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A Day In The Life

Complete a 24 hour race using only realtime progression (and why not stream it?!)

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  • SpilnerSpilner758,325
    11 May 2015 11 May 2015 24 Jan 2018
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    Ok there is a way to get this from a solo quick race weekend, what you'll need:
    1. Your console on for 24hours (Obviously)
    2. A micro USB cable to connect to your controller and console (So it doesn't shut off!)
    3. To make sure that your console isn't set to auto shutoff in your console settings (Power & Startup, the 'Turn off after' setting).
    4. Disable Idle screen notifications under your notification settings.

    Firstly take out any batteries you have in your wireless controller and plug the micro USB cable into the top of the controller and then into the console, this should keep the controller on as it makes it a wired controller. If you're using a wired controller you're already set.

    Now for the race itself, from the main menu select 'Solo' and pick any short track, I chose Brands Hatch Indy, now scroll to the far right option with the laps on it and edit the following:
    ~Laps - 1
    ~Opponents - 1 (Just because)
    ~Press cn_RB and change the Time Progression to REAL TIME, this is the crutial part.

    Back out of the menu and pick a car you want, now start the race and sit your car off the track where it wont move. The AI car will complete one lap and then pit on the second. Now you just leave the game running with your car sat there until 24 hours has passed, you'll know that 24 hours has passed in game as your lap time will have gone passed 1440 minutes now simply complete the lap and the achievement is yours!

    Note: The game needs to remain the main open app on your console since if left in the background for a long time your xbox may close it. You can if you wish snap an app but it wont be very fun watching something in a small window whilst your car just sits there. BCFCBristolRed confirms that you can pause/switch to another app briefly without voiding the achievement so long as your lap timer is high enough.

    Here's a video showing the setup and the race clock being at 1440minutes
  • Zipfel 86Zipfel 86451,065
    08 May 2015 10 May 2015 14 May 2015
    26 2 6
    Ok, this achievement should be done in career mode.
    Wait for an invitation event (season 2 or higher at December, 15th)

    Turn damage, fuel- and tyre - consumption off.

    You can quit the qualifying and can start from the last position.
    The first and only thing what you to do is drive into the pit lane. There is an option to change the driver to an AI.
    The AI driver is good enough to win the race, but it doesnt matter for the achievement.

    From there you can relax and do some other important things, like homework, sleeping or take a little walk.

    The 24h race must be done in one sitting. There is no save option in the race.

    For wireless controllers i can recommend a wire to avoid the controller shut down. If this happen, the game will paused.

    I hope this guide helps.

    Good luck.

    Sorry, for the bad english;-)
  • SWS89SWS89178,645
    16 Jun 2015 17 Jun 2015
    6 1 1
    I did this in career at one of the 24 hour Le Man invitations which I received in my LMP2 season.

    Select the event and make sure that session length is set to 100% so that you have the full 24 hour race. I did a few laps and if you are familiar with the Le Man track there is a huge straight with two chicanes at the second chicane, I parked behind the second tyre wall out the way (if you have a safer place to park up then by all means feel free!) and left the game open till the 24 hours elapsed did a final lap which ends the race and the achievement will pop immediately.

    Make sure that the console is set that it wont turn off when there is no activity for a long period of time, plug the pad in to the console and remove the batteries.

    I had tried some of the other methods, however they did not work for me. For example the first time I did a few laps then pitted in and switched to AI driver (driver swap), I came back a few hours later to find the driver had managed to run out of fuel and the car was in the pit with the petrol light flashing, I left it for the full 24 hours to elapse but the race did not end as it should so it would appear quite buggy...

    My second attempt was using the simulate rest of race function, I came back a few hours later and found the AI had smashed the car to bits and the car had been sent to the pits.

    So I tried my hassle free version as you do not need to win the race, while it was going through the race I fired up my 360 and changed the channel and played Guitar Hero smile

    Hope this helps and good luck !
  • ChockaShockaChockaShocka173,935
    19 May 2015 19 May 2015 19 May 2015
    8 3 1
    I did a Solo Quick Race Weekend, Lemans 24H, 125cc Shifter Kart, 240 laps.
    1 opponent, Same Class, Opponent Skill = Beginner, Grid Position = Player First.
    NO Damage, no Mechanical Failures, no Fuel Usage, no Flags & Penalties, no Tire Wear.

    Remove the battery from your controller & plug in the mini USB cable.
    Go to Dashboard, then Console Settings (press menu button quickly), scroll down to "Settings", then "Power & Startup", then "Turn Off After" & select "Don't turn off automatically",
    then press B, & press B again to return to Dashboard.
    Return to Project Cars.

    MAKE SURE that Time Progression is set to Real Time.
    CHECK Time Progression again just before you start the race because sometimes it turns itself off when you change other settings.

    Start the Race & as soon as your Kart moves across the starting line, pause the game & select "Simulate Remainder Of Session", then Select "Player Onboard Camera" & press X to select the camera of your liking.
    DO NOT pause the game for any reason, DO NOT go to the dashboard, just leave the game & console alone for about 24 hours & 27 minutes or so until the race is finished.
    Make sure your console has adequate ventilation!
    Enjoy! smile
  • UA Ridge ReaperUA Ridge Reaper209,740
    08 Jan 2018 08 Jan 2018 10 Jan 2018
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    So I absolutely could not get these other solutions to work for me in career mode. I followed everything, used different controllers, different cables, making sure batteries were out of my controller, even tried a different console and I couldn't get the game to not pause after 10 minutes in any race I had set up in single player. So my solution was to set up a race online, setting up a private match with another player (In an MP race if your contoller shuts off, the race doesn't pause). I set up a kart race on the Glencairn West track with a SuperKart, and set the event to public, event length to time and set the time to 1d 00h 00min (24 hours). Invite a friend to the race and start the race. Once the race starts your friend can hop out of the race so its just you. Now its just waiting for the race to end. At the end of the race, I did a quick lap around the track and once the timer is up, you will be on the final lap so just finish the lap and the achievement will pop after you finish.
  • ChickenParmCityChickenParmCity188,413
    16 Jul 2016 18 Jul 2016
    5 3 2
    make sure your xbox console is not on auto switch off and u have a usb cable connected to your controller and console go to quick race mode choose coyote noose circuit choose 1 lap make sure fuel usage is turned off and game is set to real time progresion choose 1 opponent choose any car u like. when the race starts cross the start finish line then reverse the car so its up against the wall and simply leave the console on for 24 hours eg if u started the race at 9 30 am then at 9 30 am the next morning when the timer on the screen says 1440 simply complete the lap and the achievement is yours.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m236,319
    23 Mar 2017 07 Apr 2017
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    here is a video guide i made that will explain it all and clear up any questions you may have on this :) i did this in career mode with a wired controller ... pretty simple ... only had to drive 1 lap n still won

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