The Completionist achievement in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

The Completionist

Achieve the highest score and fastest time in each memory.

The Completionist0
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How to unlock the The Completionist achievement

  • SiegfriedXSiegfriedX3,411,650
    28 Apr 2015 24 Apr 2015 30 Apr 2015
    198 27 34
    Centerstrain01 made an awesome video guide for this achievement, getting all secondary objectives and shadow/gold on all levels is really easy following his videos.

    Memory Sequence 1:

    Memory Sequence 2:

    Memory Sequence 3:

    Memory Sequence 4:

    Memory Sequence 5:

    Memory Sequence 6:

    Memory Sequence 7:

    Memory Sequence 8:

    Memory Sequence 9:

    Memory Sequence 10:

    Memory Sequence 11:

    Memory Sequence 12:

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    StridentPizzaJust followed the guide and went through no problem. Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by StridentPizza on 22 Feb 19 at 13:41
    thanatos8285Gonna disagree with BionicTriforce. I achieved the best time on Memory 12 in my Normal playthrough, and the achievement popped at the end of Memory 11 in my Plus playthrough, so I achieved this based on my scores across playthroughs.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 21 May 20 at 05:04
    DragonSilverDWRQuick note for anyone doing Sequence 4, if you don't have any noise darts or firecrackers when you're about to free the third slave, give up and start the level again. It's almost physically impossible to do it without at least 1.

    While it CAN be done with just the Whistle, it takes a lot of attempts and split-second timing.
    Posted by DragonSilverDWR on 17 Mar at 22:46
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  • PandominusPandominus273,421
    13 Nov 2016 13 Nov 2016
    49 4 7
    I've noticed there are no scores posted here... which would be helpful if you wish to check which memory sync you have or have not done...
    From main menu, select "LOAD MEMORY" then on each memory sequence press "Y" for the statistics, (also note to mention that this also tell you how many "Chests" and "Animus Fragments" you have/still need in each level.
    The Scores for each memory are as follows...

    Memory Sequence 1 ~ The Escape... 2300 (For Gold Shadow + Rescue 1 Prisoner)
    (6 Animus Shards)

    Memory Sequence 2 ~ The Return... 2740 (For Gold Shadow + 3 Scrolls)
    (9 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 3 ~ The Port... 2940 (For Gold Shadow + Assassinate 3 Informants)
    (14 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 4 ~ The Slaver... 2600 (For Gold Shadow + Free 3 Slaves)
    (8 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 5 ~ Consequences... 4:16 (Time Trial)
    (8 Animus Shards)

    Memory Sequence 6 ~ The Search... 1660 (For Gold Shadow + Light 5 Candles)
    (12 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 7 ~ The Snake... 2000 (For Gold Shadow + Assassinate 3 Bodyguards)
    (9 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 8 ~ Hunted... 1780 (For Gold Shadow + Destroy the Tower)
    (11 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 9 ~ An Old Friend... 3300 (For Gold Shadow + Save 3 Concubines)
    (16 Animus Shards)
    (2 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 10 ~ Demon Fire... 4:15 (Time Trial)
    (5 Animus Shards)

    Memory Sequence 11 ~ The Betrayal... 3140 (For Gold Shadow + Assassinate 4 Scouts)
    (12 Animus Shards)
    (4 Chests)

    Memory Sequence 12 ~ Vengeance... 6:10 (Time Trial)
    (3 Animus Shards)

    All Objectives must be met.
    Do Not Kill any guard who doesn't appear yellow in Eagle Vision.
    Shadow Gold's Only, Restart Checkpoint if you get a silver/bronze or you think you've been seen.
    Noise Darts, Whistling or Firecrackers, Utilise these the best you can too create routes and opportunities.
    Keep Checking your map, secondary objectives appear as a white hexagonal exclamation mark (I personally had to backtrack from an advanced checkpoint all the way through to almost the start of the Port to kill the first Informant that I missed)

    I hope the times and scores I've provided help check off the sequences you've done/need.
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    ParadoxReal8Most of the time when restart checkpoint they put us after we know if we have silver or other so restarted is not really helpful. Thanks for the scores though. Really helpful dance
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 13 May 18 at 07:34
    romisthebestWhy give the scores for Plus game mode? ..... when this can be done on Normal.
    Posted by romisthebest on 16 Sep 18 at 08:26
    Krushner20Helpful guide cheers brother
    Posted by Krushner20 on 21 Mar 19 at 20:22
  • dylan is whitedylan is white285,069
    23 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015 24 Apr 2015
    43 9 24
    At the end of a Sequence when your statistics come up, at the top it will tell you the highest possible score. You will need to get that.

    Mission 5, 10, and 12 are running sequences and you'll have to complete it as fast as possible.

    You will need to complete the side objective, and get ALL Shadow Gold in the level. Which means no killing and not being alerted. The only enemies you can kill are the yellow targets (objectives) and you can find that they're your objective targets by using your eagle vision (pushing right thumbstick).

    The achievement isn't too hard, just time consuming. Make use of your gadgets and take your time. Knowing the enemy's pattern will help a lot. If you get spotted, make sure to restart the checkpoint.

    During the running sequences, use jump assassinate and slide assassinate to keep your flow going. These shouldn't be too hard, I did them within the fastest possible time on the second try.

    Tip on Sequence 2: When the game teaches you to hide enemies by killing an enemy next to a hay bale, DON'T KILL HIM. You can use noise darts to lure him away.
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    napoearthIf I go back and replay a sequence to grind kills or something similar, do I lose the progress I made on that level, and have to complete it again with max score, or do I keep my progress for having maxed it?
    Posted by napoearth on 30 Mar 16 at 12:47
    HolyHalfDeadnapoearth, when you complete a level your final score and rewards earned are saved.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 07 May 16 at 11:46
    HolyHalfDeadI can't kill the boss at the beginning of level 10 quick enough. That's all I need to do for this achievement.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 May 16 at 18:36
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