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Credit Where Credit's Due

Crash into the AI counterpart of an SMS employee

Credit Where Credit's Due+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • ODC115ODC115184,156
    16 May 2015 16 May 2015 23 Feb 2018
    107 1 19
    Edit : El Connro said : "Just a note for anyone having trouble with this: you need to have Flags and Penalties turned ON in the options menu, because the way you get this achievement is by hitting the driver so hard that your lap time is invalidated, but that can't happen unless you have penalties enabled."

    The list of the top 142 employees sorted by first name :

    AJ Weber
    Alastair Murray
    Ales Filka
    Ales Ogrinc
    Alexandru Marian
    Alicja Glogowska
    Anders Johansson
    Andrea Fabris
    Andreas Moll
    Andrew Liddle
    Andy Cherry
    Andy Clark
    Andy Garton
    Andy Marshall
    Andy Rogers
    Andy Tudor
    Artem Ermolov
    Ben Anderton
    Ben Collins
    Ben Collins
    Bruno Pereira
    Casey Ringley
    Cassius Rodrigues
    Chris Blackwell
    Chris Ferrario
    Daniel James
    Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Wheeler
    Darren Wakeman
    Darren White
    Dave Flynn
    David Brumla
    David Looker
    David Rezac
    Doug Arnao
    Ed Mas
    Frank Li
    Frantisek Resl
    Gary Browne
    Ged Keaveney
    Gergely Benzce
    Greg Hill
    Gustavo Olivera
    Iain Cartwright
    Iain Ross
    Iain Wallington
    Ian Bell
    Ian Bird
    Ian France
    Ian Sweeny
    Ivo Franic
    Ivo Novak
    Jake Jackson
    James Boulton
    James Kett
    James Vipond
    James Woolland
    Jan Frischkorn
    Jan Pavelko
    Jarek Kleiber
    Jaroslav Turna
    Jean Aun
    Jean-François Bouchard
    Joachim Jones
    John Atkinson
    John J Harvey
    Jon Bailey
    Karl Davies
    Katerina Dvorakova
    Kathleen Stavert
    Kevin Boland
    Kim Toh
    Laura Bell
    Lena Ding
    Linda Demada
    Luis Barata
    Lukas Kraina
    Lukas Mensik
    Marc Littlemore
    Mark Adams
    Mark Pressburg
    Mark Watson
    Marlon R. Nunez
    Martin Franek
    Martin Griffiths
    Martin Moravec
    Martin Olivera
    Matilda Woulfe
    Matt Clark
    Michal Beran
    Michal Jeschke
    Michal Rehacek
    Michele Pes
    Mick Gordon
    Mike Laskey
    Mike Montgomery
    Musanna Muhit
    Nicholas Hamilton
    Nick Taylor
    Oil Webb
    Paul Hudak
    Perran Truran
    Pete Morrish
    Peter Arbet
    Peter Gerhat
    Peter Nicholls
    Petr Klvac
    Phil Merritt
    Ralph Hummerich
    Ricardo Machuca
    Richard Steer
    Rick Lamb
    Rob Prange
    Robert Dibley
    Roman Turtev
    Rong Lin
    Rupert Easterbrook
    Simon Eschbach
    Stephan Vondrak
    Stephen Baysted
    Stephen Viljoen
    Steven Dunn
    Steven Walker
    Stuart Hunt
    Susan Legg
    Suzy Wallage
    Sven Moll
    Tarran Booth
    Tim Johnson
    Tim Mann
    Tom Curtis
    Tomas Flak
    Tomas Trlica
    Vanesa Lorena Tate
    Vicko Hazdovac
    Viktor Kolomiets
    Vincent Dambreville
    Vit Budin
    Vittorio Rapa
    Willaim Sykes
    Yasmin Muhit
    Zbynek Travnicky

    You have their names so now destroy their car wink
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m236,319
    22 Mar 2017 07 Apr 2017
    13 3 0
    hey guys i made a video guide of this achievement for those of you who actually prefer video guides :) its one of those luck based achievements ... eurgh lol

  • Wrath O GlenWrath O Glen201,339
    13 May 2015 13 May 2015
    14 8 1
    Load up the credits and write down a few names from various departments, then go into a quick race weekend with maximum opposition and find one of the people who are on the credits, then crash into them.

    It has to be quite a hard hit.
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