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Title Update 24

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Rainbow Collection

Gather all 16 colors of wool.

Rainbow Collection0
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How to unlock the Rainbow Collection achievement

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    (WARNING: Since the last title update, it is possible for a new world to not spawn a desert due to the new added biomes. So, make sure your world has a desert or you can't get this achievement! Also, jungles are less likely to be generated, but it's still possible to get brown wool from a brown sheep if necessary.)

    I was messing around with the new flowers from Title Update 31, and in the end I decided it's best to just ignore the new flowers and focus on just the two original flowers, red and yellow. But if you pick up some other flowers, it certainly doesn't hurt!

    Before you start crafting anything, you should collect the following:
    -4 poppy
    -2 dandelion
    -3 cactus
    -4 lapis lazuli
    -2 ink sac
    -2 bone
    -1 cocoa beans
    -16 white wool
    -3 oak planks (or other fuel for smelting)
    NOTE: If you come across a gray, light gray, brown or black sheep you can use their wool for the achievement instead of crafting it yourself.

    Once you've collected all the necessary ingredients, follow these steps:
    1. Smelt the cactus blocks in a furnace to get 3 "cactus green."
    2. Save your game, just in case!
    3. Make 2 yellow dyes using the dandelions.
    4. Make 4 red dyes using the poppies.
    5. Make 6 bone meals using the bones.
    6. Make pink dye.
    7. Make orange dye.
    8. Make lime dye.
    9. Make gray dye.
    10. Make light gray dye using the FIRST option (gray dye + bone meal).
    11. Make light blue dye.
    12. Make cyan dye.
    13. Make purple dye.
    14. Make magenta dye using the FIRST option (purple dye + pink dye).
    15. Now comes the fun part. Scroll over to the wool column and, starting with orange wool, go down the list crafting one of each wool until you reach white. If you did everything right, you now have one of each color with some dyes left over! Awesome!

    There is a common glitch where the achievement doesn't pop when it should. If this happens to you, the best thing to do is throw all the wool blocks out of your inventory and pick them all back up at once.
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    b0seiju Since the tutorial world chanced once more, this guide is by far the best. Thought a small list of the combinations you have to make would be even better. You've got my upvote already though.
    Posted by b0seiju on 14 Jan 16 at 12:23
    RepairedSpace06 Thanks. I'm hoping I can find some time to sit down and update the solution after experimenting with all the new flowers from the last update.
    Posted by RepairedSpace06 on 17 Jan 16 at 00:24
    DunderMifflin83 Thank you for memtioning a sheep with brown wool. I had no jungle biome and was getting angry because i had the ingredients for the other 15 and no cocoa beans. Upvoted!
    Posted by DunderMifflin83 on 22 Mar 16 at 06:32
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