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Builder Goat

Find all the blocks

Builder Goat+0.1
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Achievement Guide for Builder Goat

  • Maka91Maka91989,712
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015
    318 12 3
    There are a total of 3 minecraft blocks available in Goat Bay City.

    1 - From the beginning, go down the road, take a right towards the windmills into the "Slender" area to find a block in the cemetery.
    2 - Head across town towards the blue skate park, and up the hill near a tree nearby, you'll find this block.
    3 - Head towards the shore. You'll find a park to the left of the carnival, you can follow a dirt path towards a tree, finding the block directly beside it.

    Collecting all 3 blocks will unlock the achievement.
  • Moo Moo DairyMoo Moo Dairy554,352
    18 Apr 2015 18 Apr 2015
    32 1 0
    Map: Goat Bay City

    You have to locate the 3 Minecraft blocks in the world

    1.To the right of the starting location. Over the hills and into the cemetery.
    2.By the Amusement Park near a tree on the shore
    3.On the hill above the skate park

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,247,712
    22 Jun 2015 15 Jul 2015
    13 3 0
    In the interest of making as much of a one-stop-shop as possible apart from collectibles, I've compiled all 28 achievements that aren't related to the two big sets of collectibles into one video.

    For Builder Goat, you must find 3 Minecraft-esque blocks in Goat Bay City. The first is on the cliff edge near the damn and the 3 boulders of death. The second is in the graveyard behind the windmills. The third is on the edge of the map at the end of a dirt path on the bottom corner of the amusement park. This can be seen at the 29:35 mark in the video below.

  • AtomicTBagger69AtomicTBagger6938,227
    14 Nov 2016 02 Jun 2017
    9 0 0
    This is attainable in Goat City Bay.

    There are a total of three blocks to locate:

    1. From where you originally spawn, go down the street and take a right at the street with the red and blue flag at the end. Jump over the concrete wall and follow the dirt path up the hill. When you reach the first windmill pole, take the right fork down the hill and the area will become dark and a creature will chase you. To the left when you first enter the cemetery, before the grass part, is the block.
    2. Head across town towards the blue skate park. In a straight line from the skate park from the non-ramp end of the half pipe, go up the hill and near a tree you'll find this block.
    3. Head towards the amusement park. To the left of the parking lot outside the amusement park there is a glowing green timer (to start a race). Continue past that along the dirt path towards a tree on the right (before you hit the water) and the block directly beside it.
    Collecting all three blocks will unlock the achievement.
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