King of the Mountain achievement in AirMech Arena

King of the Mountain

Win an online match after reaching player level 30.

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How to unlock the King of the Mountain achievement

  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,747,218
    20 May 2015 23 May 2015 23 May 2015
    23 7 9
    Hey guys, Here is the quickest method to winning 200 matches as well as level 30.

    This can be done in 2v2 or 3v3 co-op.

    You and your partners should have the following:

    Pilot - Ultimate Samson (25% more damage)
    Ultimate Fuel (66% Faster Unit Building)
    Ultimate Buckys - High Damage and Great Speed
    3x Cakes (Optional but good for cake achievement)

    Once done, build your Buckys and send them. Easy as that. Watch the video for reference and please leave a like if it helped you! My fastest run was 26 seconds with 3 people! :)

    Note - I did all of this by purchasing the $9.99 starter pack. You can use extra diamond on 3x xp bonus per match. It is 150 diamonds per match but really helps. You should have plenty left over if you did the same as me.

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    MarkyshizzleAnd Astro A40's are known to have shitty mics, but its one of the only audio systems that allow you to capture voice and stream as well as be in an xbox live party at the same time. So you make due with what you have.
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 01 Aug 15 at 10:07
    I Ebon Hawk IHey Marky. I'm considering starting AirMech Arena and I have a question about boosting it efficiently. Would it be possible to boost XP alone using two consoles and two accounts? That is the method I would be using as I doubt I will be able to find a boosting partner for this game. Also, would I need to buy the $9.99 starter pack for both accounts?
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 12 Mar 17 at 16:03
    Markyshizzleas far as i know u would need only the main account, but honestly just find a friend, as u both need to do it and im sure u can find one person who needs it somewhere. it makes it less monotonous
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 14 Mar 17 at 21:52
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox608,657
    08 Jul 2015 12 Jul 2015 19 Jul 2015
    7 0 6
    Level 30 will take a while to get too, but you can also get a lot of the other achievements along the way, so that will take some of the boring grind away. If you make it a little game to see how fast you can do the matches as well, that will help a LOT! The time seemed to pass a lot faster as my partner and I were trying to beat 32 seconds, then 31 seconds, then finally 30 seconds. We never made it under 30 seconds with just the two of us, and also discovered that you lose enough XP for getting it down to 30 seconds it's not quite worth it---but still, it was fun and helped pass a lot of matches!

    The one-time buy $9.99 starter pack is HIGHLY recommended, as getting all the recommended items is very hard and will take a while if you don't have enough diamonds. It's definitely possible without the $9.99 pack, but tough. The $9.99 pack gets you Diamonds, Kudos, XP boosts, Kudos boosts, and gold VIP which are all very helpful(XP boosting and Diamonds are most important).

    Mandatory inventory items for fastest times:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mandatory boosts for best XP gain:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    ***How long it will take***:

    The simple answer:
    Solo: with all XP boosts and good gear: approximately 915 matches, which is around 19 hours.
    Coop: with all XP boosts and good gear for 2 players: approximately 460 matches, which is about 8.5 hours.
    3 players will be slightly faster than 2 players(by approximately 5-10%), and each player will have less work to do.

    The thorough answer:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    Shadow 00 FoxHow long were your matches taking, and were you doing it coop? If the matches are taking longer than 35 seconds, then XP will start changing.. and also depending on coop or not, there will be big changes of xp... I did try Ultimate Erik sometimes but found it not as efficient. :-)
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 10 Nov 15 at 01:46
    I Ebon Hawk IHey Shadow. I'm considering starting AirMech Arena and I have some questions regarding how to effectively boost XP. Would it be possible for one player with two consoles and accounts to boost XP effectively? Do both accounts need to be actively playing, or can I do the majority of the work on my main account while leaving the second account idle?
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 12 Mar 17 at 15:58
    Shadow 00 FoxGood question! I had to thoroughly reread the solution to remember how it all worked. :-)

    I'm quite sure it would work quite well with two accounts/consoles, and with only ONE account actively playing! So, you wouldn't even need the extra stuff on the 2nd account.
    If I'm remembering correctly, there was just an extra XP boost for doing it in coop for some reason, that you didn't get doing it coop. It's possible to wipe out the enemy base very fast solo(not quite as fast as coop) and I think that's definitely doable. Of course, finding a booster would help........ :-)
    The one question I guess is whether the stuff you get with the Starter Pack gives XP to the other person? OK, Yes, there is the XP boost Cube with 10% shared XP boost, but those can be obtained without the Starter? However, I can't remember the stats on whether VIP shares XP as well, etc.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 12 Mar 17 at 17:00
  • MikaszMikasz542,443
    06 Nov 2016 14 Mar 2016 27 Oct 2016
    3 0 0
    It is possible to make it without paying real cash to unlock diamonds but it is really time consuming. What you want to do is:

    3vs3 Co-op Skirmish - you need 24 Jackals for this job

    Map: Nesthorn

    AirMech: Warthog

    Pilot: Erik / Petros - doesn't matter which one, player XP bonus is important.

    Units: Jackal

    After start of the game build 8 Jackals and leave them near your base. Wait until all three players put their 8 Jackals and send this 24 straight to the enemy base. All three players should go to center outpost from south and attack white creeps. Firstly take right one (longhorn) then left one (seeker), right and left. If anyone has low hp, fall back a bit and let high hps take some hits (important, you should be able to attack those 4 creeps). After this repair in west outpost and fly to their east outpost. Engage creeps and move to their base when Jackals get to your position. Attack nearest defences, ignore AirMechs and help Jackals destroy the base. Don't wait for results, press continue and repeat.
    It should take 1 min 15 sec and net you 70 xp.

    It is similar but you'll need 30 Jackals. You should be ready to attack after one minute.
    It should take you 2 min 15 sec and net you 77-79 XP.

    You'll need aproximately 85000 xp to reach level 30, which means that you should finish around 1215 battles (in 3vs3) or 1075 (in 2vs2). It takes around 25h (3vs3) or 40h (2vs2) + additional loadings and getting back to lobby. On the good side, you should get 200 wins (for Serious Competitor) and 496 cakes (for Can't stop eating!) in the meantime. Good luck!

    Edit (01.07.2016): There is a way to improve your win chances if bots have AoE mechs. While you are destroying four middle creeps produce three more Jackals. They will be ready when you get to your outpost for refilling energy/hp and you can pick them up and drop them in the middle of your Jackals with left on D-Pad. If performed correctly you have 33 Jackals on the way to enemy's base and they are unstoppable. This made every game for us almost indefectible.

    Edit (28.10.2016): In Ubisoft Club (Apps page) you can buy few items for AirMech. There is XP and Kudos boost. It gives you +50% to XP/Kudos and +10% to everyone else. You can buy 5 of these (each costs 30 Ubi currency, which may be gained by playing other Ubi games) and each of them lasts 24 hours. You want to buy it, collect reward from quest (it will be added to your inventory), go to inventory, use it and tell remaining boosting buddies to use it too. With Petros/Erik you can have amazing +75% to XP. This way instead of 70 you can earn 119 XP per each battle.
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