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Fast and Furious

Win all the horse races in the game.

Fast and Furious0
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How to unlock the Fast and Furious achievement

  • FlezzaFlezza406,239
    29 Jul 2015 28 May 2015 13 Aug 2017
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    Warning: It is possible that is achievement is missable (I need confirmation). It is also very buggy and prone to glitching so people cannot finish it.

    I would recommend doing them before the point of no return. Since it appears some races may not be available after endgame. Some people experience the Velen races disappearing after the isle for example, others have said a patch fixed it so it is clearly still broken and may not remain in your quests so better safe than sorry.

    There are 11 possible races for you to complete in the game. I've included a video by Powerpyx (all credit to them for the video) showing the locations of each to help you all out as well. I believe you can simply go to the areas in the video and do the races (I did for several and it was fine), however, you can also pick them up as missions from notice boards throughout the game.

    1-3) Velen - Crows Perch: You get to pick which order you race the people in.
    4-6) Novigrad - Vegelbud Residence You don't get to pick your opponents this time AND you have to have done the mission "Get Junior" before you are able to unlock these races. Thanks to thomaskorat for clarifying that for me.

    Race 7 is obtained after Race 6 is complete. It is also the one I believe makes this achievement potentially missable. I recommend saving after race 6 just to be sure. After completing race 6 (start to leave the area) I was approached by someone and given a message. You must read the message from Carlo Varese (cleaver) and visit him in Novigrad in order to take part in this race. I believe it is possible to fail this race (I am sure I did the first time so Reloaded and replayed to ensure I won) so a save prior to doing it is a good idea. I've also heard reports of this mission glitching during so people can't finish it.
    *Confirmed. Failing the race nulls your achievement so save prior!

    8) Skellige - Rannvaig
    9) Skellige - Fayrlund
    10) Skellige - Blandare/Palisade

    11) Final race is in Skellige - Larvik

    Race 11 SHOULD unlock after all the other races are done. However, for me and other people it has glitched where the person you talk to in order to start the race isn't showing up making it impossible to start and finish the race. I have no fixes for this as of yet as my personal reloading to an earlier save didn't work. They may patch it in the future or you may just have to get it on a second playthrough.
    Edit: This should potentially be fixed with patch 1.07

    As others have mentioned the tips for horse racing usually involve sprinting and trying to position yourself in front of your opponent to prevent them passing when you need to recharge stamina. Luckily most races are repeatable to give you several tries. Completing Races also gives you better gear. Including more inventory carry weight, more horse stamina and horse blinkers to help with horse fear. So you can save your money and not buy horse gear from merchants. It can also make Races much easier (especially the extra stamina).

    Edit: NicholiGinavaef mentioned in the comments where to find the Mastercrafted Cavalry Saddle with 75 stamina:

    "in the Smuggler's Cache north of Kaer Almhult. Kear Almhult is the small island west of Eldberg Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is north of the village Arinbjorn on the western side of the main island in Skellige. This saddle is not one of the race prizes that gets handed out. A lot of stamina really make these races easy."

    If you vote negative could you let me know why so I can improve this solution because as of now I'm not sure how much is accurate and how much is the game having a few bugs.

    A video showing locations by PowerPyx for a visual guide if you don't have the notice board quests and wish to find them.

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    CracklyKloverAnyone having trouble completing the last race and has the Hearts of Stone DLC, here's a trick: beat that entire Questline and side with Gunter O'Dimm. When he offers you a gift, tell him you want to be as fast as wind. You'll get a saddle with 100 stamina, but more important, it turns Roach into a demon horse and incapacitates anyone chasing you (i.e. Racing competition). You can trot to the end if you like and the 100 stamina will just be gravy.
    Posted by CracklyKlover on 05 May 17 at 00:38
    Hexa FoxYou should clearly point out that the Velen races are no longer available. Because I checked closely to see what quests failed after going to the Isle of Mist. The horse racing was not one of them. It has been confirmed and is still broken. The quest just completely disappears and you can no longer do them. I luckily kept a save before going to the Isle of Mist to do this. Many others are screwed over as they will have to play a good portion of the game again if they want this one achievement.
    Posted by Hexa Fox on 13 Aug 17 at 08:36
    FlezzaI mean I did say at the top to do it before the Isle of mists as people had said some races are no longer available. Especially cause some said a prior patched fixed that for them so it isn't 100% guaranteed to disappear.

    Though given I did them all before I was not sure which ones or if all of them happened that way.

    If people clarify for me I'm always happy to update with specifics.

    You said Velen is still buggy despite the earlier patch so I'll make note of it again.
    Posted by Flezza on 13 Aug 17 at 18:33
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  • Junts26Junts2680,987
    01 Feb 2018 01 Feb 2018
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    There is a misconception that this achievement can be missed if you do not complete the 3 races at Crow's Perch prior to visiting the Isle of Mists. Many quests become unavailable at that time, and add a failed entry to the journal. The Races: Crow's Perch quest simply vanishes entirely.

    It cannot be completed between your visit to the Isle of Mists and the end of the game. However, the quest will re-appear in your journal in the post-game, after you re-appear in Kaer Morhen following the credits.

    For this reason, the only way that you can fail this quest is by failing race 7 (the race for Cleaver in Novigrad), which you get only one attempt at. If you do not win that race, you may not re-attempt it.

    However, if you did not complete the Crow's Perch races early in the game (Like I did not), you may still do them after completing the game. They are then particularly easy since they are short enough to not run out of stamina with the best available saddles from Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine.
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    pezboybenOh man if this is true I will hug you(maybe I'll just give you a thumbs up). I've done the Isle of Mists but haven't completed the story and was feeling bummed that the races were gone, now I need not despair.
    Posted by pezboyben on 07 Mar 19 at 13:11
    pezboybenAlright I'm back, thumbs up from me, after completing the story the Crow's Perch races reappeared, I completed the three of them and the achievement popped. I also slept in the bed in Corvo Bianco first for a stamina boost just to make it even easier, had way more than enough stamina to sprint the whole race.
    Posted by pezboyben on 24 Mar 19 at 07:12
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