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The Flapmaster

Score 10 points in Flappy Goat

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Achievement Guide for The Flapmaster

  • pixelpixelpixelpixel272,267
    03 Jun 2016 03 Jun 2016
    260 26 114
    I just got mine today and I used the following mutators to lag the game.

    • Ripped Goat
    • Goatborn
    • Repulsive Goat
    • Classy Goat
    • Deadgoa6
    • Double Jump

    I also used the large TV in Goatville.
  • AssKickingBootsAssKickingBoots191,903
    24 Apr 2015 24 Apr 2015 06 May 2015
    229 100 16
    Getting this achievement is all about a mindset.

    At first I was struggling with this, maybe getting only past the first or second set of ladders. I was never good at Flappy Bird, so I knew I wouldn't be good at this. In my frustration, I bleated out loud. Moments later I hit 5, a new personal best.

    A coincidence, I assumed, and I went right back to playing. My skills were better, but they regressed slowly. My irritation mounted and I headbutted the wall. After shaking off my presumably mild concussion I almost immediately hit 8.

    I couldn't deny it at this point. In order to flap like a goat I had to think like a goat. I needed to be the goat!

    It took some courage and a severe lack of pride, but I threw on my Chewbacca costume from two Halloweens ago, went outside, and chewed up a mouthful of grass. With chunks of grass and dirt still hanging from my chin, I marched right inside and didn't take that goat to ten... I took it to ELEVEN!

    The real hard part was attempting to regain my humanity afterwards. Social situations have been difficult, and getting a burrito at Chipotle while covered in filth was problematic, but I'm getting better. Small steps.

    (Note: Please don't downvote me just because this is a joke. There isn't much to tell you other than, as others have said, try to be lined up with the bottom ladder. It's easier to go up than down.)
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer921,115
    19 Apr 2015 19 Apr 2015 17 May 2015
    149 27 88
    So this achievement took me about 7-8 hours on non-stop pressing Y..... I was ready to kill a real live goat....

    First off I spent all day playing on the Arcade Cabinet in the Goat City. I have no idea if it makes a difference but I wasn't able to earn the achievement until I switched to the HD TV in the Coffee Stain House. Not sure why but the 16:9 screen seemed easy to focus on than the 4:3.

    It's personal preference if you want the Arcade Screen or HD TV so try out both before you devote to one.

    The game has horrible hit detection so I'm gonna be honest and say I'm pretty sure this achievement depends on luck as it feels like some of your Y button presses just get taken away from you.

    I found it best to always try for the last second jumps even though the hit detection is garbage. I could usually make it to 8-9 that way before I totally choked.

    Seriously if needed...take a break and please don't break a controller.

  • Lewdus SenpaiLewdus Senpai259,102
    03 Jun 2016 03 Jun 2016
    114 40 14
    10% luck
    20% skill
    15% concentrated power of will
    5% pleasure
    50% pain
    and 100% reason to never play this game
  • TonySkiTonySki1,250,172
    28 Apr 2015 28 Apr 2015
    60 12 2
    Game sucks. You're going to hate yourself.

    Mute your audio. don't listen to anything in the game. Get the camera wedged up against the coffee table so you get it closer to the screen. Then put a post it note or something like that on your real life TV over the score so you can't see it. This will get rid of the adrenaline rush of attempting to get closer and closer and accidentally pressing Y when you shouldn't. Tap in a rhythm. you can be close to the top and bottom with the right tap. My screen is a 42 in and the TV in game resizes to about a 35 or so and the best taps get about half an inch to the top and bottom of the stupid ladders.

    If you're good at Flappy bird then you're going to be terrible at this because it's built like a Taiwanese knockoff of a Chinese knockoff of the Canadian import.
  • TheOneTrueGlennTheOneTrueGlenn398,889
    04 May 2015 04 May 2015
    31 4 0
    This is my 1st attempt at a guide, so please be gentle. Just thought I'd weigh in with my experiences getting this achievement today & offer a few helpful tips you may find useful.


    1) Turn off all mutators. I found the addition of Halos', Devil Horns and other things to be off putting. Especially the Halo. That thing was right in the view of the TV.

    2) The hit detection in this is terrible. Seemed especially bad on the way down out of a ladder.

    3) Silence is golden. I found that sometimes I would inadvertently tap along to the music and this would get me killed so mute the TV. Also, I wore a pair of in ear headphones to make sure no outside noise was heard. My particular Kryptonite was the mother in law who lives with us. She has learning difficulties and loves to waffle a mile a minute. So try and keep noise down to a minimum.

    4) Try and get the TV as central as you can. Sometimes if it wasn't, I found I was slightly off with my presses.

    5) Be careful of animations that are going on in the game still. I can't tell you how many times I was distracted by the glider going past the right window. Or a leaf falling out of the tree on the left side window. I had leaves coming in to the room and blowing around or up the goats arse on numerous occasions. If you see them happening between turns, just wait till they stop.

    And finally 6) Luck and patience are something you will need in abundance to get this. Took me nearly 4 hours of constant trying. Best of luck to you all. Hope this helps.
  • AliosghofAliosghof1,100,386
    19 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015
    28 4 2
    I tried to find an easier way to do this but it seems practicing is the only way ! although with these few tips, you can make it faster :
    1) Try to line the goat with top of the lower ladder as you see in this video and as soon as you get close, double tap on Y button ( should be small time gap between first tap and the second to avoid hitting the upper ladder)
    2) Randomly, there is an easy map that let you go straight in the middle so don’t miss that one.
    3) Place your goat in the middle of TV like in this video . some angles make it little hard to focus specially when you stand on the left or right of TV.
    It took me 2-3 hours to find the best way and master it on xbox one but I got the xbox 360 achievement in less than 5 min with above method.
    04 May 2015 04 May 2015 04 May 2015
    27 5 7
    Haven't seen this posted yet, but the Flappy Goat game in Goat Bay City is MUCH EASIER than the one in the coffee house. The ladders appear to be further apart. I think it has to do with the aspect ratio of the arcade machine vs. the tv. I was consistently getting 6+ on my attempts at the arcade machine rather than 0-3 on the TV. Maybe it was all in my head. Whatever it was, I found it much easier on the carnival machine.

    At the carnival, past the scrambler you'll find 3 arcade machines. Flappy Goat is on the furthest arcade machine to the left.

    Try it!
  • Deranged AsylumDeranged Asylum485,552
    15 Apr 2015 16 Apr 2015 18 Apr 2015
    45 23 109
    The Flapmaster is one of the more annoying Achievements in Goat Simulator. To get the Achievement you must score 10 points using the Flappy Goat Arcade game, the game itself is found upstairs inside the Coffee House. Approach the tv, I'd personally clear out the table so you can see the TV clearly then press cn_Y to begin the mini game.

    The object of the game is to make it through 10 ladders by tapping cn_Y to balance your height. Gaps in the ladders range from high to low and it's completely random the order they will be in.

    It can take a while to master it but preserve and you'll unlock it.

    Here is a video showing that Achievement and a ton more, note that the video merely shows and explains how it is done. The restarts make it a random game.

    For those who have no clue where the Coffee House is it is located in the starting area Goatville and is located on the same side of the road as the Construction Site but in the opposite direction near the tunnel. It is right next to a large Greenhouse and both Houses are next to the Red one where the boulder is.

    The Flapmaster 3:08

  • 21 3 1
    Hey all, this is more a helpful hint than a guide...

    After attempting this for many hours, it began to frustrate me. So I tried a new approach and it worked first time...

    Go to the coffee stain house and use the tv, headbutt all furniture so u can see tv perfect. Slow down time (doesn't slow game, just the distractions around the screen), then pause the game, go to options, lower the music volume to half and remove quests from showing on screen. Then unpause and play the game.... I spent countless hours trying everything else, did it this way and got to 12 on first go

    Hope this helps anyone else :)
  • NeoSm0keNeoSm0ke173,752
    01 Jun 2015 02 Jun 2015 02 Jun 2015
    19 3 0
    Hi guys!

    I managed to get this achievement and was thinking by myself... Why not give some tips for you guys who are struggling with this and get here to seek for some help...

    Though the method in above solutions work well too... I found mine a bit more suitable for myself... I even had music on very loud and the rythm of the music didn't even bother me while playing this mini-game. Though this might vary for some of you!

    After trying to aim for the lower pillar, but finding myself most of the times sitting on top of the pillar having failed, I found a constant method of "small bounces" is working quite well for me too...
    I flapped through the gates on a tempo that didn't make the goat rise, but didn't make it fall either. So what do you want to do?

    - Make your bounces as tiny as possible! You can flap right through the gates.
    - Reposition yourself for next tower as soon as you left the previous gate.
    - Only change bounce pattern to adjust for the next gate but get back to your tiny flapping method so you can get right through the gate again.
    - Get used to the flapping tempo by practicing, after a while you'll feel it when you got the bounce right.
    - Once you got the bounce right, all you need to do is practice a little bit more on the gates.
    - I advise to focus mainly on your goat and the way it bounces, but keep the pillars in your sights too and adjust your height when needed.

    Watch my video, I hope you then understand all my above tips! I found this waaaay more easy going compared to aiming for the lower pillar... I've recorded it on video and below you can find it.
    Don't worry that I'm starting at gate 4, you'll get to see the full 10 gates as I took it to 14. :P

    I hope you guys can see the tips I'm giving you in my video and I hope it gives you guys some result too!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

  • PigtailedPoemPigtailedPoem144,847
    23 Feb 2016 23 Feb 2016
    16 2 2
    If you have the elite controller, I found this much, much easier after remapping cn_Y to cn_RT, with hair triggers. Took me three attempts after switching.
  • Sir Nutty NoahSir Nutty Noah69,465
    26 May 2016 10 Jun 2016 11 Jun 2016
    13 1 0
    Hey guys,

    This achievement sucks.
    As you probably well know the hitboxes are broken and half the time it's straight up luck whether you get to ten or not but there are somethings that you can do to maximise your luck.

    1. Clear the room, obvious and in absolutely ever solution, and so it should be, you need to be focused on the screen and nothing else.

    2. Activate Angel Goat Mutator, you're likely going to need more than five minutes to complete this horrible achievement and you don't want the Angel Goat to randomly activate midway through one of your runs.

    3. Don't face the TV like you'd be watching it, that leads to horrible, distracting head twitches. What you want to do instead is approach the TV from the side so the left or the right side of the goat is pressed against the TV stand.

    4. Totally personal preference but I tilted my camera angel slightly to the left rather than the complete centre as I wanted to simulate the Goat approaching the bars better than approaching it flat on, for me that angel isn't as good.

    5. Slow Motion mode- activate it, your goat breathing won't be as noticeable and you're going to stay more focused.

    6. TAKE BREAKS!!! This is probably the reason why I unlocked this achievement, I probably spent Seven hours total trying to unlock this achievement, and my most successful runs were after I returned from my breaks. When you get a couple consecutive 0's/1's you know it's not going to happen, take a break from the achievement and come back with a better mindset. Honestly breaks are your friend.

    7. Just stay relaxed it can sometimes be daunting seeing the number creeping up 6...7...8...9... and you will make erratic judgements, I failed on nine twice, but I didn't get raged because that was not going to be constructive as staying calm is pivotal for this achievement. If you're an angry person don't even attempt this.

    *optional* if you're lucky enough to have an elite controller definitely map cn_Y to either cn_LT or cn_RT for that. I don't have an elite controller but I can tell you it would have been easier if I could have used a trigger rather than a button.

    9. When between the two bars DO NOT double jump if you do you'll almost definitely catch that stupid waggling tail on the bar. Also, try to stay relatively in line with the bars the whole time.

    10. Mute the game. Mute all your friends, no talking, just the game.

    11. *optional* Use Goatville, TV's bigger, not much more to say.

    12. Finally, DO NOT take your finger off the Y button!!! if you take too long between pressing you WILL fail don't ever get complacent with Flappy Goat, he will kill you.

    P.S. the achievement will take a few seconds to pop so don't break down right too quickly give it some time. I also suggest rewarding yourself for completing this achievement, which was, in my case, uninstalling this game after headbutting Deadmau5 off a building.

    But seriously this achievement will make you envy the dead, have a good day.
  • R1DD3R5R1DD3R5179,978
    12 Jun 2016 12 Jun 2016
    10 1 0
    Following everything else above: Goatville, turning the tele sounds off, getting into the zone of pressing Y and using Mutators I eventually got this. I used the following mutators.
    Feather Goat
    Space Goat
    Angel goat
    Ripped Goat
    Robot Goat
    Repulsive Goat
    Classy Goat
    Double Jump
    VR Mutator

    The VR mutator initially seems very weird, but use it, it means you move into the goats POV and can make the tele a little bigger :)
  • Hawkes67Hawkes67714,918
    09 Jun 2016 10 Jun 2016 10 Jun 2016
    10 1 0
    Not so much a solution but this is how I got the achievement , I haven't seen this written or mentioned anywhere but thought I'd put it out there ... I have no way of validating or replicating what happened to see if the achievement would pop again !

    So , I was going for this achievement using various of the posted solutions but at best I was hitting 6 or 7 gates ,once or twice I got to 9 gates ,but other than that I was getting nowhere near the 10 gates required ... So I decided to quit for the night !

    I simply turned of My box , without quitting the game , leaving the game set up as it had been for the previous 2 Hrs ( I was using no mutators ) and went to bed !

    On My return home from work ,the following day , I thought I'd continue where I left off and try to get the achievement ... After switching on My Box ( which had been switched of for a total of around 16 Hrs) and signing in I loaded the game simply by pressing the A button on it ( because it was the last thing I played it was top of the list ) and continued exactly from My last failed attempt with the exact same set up ..

    The very first go I hit 14 gates and got the achievement ( of course ) ... For some reason it just seemed very easy and considerably slower - In fact it just seemed a lot more reactive to My button pushes !

    This may be coincidence ... like I say I can not validate / replicate the achievement popping but If all else fails it may be worth a try this way !

    If You have any questions then please feel free to message Me ....
  • Tecstar70Tecstar70183,944
    08 Jun 2016 09 Jun 2016
    11 2 0
    This is how I got The Flapmaster Achievement. It was driving me nuts and I spent hours trying to get this. Following pixelpixels tip I equipped Ripped Goat, Goatborn, Repulsive Goat, Classy Goat, Deadgoa7 and Double Jump mutations as these supposedly provide a little lag to make it easier. To be honest it didn't seem to make much difference to me however this is what did make a difference. Firstly I turned off all game sounds and switched to slo-mo. These help but the deal-breaker for was this: on my TV I have a built-in Zoom. I used this to make the Flappy Goat screen bigger. Once I did this I was getting up to 8 or 9 quite easily. You need to find the right rhythm and concentrate hard, but I got it a lot quicker by doing this. The Xbox capture doesn't show the zoomed-in screen unfortunately.

  • DuncosDuncos576,610
    06 Jun 2016 06 Jun 2016
    11 2 0
    Just achieved this today took about 2-3 hours of non-stop Y mashing. How I did was I went to goatville and went by the Coffee Stain and I moved everything out the way and even hit the back button ( slow mo) so I didn't move my goat on accident and so he wouldn't throw me off. Then I just stayed low and only double jumped to get across and stayed towards the middle of the two ladders, It also helped me focus on the middle of the ladders to make it through.

    ( This is my first solution, I'm sure everyone above me has a better review but, this may help someone I hope. )
    Good luck! cn_guide
  • lifebringer23lifebringer231,105,054
    28 Apr 2015 28 Apr 2015
    13 4 2
    OK, this is the worst achievement I have went for in a while. Now first off I would advice doing this in the coffee house as the screen is bigger. Now I spent 8 hours trying this with no luck due to poor programming and cheap deaths. Now I after spending so much time on it, I started noticing exactly how much bigger the ladders were in terms of the programming and not the visual display.
    So my tip is sit really damn close to your TV, I know this is bad for your vision but it helps. You can be more focused on the actual goat. This helped me and with sitting in front of my TV I got it in 10 minutes.
    Although I wouldn't advice trying this method for any form of prolonged period of time.
  • yoshidude56yoshidude5655,137
    18 Apr 2015 24 Apr 2015
    13 5 2
    The Flapmaster is one of the hardest achievements in Goat Simulator.

    To begin, find the Flappy Goat game either at the top floor of Coffee Stain Studios in Goatville or at the arcade machines in Goat Bay City. I would recommend the Coffee Stain Studios game, because it has a bigger screen.

    To start the game, remove any mutators (to prevent you from accidentally activating them) and press cn_Y

    To fly, tap cn_Y. If you touch the top or the bottom of the screen, you will die and return to the start. You will also die if you touch any of the ladders that you are supposed to fly through.

    The goal of the game is to fly through the ladders that come towards you, similar to the popular mobile game Flappy Bird. If you have experience with Flappy Bird, try to ignore it. The physics and hit detection in this game are different, and it WILL throw you off at first. The hit detection seems to be somewhat buggy, as it will sometimes register a hit even when you are in the empty space between the ladders, and there is more gravity.

    The ladders reset randomly every attempt, which makes this achievement even more difficult. With a lucky run and a lot of practice, eventually you will reach 10 points.
  • AtomicTBagger69AtomicTBagger6938,227
    13 Nov 2016 02 Jun 2017
    8 1 0
    This is attainable in either Goat Ville or Goat City Bay.

    This will be the most frustrating and time consuming achievement to unlock. There are two locations where you can play this game; upstairs on the TV in the Coffee Stain Studios house in Goat Ville or along the railing of the ferris wheel in the amusement park in Goat City Bay (the left-most game cabinet). Playing at one location or the other has no real advantages. The rumor is that it is easier on the TV because you can get closer to the screen and be at eye level. I personally found it equally frustrating at both locations.

    It’s a relatively simple game (in theory); keep pressing cn_Y to flap though breaks in what looks to be ladders without hitting anything. You need to clear 10 ladders for the achievement to unlock. This is easier said than done. The breaks are at different elevations and the game has terrible hit detection, so while it may appear you cleared the ladder, the game might say you failed. It is easier to go up than it is to go down, but be careful not to double-tap too much as this will also cause you to fail. It can be quite irritating.

    The only advice I can recommend is keep practicing. Developing a pattern to the button pressing seems to work, along with keeping the goat in line with the top of the bottom ladder. Jumping over the bottom ladder as opposed to dropping through the break seems to work. People have also suggested that muting your TV helps as you are not distracted by the awful game noises and music.

    There are tons of videos showing you how to do this, but watching someone playing and doing it yourself are two entirely different things.
  • x The Rook xx The Rook x373,681
    06 Jun 2016 06 Jun 2016
    9 2 2
    If you're looking at solutions then you know how frustrating this achievement is. And as you'll see from the numerous other guides here there's no one easy method. What works for one person may not be solution for you but there are plenty of suggestions available.

    I used the TV in goatville as I could get closer to the screen. I moved carefully through the room, moved between the table and TV and then turned to face it. This helped to force the camera to get close so it filled the majority of the screen.

    One of the things I read was to use a metronome. This could help you keep a rhythm but would only work if you were staying the same height throughout the level. That's not to say the concept can't be useful.

    What I did was mute my TV so I could clearly hear the clicking of the Y button. You'll learn a rhythm to get through the gaps. I found it easier to time to the sound of the click than trying to time each jump on screen.

    That being said you'll still need to adjust your height between ladders either by increasing or decreasing by a half click. Once you are in line with the gap go back to the rhythm of the click.

    It will take practice and a lot of patience to get this. Every time you get further, take it as a new personal best and try not to get frustrated when you hit the next ladder. Don't expect to get this achievement quickly, be prepared to repeat the process over and over. A positive attitude is required for this frustrating mini game.

    When you fail, its easy to hammer the Y button to get the level started again but this caused me to lose my rhythm again. Instead take a moment before pressing anything to calm yourself for the next go.

    When the 'press Y to start' appears, note the position of the goat onscreen is the starting position for the goat when the level starts and you'll be falling immediately. Initially I was button mashing to stop from hitting the bottom but your rhythmic timing is enough with slight adjustments for height.

    I did have a few mutators on (angel, deveil, ripped and goatborn) but they didn't affect the game.

    Good luck if you're trying for this achievement and have patience.
  • CACox97CACox97156,385
    19 Apr 2015 19 Apr 2015 19 Apr 2015
    12 5 0
    You can find it in the upstairs Living Room of the Coffee Stain Studios house in Goatville behind the protestors near the spawn.

    Yes, this is the most frustrating achievement to get. The only advise I can give is TURN OFF THE MUSIC. I had been going at it for 20 minutes and the highest I got was 7. Then I muted my TV and got 10 first try.

    I felt like I would be pressing the button to the beat and that didn't fit the mini-game. So I guessed without music I would do better and it worked.
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3301,526
    05 Jul 2018 04 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018
    7 1 0
    Use the mutators from pixelpixel's guide. Experiment with the mutators. Avoid the ones that distract you too much, make you jump around, cause explosions or other things like that. I remember using a few more mutators, which I found to only change appearance. Your size change from a mutator can affect your screen view and experience of this 2D goat game, so take that into account as well. If there are mutators which result in just visible effects, a little shaking or something like that, you could probably use them, as long as they don't interfere with your experience too much. Keep your goat near the side of the screen if you need a closer view. I used the coffee shop TV for this, and it worked well since the screen is large. Kick away any objects that block your path. Now for the Flappy Bird clone itself. Practice to get used to the timing. I found that keeping a steady rhythm helps. Overtap a little if you're going too low. Simply release for a beat if you're coming in too high. Pay attention to your goat's path and check near the jumps to see if you're coming in low or high. Tap and release well ahead of the jumps to maintain a stable central line. If you want to take the low path to pass the tunnel pairs, do so as going up is a little easier than dropping down. Dropping down, you can make mistakes a little more easily and you'll have to closely look at your path and alter your rhythm to fit it. While going up to pass the tunnel pairs, you're simply jumping hurdles. It takes a lot of practice. I spent a whole hour trying this. You'll start going up to 2 or 3. Then once, you begin to understand the pattern, you'll reach 5 or 6. Once you really get into the flow, you should be getting runs of 7, 8 or 9. Failing at 8 or 9 will shock you greatly. You'll have to sit down, or lie down in fact and think about it, washing your face or something. This is the stage where you should relax, trying to absorb what you've learned and clear out your the error path factors. When I failed at 8 once on the day I unlocked the achievement, I subconsciously jumped. It was uncontrollable. My brain subconsciously released pressure to contemplate a few of its important path generating algorithms and quickly release some path altering factors from it. It had formulated an upgraded formula on its own. I just had to absorb it. If you're trying really, really hard and your mind notices something clearly altering your path, then it may happen to you. At this point, you've generated a solution for yourself and have broken a barrier. It may happen if you're really trying hard and focusing on finding just the right path for the course, putting your mind in a focused algorithm mode. You may encounter stuff like this in which your mind or some factor automatically solves this for you. It's like sneeze, it happens by luck, but you know generally what triggers rapid solutions like these. It could be something someone told you or some other environmental factor. I relaxed and tried again, and after a few more runs, I reached 10. Once you've fully mastered Flappy Goat, knowing how to maintain a stable line and steady rhythm, you'll easily reach at least 10 with a few more tries.
  • XerostomiaXerostomia774,980
    20 Feb 2016 20 Feb 2016
    9 3 1
    More of a tip/hint than an actual solution, as this achievement is painful (literally). My finger and wrist started hurting mashing the Y button trying to get into a rhythm.

    I have the Elite controller, so at the end I used the larger paddle underneath the controller in the Y socket, and removed the other 3. The controller sat nicer in my hand, it was much less strain using my middle finder under the controller and I was able to get a better rhythm. Even then it took a while.

    For positioning, I used the muscular goat mutator and jumped on the cabinet facing the screen. I then moved the goat slightly back and to the right part of the TV (the goat was in the TV field of view on the right side, but that is OK as it is a very small area that gets covered), and tried to get the left edge of the TV as vertical as possible (thus the TV being as 'flat' as possible). This made the TV screen much larger (I think every little variation makes a subtle difference, that could possibly help).

    Anyways, hope this helps someone if you get frustrated. I posted a similar note in the 360 version, but I used my Street fighter IV arcade fighting stick instead.
  • 6 3 0
    Just try this, Some reason the game just seemed so much easier with my goat hogging the tv

    This is me playing but not it is not the moment I unlocked achievement but I knew I would do it soon after trying this method.
  • PilferPilfer87,569
    25 May 2019 03 Jun 2019
    0 0 0
    this won't really help anyone but my advice for this one is to just put your frustration aside and just keep at, it gets easier trust me, until its not even hard to do 10 :) the trampolines are harder
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