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I Am The 5%

Win an Online Public race using manual gears, and no driving aids, from cockpit view

I Am The 5%+9.0
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  • XboxFreak36XboxFreak36558,579
    08 May 2015 09 May 2015 09 May 2015
    44 16 36
    Hi Achievement Hunters!

    This achievement is a bit of a pain to unlock if you did not choose 'Pro' mode when you started the game for the first time.

    -------------- PRO ---------------

    If you did choose 'PRO' mode, follow these steps:

    - Go Create an Online match
    - Pick any track you like (Autodrome Nazionale Monza Short is only 2.45km)
    - Put manual gears, no driving aids & force view from cockpit.
    - Ask a friend to help you out or play with a random
    - Race & Win
    - Achievement unlocked!

    ---- Novice & Amateur ------

    Ok so how to get this achievement if you chose Amateur or Novice? In order to get the 'Pro' mode you will have to delete your Saved Data off your Xbox NOT the cloud. You might keep your save like some of my friends did, I personally lost my save..

    I am not responsible if your save crash!

    Follow these steps
    1. Go to 'Home' (Dashboard)
    2. Press cn_start on Project CARS, Select 'Quit'.
    3. Press cn_start on Project CARS, Select 'Manage game'.
    4. Go to 'SAVED DATA'-tab, Press cn_A, Select 'Delete from console'.
    5. Start up Project CARS again
    6. You will get a notification asking you to sync the Game Save from the 'Cloud'. CANCEL THIS!
    7. Choose stop sync and continue
    8. After the game has booted up you can select the 'PRO' mode.
    9. Just follow the first section of this solution to obtain the achievement
    10. After you unlocked the achievement, repeat step 1 until step 5.
    11. At step 6. You will get the same notification asking you to sync the Game Save. Accept this!!
    12. This will get your 'First' Save game from the 'Cloud'.

    I will try to keep this solution up-to-date.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m236,319
    21 Apr 2017 21 Apr 2017
    24 1 5
    wassup guys :) i made a video of how to get this one super easy and it dont matter what difficulty you picked at the start of the game ;)

  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,040,836
    14 Apr 2019 14 Apr 2019
    3 0 2
    I was having a hell of a time getting this to pop. Scouring the internet and found the below, which got me there. YMMV but this got me over the hump, so I'm sharing.

    I made sure both lobby settings and personal settings tracked to the achievement, and then I tweaked my personal settings to reflect the below:

    "GAMEPLAY - Authenticity settings
    Steering assistance: No
    Braking assistance: No
    Driving assists allowed: All
    Anti-lock brakes: No
    Stability control: No
    Traction control: No

    Damage: Full damage
    Mechanical failures: Yes
    Tire wear: Real
    Fuel usage: Real
    Auto start engine: Yes

    Flags & penalties: On

    GAMEPLAY - Onscreen guides and display settings
    HUD Level: Full (Mirror Off)
    Guiding line: No
    Turn Indicator: No
    Track map: On
    Cycle lap info: Off

    CONTROLS - Control scheme
    Gearing - Manual"

    Hope this helps. FYI, it was in a lobby where no human ever joined it, AI fill with 5min qualifying.
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