Prison docks combat master achievement in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Prison docks combat master

Achieve gold medal for this challenge map

Prison docks combat master+0.2
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How to unlock the Prison docks combat master achievement

  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes94857,647
    27 May 2015 27 May 2015 16 Mar 2017
    71 1 13
    Thanks for all the good feedback! toast

    Did this today.

    The above is technically true, you can't stealth for long. However, you can stealth to about 5000 points.

    Equip silenced pistol. Shoot Commander with headshot for 1300. Headshot enemy below, 2/3 enemies in next room and on deck AND the dog for 4500-5000 points. Make sure health is at 100 still, and you have a lot of assault rifle ammo, then head for the stairs past where you killed the dog.

    You should see two boxes. Break them down, then kill enemies with your assault rifle from here. For some reason, this seems to spawn more enemies than if you just go stealth, or if you just go all out. Take some out from the grate and the gap to the left for a bit, then descend down and stick to the rooms on the left. They are good points to take cover, and they don't spam grenades here.

    Take out ALL enemies before the commander, and headshot the commander. You will need about 20,000 points before undoing the gate, i had about 22000 from this method. After doing this, its a simple case of trying to get headshots and combos for the remaining enemies.

    Always aim for the head, combos, and stay in cover. Time isn't a real factor here.

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    zX KiNGxKoNG XzAfter opening the gate i sprinted back to the grate area and seemed to spawn in more guys, i opened the gate around 17,000 points as it didnt seem like alot spawned at first
    Posted by zX KiNGxKoNG Xz on 30 Mar 21 at 03:04
    CidelionI have an easier solution for noobs like me. Kill silently with headsshot everyone until you get the dog. Then you get into 2 wooden crates behind these there is a small passage. Hide in there and kill everyone with the machine. Try to get headshot. From that ankle it's really easy to get headshot. After you kill everyone head for the switch. When you get that stay in that area and hide all the time and kill whoever comes and you can see. This way you don't have to get every headshot. It worked easy for me.
    Posted by Cidelion on 11 Jun 21 at 08:54
    Gilbert PrimeDon't overlook the kampfpistole which is near the gate control. It racks up explosive and multikill bonuses very nicely. There's extra ammo for it in the boat.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 22 Jul 21 at 18:21
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  • Mr BlackMagikMr BlackMagik1,457,186
    05 May 2015 05 May 2015 20 May 2015
    31 5 3
    UPDATE: I'm removing the Uber "tip" as it seems most people aren't having any luck with it. I did all of these on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty and you probably should too.

    This is a video of the Prison Docks Challenge Map in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

    To obtain Gold, you must be playing on "I Am Death Incarnate" or "Uber" difficulty. The gold medal is rewarded at 29800.

    Even though you can stealth through this section, you will not receive enough points for Gold if you do. To obtain enough score, stealth kill the first Captain and then kill every enemy before reaching the second Captain. After you kill the second Captain, kill every enemy before activating the boat. For higher scores go for headshots (600 points) and try to keep your combo active as you receive an extra 200 points for each kill in the combo.

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    DevelledJust wanted to point out that stealth can work pretty well for this, since you get a bonus 200 for stealth kills. So stealth headshots = 800. I stealthed it, killing everyone that way except for the second captain, once I got to him I made him start his alarm so everyone else would spawn, took them all out then him, then everyone in the next section and got way more than enough points.

    TL;DR Stealth works well if you leave the second captain alive, kill everyone else and have him broadcast his alarm making additional enemies spawn

    Also you may want to add that explosive kills add an extra 200 points to the kill too, makes it easy to get combos with 600 point kills
    Posted by Develled on 09 May 15 at 23:30
    JPG30thanks for the tip devin, i did stealth up to the second commander and just ran past him where the switch was and stayed at the opposite end on the gangway where the armour is at the end of the gangway, i pretty much camped there picking them off, i had about 6000 before i killed the second commander, i ended up with 31900.
    Posted by JPG30 on 18 May 15 at 16:01
    CRAZE KILERThis map is a lot like World at War, the grenades never stop coming. I either get killed by a grenade or by several enemies waiting for me to leave cover to escape the grenade
    Posted by CRAZE KILER on 17 Jun 16 at 00:36
  • OppaErichOppaErich354,879
    01 Jan 2018 02 Jan 2018 02 Jan 2018
    4 0 0

    use that crawlspace behind the boxes. I did this on 2nd hardest setting for gold and on hardest for platinum. About 24 minutes. On hardest setting it took a few minutes less, I guess the AI is more aggressive then. Video links coming soon. (It's cut and rendered, the upload is missing.

    There we go...

    and here's the last two minutes on Uber:

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