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Broke the Seal

Extinguish the TNT fuses with only one drink.

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Achievement Guide for Broke the Seal

  • L4D II JoK3rL4D II JoK3r266,193 266,193 GamerScore
    13 Feb 2016 13 Feb 2016 03 Mar 2016
    36 1 8
    After trying multiple times from a distance I found that standing almost on it (with it coming towards you) is the easiest way. Very simple way to cheese an achievement that is pretty awful.

    If you don't get this on your first try and you either have to drink again or restart the phase through death you won't get the achievement.
  • ell635ell635263,591
    12 Jul 2015 12 Jul 2015 12 Jul 2015
    27 3 6
    Okay so this achievement can be frustrating if you don't get it on the first or second play through, because it means you'll have to complete the whole episode again to get to the TNT part which is the final stage of the episode. You have to restart the episode but soldier on and use my below tips!

    I got this on my third Playthrough. So go get the drink from the context sensitive section by the beer barrels.

    There are two fuses burning to your right. And a longer fuse behind the Cock & Plucker (we need to do this one last). My words of comfort are this: Time is on your side. Don't let the classic "ticking time bomb" video game mechanic catch you out. Don't panic. Take your time. You've got one shot at this or else you're starting the whole episode again, so go a pace slower than you have been and get it right :-)

    I stood on the fuse that I was aiming to extinguish, I stood a short distance in front of the spark burning, it's travelling towards me. Make sure using the Right Stick that you're facing head on to the fuse spark. This way your aim isn't going to shoot in the wrong direction and waste urine.

    Now hold RT. Your pee is shooting forwards at range, so you'll catch the spark during its approach, but the spark is coming towards you! So the pee starts hitting the flame dead-on just before you need to stop. Being close to the spark doesn't change the effectiveness of the pee, but you're definitely not going to miss.

    To give you some perspective, I released RT after 2-3 seconds, you'll know when it feels right to release RT. You wanna release a fraction sooner than you think is enough. You'll likely have extinguished the fuse and you'll be wasting a little bit of the urine you have left.

    Rinse and repeat for the other fuse on the front of the Cock and Plucker. I started with the fuse furthest right, and then the left one. If that method is easiest for you as well then follow suit. Just a Note: Where I was originally going wrong - was standing to the side of the fuse line and trying to pee on the spark as it passed. If you've also been doing this, you're doing it Wrong! I know it sounds obvious but sometimes we don't think straight when the clock is ticking.

    You're increasing your chances a lot by standing on the fuse facing towards the spark. I'm reiterating that point because I think that's the biggest reason why I got this achievement.

    The final fuse has plenty of time. Remember you only have one fuse left to extinguish. So we don't need to be resourceful with urine. Stand on that fuse, in front of the spark, ensure that camera is aimed directly ahead towards the spark, and hold that RT and don't let go. Whether you're getting this achievement or not - you're depleting your urine on this fuse one way or another. So let loose.

    Like I mentioned before, especially for this last fuse, I liked how the spark was getting extinguised but continued burning until right in front of me. No chance I'm wasting any urine when I'm hitting it dead-on with whatever urine is left.

    I wish the best of luck and hope this guide gets you on the right tactics, and wins you the achievement to boot. Replaying the whole episode? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat! Thanks Team Dakota! Hope this helps everybody, it wouldn't be enticing if it wasn't a challenge I suppose!
  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,270,757
    09 Oct 2015 10 Oct 2015 13 Dec 2015
    20 3 1
    Hey guys, I made a video of the no death run, as well as doing the Broke the Seal achievement for perfecting the end. Check out the walkthrough for a more visual guide.

    Skip to 15:45 for the achievement Broke the Seal


  • Tecstar70Tecstar70183,933
    06 Jul 2016 06 Jul 2016 06 Jul 2016
    6 1 1
    After many tries using other video's I just couldn't get the fuses. I would always miss them or take too long on the first fuse and the second would blow. Then I read about doing it this way and got it first try!

    As I couldn't find any video's I thought I would post my successful attempt.
    Position yourself carefully before you whizz and don't hold the trigger for too long to make sure you don't have to take another drink.

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