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  • Pi5ton HondaPi5ton Honda570,984
    05 May 2015 05 May 2015
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    Just like Wolfenstein: The New Order, you can replay the last level on Uber and unlock all the difficulty achievements (UBER Hero and Super Hero).

    Play through the game on whatever difficulty (I did Normal), beat the game on that difficulty and then go to Chapter Select and beat the last level on UBER.

    Don't switch the difficulty on the last level before beating the game because that won't unlock the achievement. *Make sure you completed the game first and then play the last level on UBER from Chapter Select.
  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes94559,430
    27 May 2015 27 May 2015 16 Mar 2017
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    Favourite Guide I've Ever Done. Thanks! toast

    To get Uber Hero (20G) and Super Hero (20G), all you have to do is the last Chapter of the Game on Uber difficulty. This isn't hard, even on uber, if you know how to take the monster down. Please take time to read this and assort your battle plan to make this a doddle. Thus, I provided some key info if you are struggling with the boss fight. It's long, but explains everything, and i've done a summary right at the bottom which is more digestible when referring to this mid-battle :)

    (PRE BATTLE TIP - Please please please please keep your silenced pistol ammo full, your Kampfpistole ammo full, and preferably have 4 grenades going into the boss fight.)

    1) The map is basically symmetrical, with a lower and upper level. There are two spiral staircases eitherside, with health and armour by each. After you've first "hurt" the monster (i.e, when you've hit his mouth enough times to make him grab his head, and make enemies spawn for the first time,) ALWAYS stay just below the top of one of these sets of stairs. It doesn't matter which, but i found the one to my left AS you spawn easier for myself. If you are positioned correctly, you should be almost directly infront of 2 grenades. The monster CANNOT hit you from here, and if by the off chance you are slightly misplaced, he'll take of 30 health worst case scenario.

    2) Aim for the mouth. No where else will even graze him. The best weapons by far to use are the Kampfpistole and the Bombenschuss. As soon as the fight starts, hit him 2-4 times with the kampfpistole from where you spawn, and as soon as you hear reinforcements, leg it to the stairs as per point 1. You can shoot his mouth from this position. When you run out of kampfpisole ammo, go to the bombenschuss and he should fall in 3-5 minutes.

    3) This is the main one. The monster ONLY responds to sound. It can't see you. Thus, when the hordes of enemies flank you, these will prove more of a problem than the monster, (trust me.) However, the saving grace of this fight is that monster will to try kill the Nazi's not just you, and is a damn good co-op partner in this regard. If you equip a silenced pistol (hence why you need to restock all your ammo), you can kill dangerous Nazi marksmen close enough to hurt you, and he'll make the rest mincemeat. Shoot the monster sparingly in between, but make your focus the gunmen initially. If you can dispatch of them, or even only make them zombies temporarily, don't panic, you can deal with them when they're close (if he doesn't for you). Now you turn to the monster.

    4) If you do run out of pistol ammo, you should be 3/4 of the way there anyway (his mouth will get greener). Turn even more of your attention to the monster. Feel free to come down when its quieter (i.e. the horde are more zombies,) but ALWAYS return to the stairs after short bursts.

    5) For the love of god, watch your blindside on the stairs. Enemies do come from here, also.

    i) Before angering, pickup armor and Health to OPPOSITE side of your chosen stairs.
    ii) Reduce Monster to weak state with Kampfpistol ONCE
    iii) Run ASAP to stair location specified above. Use SILENCED pistol / grenades to take out re-enforcements (or make zombies,) and continue to use your weapons on the monster. Should you need to health up, go to health pickups CAREFULLY. You shouldn't need more than one, if any.
    iv) Keep going until he's down.

    Hope this helps everyone!
  • NE0182NE0182194,286
    11 May 2015 12 May 2015
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    Like in the previous game, you only have to complete the last chapter of the game on Über to get the achievement for the hardest difficulties.

    Make sure the difficulty is set to Über and start up chapter 8. You also can't change it during the chapter or the achievement won't pop.

    This Walkthrough shows the whole chapter including the boss fight at the end.
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