at the Inn at the Crossroads

    [Level 10] Pyres of Novigrad
    - Play the merchant inside the Putrid Grove area. He is unreachable until you start this quest.
    - Play the blacksmith south of Hierarch Square [18]. He has a surprisingly good Monster deck.
    - Play merchant just west of the above blacksmith
    Start Gwent: Big City Players
    - Play Vimme Vivaldi [17] to start the quest
    - Play the Marquise Serenity at the Passiflora [2]
    [Level 7] Novigrad Dreaming
    [Level 11] Broken Flowers
    - Play Zoltan once you chase all the leads, starting Gwent: Old Friends
    - Play Vernon Roche
    [Level 12] Get Junior
    - Play Sigimund Dijsktra
    - Play Scoia'Tael Trader
    - Receive card as reward for finishing Gwent: Big City Players
    [Level 12] Count Reuven's Treasure
    [Level 11] The Play's The Thing
    [Level 13] A Poet Under Pressure
    - Subquest: [Level 12] A Matter of Life and Death
    - Play for Milva at Vegelbuds
    - Play for Vampire: Bruxa
    - Play for Dandelion
    - Subquest: [Level 12] A Dangerous Game
    - Zed - obtain Isengrim
    - Ravik - obtain John Natalis
    - Caeser - obtain Fringilla
    - It should go without saying, but when given the option of keeping the cards, or taking money, you take the cards.
    - Turn on the [Level 14] Now or Never Quest. This will show you Triss's location. Suggest the sewer option to her quest. At the end:
    - Accept [Level 14] A Deadly Plot, and release Thaler. You have to play Lambert before Thaler, so you can't play Thaler yet.

    Velen Cleanup - Including the Claywich Merchant Solution

    There are 2 hostage rescues you shouldn't attempt until you level up, and one player whose deck is too good to play until this point.

    The v1.07 patch fixed the Claywich merchant bandit key drop issue (in fact, the bandit leader now has 2 keys). However, either the Merchant often doesn't survive the walk back to Claywich, or if you follow him, he simply stops walking when he perceives potential danger (he also takes a very long indirect path nearly to Crow's Perch, and then turns down toward Claywich), and completely disappears if you meditate. Here's the solution: before doing anything, fast travel to Crow's Perch. Ride down to Claywich to locate the fast travel point. Ride back up towards Crow's Perch, and then take the NorthEast fork. Take out the cowardly knight at the cluster of 3 houses (just SouthEast of the Crow's Perch waypoint). Take the South path at the next fork (go around the house), and kill the 4 bandits on the road NorthWest of Boatmaker's Hut. Take out the Monster's Nest on the West edge of Boatmaker's Hut. Head East out of town and when crossing the bridge, take the violent path in the discussion with the toll-taking bandits, and kill them all (there is a non-violent alternative, but it will mess up the merchant). Finally go to the bandit camp, which is a circular fort of sharpened logs, and Save before you get close enough to alert the bandits. Then kill all the bandits, and take the key. Save. This is the most important Save of the game. Save. Release the merchant. Go to the fast travel pole and meditate for 23 hours, then fast travel to Claywich. I found him there in the NorthWest-most house. If you don't find him, reload your save, release the merchant again, then follow him back to Claywich. I've drawn the merchant's path here:
    External image

    - Buy cards from the merchant in Claywich. [12]
    - Play the merchant in Claywich [12]
    - Go southwest of Mulbrydale, rescue the armorer. Then play in Mulbrydale [1]. It should be noted that the armorer made it to Mulbrydale, and would play Gwent, but gave no card upon losing. Your mileage may differ.
    - Play Yoanna the Blacksmith's apprentice, Crow's Perch [4]. She has one of best Monster decks in the game, and is very difficult to beat until you flush out your deck.
    - That completes everything in Velen. Go to Novigrad and hire a boat to Skellige.


    - Turn on Following the Thread, kill about 50 people, find Hammond, then return to the Nowhere Inn and play Lambert (back in Novigrad). This is a tad tricky. Before going into the Nowhere Inn, save. During the discussion with Lambert, say you will meet him at the next destination, and as he stands up, quickly talk to him again before he leaves in order to start the Gwent game. You need to play him here; if you miss him, you will not get another chance until near the end of the game back in Kaer Morhen.
    - Play Thaler at the Seven Cats Inn (back in Novigrad). That completes everything in Novigrad except the final tournament.
    - Fast travel back to Skellige, and start island hopping. You may have to take a boat to some of these locations, depending on which maps you've picked up.

    An Skellig (North East island)
    - Play blacksmith in Urialla Harbor [1]
    - Buy cards from innkeeper at Urialla Harbor [2]
    - Play innkeeper in Urialla Harbor [2]
    - Play the armorer in Urialla Harbor [3]

    Hidjarsfall (East Island)
    - Play the armorer in Larvik [1]
    - Play the merchant near the inn in Larvik [2]
    - Play the innkeeper at the House of Warriors inn [3]
    - Play the blacksmith in Larvik [4]

    Faroe (South East Island)
    - Buy 4 cards from innkeeper in Harviken [1]
    - Play the innkeeper at the Inn in Harviken [1]
    - Play the blacksmith in Harviken [2]

    Spikeroog (North West Island)
    - Buy cards from innkeeper in Svorlag [1]
    - Play innkeeper in Svorlag [1]
    - Play merchant in Svorlag [2]
    - Play blacksmith in Svorlag [3]

    Ard Skellig (Large, central island)
    - Buy from Jonas the innkeeper at the New Port Inn [3]
    - Play Jonas [3]
    - Play the blacksmith at Kaer Trolde [1]
    - Play the armorer at Kaer Trolde [2]

    - Play the blacksmith [3]
    - Play the merchant [4]

    - Buy 4 cards from innkeeper [2]
    - Play the innkeeper [2]
    - Play the blacksmith [1] (didn't get a card from him). In fact, you should now be out of random cards, and get no additional cards from playing random players any longer. If you picked up a card here, you've missed something. In that case, continue down the west coast to Holmstein's Port and nearby Kaer Muire, where you can find 3 more players. All remaining cards will come from quests.

    Go back to Kaer Trolde, and pick up the contracts on the Kaer Trolde Notice Board to start Gwent: Skellige Style. You'll have to play through the first 2 Skellige quests to get access to Ermion:
    [Level 16] Destination: Skellige
    [Level 16] The King is Dead
    [Level 13] Echoes of the Past. Technically, this is not needed to get to Ermion, but it will automatically start when you approach him. It's unavoidable, even if you turn on the Gwent quest. After this quest completes, turn on Gwent: Skellige Style. Then:
    - Play Ermion
    - Play Crac an Craite
    - Play Sjustra the Tailor
    - Approach Gremist to play, but he will give you the quest:
    [Level 24] Practicum in Advanced Alchemy. This is a bugger, as I was level 16, and this is a level 24 quest. So some advice:
    - For the pimpernel part, side with the Sucubus, and she'll let you pick a pimpernel without a fight.
    - The distillery: ride your horse up the mountain, and move rapidly past the 3 alghouls (a level 16 witcher cannot kill level 24 alghouls - at least I couldn't). The horse will not fall off the mountain, so you can easily take a hard right when the trail ends. Quickly move into the cave with the cyclops. The horse won't go any further than the cave ramp, so get off, turn hard left, and hide under the ramp until the alghouls leave. Take out the cyclops, going back under the ramp whenever health is too low. When finished distilling come out of the cave and use the fast travel pole to bypass the alghouls.
    - Foglets: these are actually killable, even though they have red skulls over them.
    - Finally, play Gremist
    - Play Madman Lugos
    - Then receive a reward card for completing Gwent: Skellige Style.

    [Level 24] Shock Therapy. You can do this after playing Gremist, since he's just a couple of trees away, but no harm in doing it after wrapping up the madman. Don't forget to close the quest and pick up your reward card. That completes everything in Skellige, so back to Novigrad for the finale:

    [Level 26] High Stakes. The only tricky part with this (other than actually winning the games) is the fist fight you need to win against a level 26 NPC. This was pretty easy by: waiting for him to swing, counter, strong attack, fast attack, roll away. Repeat. Took 3 cycles of those moves to take him down. During the tournament save anytime you have an opportunity. If you lose the fist fight, you will die, but the game will reload with an auto checkpoint made after the last gwent game, so you won't have to replay that one.

    Achievement did not pop with v1.07 patch, but did pop with v1.08 patch after starting a random gwent game. I was level 18 when the achievement popped.
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    I earned easily this achievement by following this guide that guides you in every place STEP BY STEPand showed on a map.
    You can try! Other guides in other sites are very confusing.
    IMPORTANT: there is one NPC that gives you a random card that is not mentioned in this guide. It's about the herbalist in kaer tolde (SKELLIGE)
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