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The Haggler achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

The Haggler

Mine or purchase 30 Emeralds.

The Haggler0
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How to unlock the The Haggler achievement

  • DefiantZeroDefiantZero302,841
    29 Apr 2015 29 Apr 2015 18 May 2015
    23 7 0
    Find a village and trade items for emeralds. Before trading any items make sure to save your game this way you can reload the same game to keep trading until you net the achievement.

    It helps to trade the villagers easy to get items that won't make you spend to many hours collecting such as white wool, cooked fish, wheat, and arrows.

    You should be able get the achievement after you purchase 30 emeralds.

    If you want to mine them it'll take longer but that is an option too. You will also want a pickaxe with the fortune enchantment to get more from a single block. Take into account you need a newer world that had been created after the emerald update.

    Doing this achievement in the tutorial is probably the easiest way because you get one emerald for the first house on the way to the enchantment room.

    Then while in the enchantment room grab the axe from the chest and wreck all the book cases. After that run to the first castle and you can grab 7 more before heading to the librarian in that castle. Once you find him save in front of the librarian villager and trade him the book, then exit and reload about 3 or 4 more times.
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  • SashamorningSashamorning2,505,820
    19 Jan 2016 07 Jul 2017
    13 1 2
    The current tutorial world has a simple setup to help with this.

    Load up the tutorial world, go forward and turn left where the two trading villagers are. In the chest are some paper and emeralds. Take them, and then trade with the villager on the right (wearing white). He will trade you an emerald for your paper. He will also trade you items for emeralds.

    Even though the description states that you need to mine them or purchase them, trading the emeralds AWAY to the villager also works. It's easier than they say it is. So when you have the emeralds, trade them back to him, and it will count for the achievement.

    If you don't get it, quit out and restart the tutorial world as needed.

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    LancerideThis didn't work for me. It may have been patched. I had to actually trade for emeralds. Still wasn't tough in the tutorial world.
    Posted by Lanceride on 11 Dec 17 at 02:16
    SashamorningReally? I did it about a month ago. Might have been a different version though. That sucks though.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 11 Dec 17 at 17:06
  • nanoc1111nanoc1111215,018
    14 May 2015 14 May 2015
    11 1 2
    All credits go to Finnisher JvB's comment. Thats what i did:

    I was going to search some Sugar cranes and i found a NPC Village and a Villager who gives 1 emerald for 18 wheat, so i collected the wheat in the Village and i got for 56 wheat 3 emeralds, just Save before you Trade and then just Quit without Saving and reload like 10 Times and you will get the achievement. But you have to be Lucky to get one of Those Villager. Hope this helps you out!
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    KingLegend76Thanks so much, I have been stuck on this achievement for ages using the other solutions until I read yours.
    Posted by KingLegend76 on 01 Oct 15 at 00:48
    nanoc1111Youre welcome :)
    Posted by nanoc1111 on 01 Oct 15 at 16:35
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