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Peak Performance

Jump, climb, and squat for 100 kilometers to reach your peak.

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Achievement Guide for Peak Performance

  • mamaanimamaani1,034,995
    20 Jul 2016 21 Jul 2016 21 Jul 2016
    62 5 98
    First I am japanese and can't explain well.But I love TA community and want to tell my method.

    With this method, I did Peak Performance in about 240 hours (2.4 hrs for 1% progress).

    My method is to make a paper dummy. Hang the dummy from the ceiling so that the feet can easily move.
    External image

    Then set an electric fan behind the dummy so its blowing will move the feet.
    External image

    Move the Kinect sensor left or right as needed until the dummy makes a green circle.
    External image

    Choose a workout depending on the achievement you want to work on. I found these to be the best.

    Peak Performance -> Mossa Groove
    Furious Fists and Fight Back -> Rapid Results Fat Burner Cardio
    Run the Day -> Knockout Body Body Blast

    If you start from scratch, play Knockout Body Body Blast to make progress on multiple achievements.

    Using a turbo controller, you can repeatedly press cn_A. The workouts will repeat unattended.
    I tried macro software and the controller function in the Windows 10 Xbox App, but it didn't work. Xbox Fitness can't use the controller function of the Xbox App.

    Thanks to TangerineGamer for the idea and to MathGuy42 for help in writing up this solution.

    I hope it is helpful for TA community.Thank you for reading.
  • MrsodMrsod560,009
    26 Sep 2016 07 Jun 2015 04 Sep 2016
    20 4 70
    NOTE: I m no longer doing the workouts myself. I have now borrowed the idea from the solution above mine. It is better.
    I took a strip of paper towels that is roughly my height and used scissors to split the bottom to make 'legs'. I attached this 'puppet' to my ceiling fan (with string and tape) and put it on the lowest setting. Running Mossa Groove with the puppet is giving me way more completion way faster than I could do it myself. Faster than 1% per hour at the moment, though it seems to vary.

    Complete re-edit:
    Here's what I have found works best:
    1. go to settings. There is a spot for setting your height. Put your height at 7 feet tall (max setting)
    2. I can get 1% progress for about 1 hour of Mossa Groove (which counts all movement) by doing the following during the workout:
    a: about 1.5 minutes of jumping jacks
    b: about 1.5 minutes of squats while punching my hand up in the air when I straighten up
    c. about 1.5 minutes of running forward and back (toward and away from the Kinect, not left and right) while windmilling my arms in the air. Then go back to a. and repeat.
    d. on the 'breaks', catch your breath, but keep putting your hands up and down. You can see the kinect still recognizing your moves because your arms and shoulders will glow slightly.

    This is about 50% faster than I was able to get before, when my height was set at 5'8", I was doing Mossa groove doing jumping jacks, squats (without hand punches) and running forward and back (without hand movements). I was also standing still during 'breaks'.
    I am currently sitting at 26% completion. I am hoping to hit at least 3% per week, which should bring me to *almost* 100% by the time I can no longer do Mossa Groove for free in January.

    Older Edit: As Redsales points out, the JJ Watt Stamina workout is composed of about 75% jumps and burpees, which are perfect for this achievement. Redsales says it takes 5 runs to move the bar 1%, however for me it was 6. But my living room has this throw rug that my wife won't let me get rid of, and the Kinect basically cuts off my feet at the ankles because of that darn rug, so I probably wasn't jumping as high as Redsales.
    I also discovered something else during this test- I was most of the way through the 6th run of Stamina when the game glitched out and kicked me back onto the Xbox main screen. Checking the achievements, the status bar had moved 1%, despite the challenge bar in game not moving at all. So that means that the achievement updates instantaneously, whether you complete the session or not.
    When my legs have recovered I plan to snap the achievement to the side and just do rocket jumps or heismans over and over again and see if I can't make it go up a %.
    I think mossa fight 1 is giving me about 0.5% completion each run-through. I will test it today if Xbox fitness isn't too glitchy.
    Edit: Okay, it's very glitchy. I did 2 workouts, one of which was severely glitched, the other at perhaps 90% glitch free. The progress bar did not move. In any case, Mossa Fight 1 has a ton of sprawls, which is just about the best move for getting this achievement quickly
    Edit 2: Did another run through this morning. No glitches. But the completion percentage did not change.
    Edit 3: I did a run-through of Mossa Fight 2. The percentage changed to 20%. So that's a total of 3 Mossa Fight 1 and a Mossa fight 2 in order to move the completion bar by 1%. If this thing works how I think it works, you can halfass your workouts and get the same result as if you went full out: IE, there is a set amount from each workout as long as you score some amount of points. I'll test tho theory when I get back from vacation
  • MedrusMedrus432,234
    18 May 2017 26 Aug 2016
    7 1 5
    Low impact method using the Zombies: Sneak workout.

    First rack up about 10,000 points.

    Skip forward to drill 33 (run)

    Complete drill 33 and 34 (squat sneak)

    Each repetition (1 min 20 sec) gives 1 star for Run the Day and 20ish metres toward peak performance.

    Repeat 50 times for 1% Peak performance AND 1% Run the day.
  • Piyi PiyiPiyi Piyi237,274
    21 Jun 2017 06 Apr 2017 15 Jun 2017
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    EDIT 3: I recorded a video showing my dummy and how to boost;

    EDIT 2: Thanks to Xpovos, how to make the dummy is now detailed in the comments.
    And the dummy works best in the night, with artificial light.

    EDIT: Estimated time to get 1% is 1 hour 20 minutes


    If you have problems with Kinect recognizing the dummy with a fan (or you can't set a fan), I recommend a dummy with a broom and move it for yourself. (I have only free workouts)

    First, you need to do J.J. Watt Stamina (exercise 10, Squat Jumps). You need to stay behind the dummy, take the broom and move it up and down (In timming with J.J.). In 1 hour you get 1% approximately

    And with the new update for One, you can set "achievement tracker", With this, you can see a white bar every time you do a 0.5% progress approximately.

    Keep in mind that with this method, your arms will get very tired. I started this monday with 11%, and today (Thursday) I have 22%, but I can't do it like I did in Monday, so take breaks.
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