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One Ball

Ride a bike for 60 sec

One Ball+0.1
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Achievement Guide for One Ball

  • GrislyGrizzlyGrislyGrizzly170,512
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
    195 2 4
    The easiest way to get this achievement is to hop onto a bicycle with cn_Y. If you're not moving when you climb on the bike your goat will just sit there and begin to topple over. Before this happens, start to wiggle cn_LSr and cn_LSl without moving forward to keep your goat balanced. Wait a minute and then press cn_Y again to ditch the bike for the achievement to pop.

    The other solution is good too and a little more fun, but if you have trouble riding around while staying balanced, I just want people to know that staying completely stationary for 60 seconds without losing your balance also works!
  • maxenmaxen297,239
    15 Apr 2015 15 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
    35 0 12
    There are several bikes scattered around Goatsville, some green and some red. Approach one and you can hit cn_Y to jump on it. Take a moment to appreciate seeing a goat riding a bike and the re-focus on the achievement. :)
    You will push the cn_LS back and forth to control speed, and right/left to control leaning. It is very sensitive so do not overdo it. Also pushing forward will increase your speed greatly, so try to avoid doing that.
    I found it much easier to be going very slowly, barely pushing forwards and focusing on staying mostly upright.
    I also noticed that it seems to be okay to be pushing against a wall or other stationary object, which makes it considerably easier to stay upright because you can push the cn_LS hard forwards and stay upright with minimal left/right adjustments.

    Also note that this achievement only pops once you fall or get off, hence why I was pedalling for a couple minutes before ultimately crashing and popping the achievement. I genuinely had no clue how long I had been on the bike, so I recommend a stopwatch of some form to avoid frustrations.

    Also, users n1ckKz and Calex dEUS recommend you enable slo-mo to make this easier.

  • Moo Moo DairyMoo Moo Dairy554,365
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
    15 0 0
    This one could be frustrating for some, but I promise, it's not too bad once you get the hang of it.

    I did this on Goatville, don't know if the other map has bikes but there are several on Goatville.

    So just find a bike, there's one off the main road and one close to the party/barbecue.

    Hit Y button to get on, then you're going to use Left Stick forward or backward for gas/reverse, but you also have to use Left and Right to balance yourself.

    Think of it like driving in Halo, that helps, using the camera to determine your turning.

    So, once you got your balance down, you can simply do whatever you find easiest, since it just wants you to be on a bike for 60 seconds, and the achievement won't pop until you dismount.

  • SuneshaSunesha134,104
    21 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015
    10 0 0
    Text Solution:
    Will do a step list for achieving this achievement:
    • Locate a bicycle
    • It will be easier if you bring the bicycle to area that relative open with little stuff to bump into
    • Get on the bicycle cn_Y
    • Keep your bicycle relative straight by wiggling the cn_LSl + cn_LSr
    • Go slow and you can turn your bicycle with cn_RS
    • Go slow and you will be fine, don't get dishearten. It can be hard
    • You can actually get it by not moving, but this I thought was harder
    • Achievement will not pop until you are off the bicycle after been on it for more than 60 seconds
    Video Solution:

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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT139,660
    25 Apr 2015 27 May 2015
    10 0 0
    Here is a video guide with English commentary for this achievement!

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,240,754
    23 Jun 2015 15 Jul 2015 15 Jul 2015
    7 0 0
    In the interest of making as much of a one-stop-shop as possible apart from collectibles, I've compiled all 28 achievements that aren't related to the two big sets of collectibles into one video.

    For One Ball just hop onto the red bicycle at the construction site and use left and right on the left thumbstick to stay balanced. If you're struggling, activating slow-mo can help. Balance for 60 seconds to unlock it.

    This achievement can be seen starting at the 11:28 mark in the video below.

  • NICKYG2X3NICKYG2X3575,003
    13 Jun 2015 13 Jun 2015
    7 2 0
    all the above solutions work

    my method was find a bike

    get on it. use slow motion =-

    ride it for 60 seconds easy 90g
  • AtomicTBagger69AtomicTBagger6938,228
    14 Nov 2016 02 Jun 2017
    4 0 0
    This is attainable in either Goat Ville or Goat City Bay.

    Sitting around both locations you will see bicycles. To unlock this achievement, walk up to one and press cn_Y to mount it. The object is to stay stationary and not fall off; you do not actually have to ride it around. Using cn_LS, move the stick left and right to keep your balance, making sure not to lean too far one way or the other. There is no in-game timer, so you have to count in your head or use a stopwatch. When you think you’ve reached 60 seconds, press cn_Y again to dismount and if you’ve fulfilled the required time, the achievement will unlock. If not, try again.

    Note: Using Slo-Mo will not help to unlock this achievement.
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