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Mattress Madness

Bounce 100 times on mattresses within 30 seconds

Mattress Madness+3.5
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Achievement Guide for Mattress Madness

  • Omega DeezOmega Deez1,232,242
    16 Apr 2015 16 Apr 2015 03 Sep 2017
    270 9 15
    This is done in Goatville on the building under construction next to the crane. The double jump mutator makes getting to the top of the building much easier.

    WALKING DEAD726 - "I couldn't control it over the speed so I just put slow motion on and i got for anyone having this problem. Just makes it easier."

    x MoPaRs suggests using the tall goat mutator as well.

  • Bob101910Bob101910615,786
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
    65 3 0
    This achievement is really easy and only takes a few seconds once you have the Giant Goat unlocked. Head to the constriction site then get up to the 2nd highest floor. You will find a room with mattresses on the floor and ceiling. Jump onto a mattress, pause your game, turn on Giant Goat mutator, and finally wiggle left stick until achievement pops. Should take no more than 5 seconds. You'll know you are doing it right if you hear the mattress springs as you wiggle the stick.

  • Moo Moo DairyMoo Moo Dairy574,404
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
    22 2 0
    By the crane on Goatville is the construction building. Go to the top floor, not the roof, and you'll find a pile of mattresses. To the right of the Jetpack laying on the floor.

    Simply start jumping. Might be a little hard to control but you shouldn't have a problem.

    Easy 30G

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,312,358
    23 Jun 2015 15 Jul 2015
    15 1 0
    In the interest of making as much of a one-stop-shop as possible apart from collectibles, I've compiled all 28 achievements that aren't related to the two big sets of collectibles into one video.

    For Mattress Madness, head to the construction site in Goatville. On the 2nd floor of the building, there are a couple of mattresses in a corner. Jump onto the mattress on the floor, then pause the game once you start bouncing. Turn off all mutators except Tall Goat (acquired as a reward for getting collectibles). This will make you bounce between the mattress and the ceiling very rapidly. If you're struggling getting 100 bounces without falling off still, try using slow-mo.

    This achievement can be seen at the 31:12 mark in the video below.

    13 Jun 2016 14 Jun 2016
    7 0 0
    For this achievement you need to get to the top floor of the construction site. in the corner you will find lots of mattresses that when you jump on will slowly make you jump faster and faster as you hit your head and bounce back. I found the easiest way to hit 100 was to jump 5-6 times and then activate slow motion by clicking cn_left , if you don't do that I found it almost impossible to control the goat and stay n the mattresses.

    If you would like to see my guide in a video format I have included my guide below.

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT151,693
    25 Apr 2015 02 Jun 2015
  • AtomicTBagger69AtomicTBagger6939,666
    13 Nov 2016 02 Jun 2017
    5 0 0
    This is attainable in Goat Ville.

    At the construction site, on the next to top floor closest to the street (the floor just below the 10 yellow canisters in the same corner), there are a bunch of mattresses lying on the floor. You need to jump on these mattresses 100 times within 30 seconds. After the second or third jump, it can get kinda hectic as it speeds up considerably and you keep moving from side to side and may bounce off or even fall from the floor to a lower floor or the ground below. Use cn_RS to move the camera so it is facing the ground and use cn_LS to keep the goat on the mattresses. If you bounce off of them, simply jump back on. There is really no way to tell how many times you’ve bounced since it goes so fast, so just keep at it until the achievement unlocks.

    Note: Turning on the Tall Goat mutator might make this easier since there is less room to bounce around. To unlock this mutator, you need to collect five golden trophies in Goat Ville.
  • TurismetTurismet44,242
    17 Jun 2018 23 Aug 2018
    5 1 0
    As shown in the video, you need to go to the building site place and go to the story just below the top floor. There you will find loads of mattresses. Keep on bouncing on the mattresses until the achievement/trophy pops!

    This Achievement Takes Place In Goatville
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