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No Roads Needed

Get all four wheels in the air for more than 0.88 secs

No Roads Needed+0.1
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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • AzzawonAzzawon239,944
    07 May 2015 11 May 2015
    25 11 3
    Quite an easy way to achieve this is in the 125cc shifter karts. Because they are so light and nimble, the easiest way to achieve airtime is to simply run into other karts as fast as possible.

    It's probably safer to make sure that damage is off (or visual), but when you make contact with another kart from behind, you are almost guaranteed to fly over the top of them. I wasn't even trying to get this achievement when I did it, but best of luck!
  • TateyTatey905,219
    28 May 2015 30 May 2015 30 May 2015
    11 1 0
    Adding to Jobbenar's guide. Use any formula car and on a straight. Line yourself up with another car slotting your back wheel between the front and back wheel of the other car, accelerate and make sure your back wheel hits the front tyre of the other car. This usually sends you flying up in the air normally landing upside down, wait a second and the achievement will pop

    This has happened to me many times without trying as the AI is very annoying!
  • Sol76Sol76690,688
    08 May 2015 08 May 2015 13 May 2015
    18 9 10
    An easy way to get this is to start a single player race and drive with the 1972 Ford Escort. Any car could work but the Escort is really unstable and thus easier to tip over. Track doesn't matter but with A.I.
    Start the race and bump sideways against your opponents , preferably in a corner. This will make you tip over and when you land on your side or roof your wheels won't touch the ground and you will get the achievement within a second.
    This worked for me even without trying so I hope that this will work for you too

    Thanks to AngelTiddles for confirming that you can land on your roof to get this achievement ! toast
  • JobbenarJobbenar348,809
    20 May 2015 20 May 2015
    8 1 0
    I was having trouble with this achievement until I started the Formula Rookie championship.

    Just get side by side with another car, hit them, and chances are you'll be flipped up into the air, I certainly was!
  • Cheese TouchCheese Touch450,609
    20 Mar 2019 20 Mar 2019
    0 0 0
    Set up a solo race in the 72 Escort on a track with a straightaway. Make sure damage is cosmetic only and I'd probably turn off all the assists, too, since that might make it easier to flip over. Go about 2/3 down the straightaway and park sideways. Turn your stick so you can see down the track and move back and forth to intercept the cars and you'll eventually get hit hard enough to flip over and grab the achievement.
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