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Win in a 3v3 online game at least 3 levels above anyone else.

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Achievement Guide for Valedictorian

  • SubatomicCamd97SubatomicCamd97540,655
    31 May 2015 31 May 2015
    15 1 4
    This is possible with the Non-Ultimate Erik and is very easy.
    Start up a custom pvp in 3v3 on Dust
    Move the left stick up and down to change the bots difficulty to trainer, after that choose Erik and a warthog and have buckys equipped.
    When the game starts buy the first level upgrade and then buy 5 buckies
    Hold cn_B over all of the buckies and click cn_up on the D-pad to send the buckies to capture the first base
    After the first base is captured, send the remaining buckies from that fort to capture the middle base
    By this time you should be able to buy the second level upgrade and when you have the option to buy the third level upgrade buy it ASAP
    Follow them to the middle base and kill everything you can and after you kill them take out the 2 tanks above the middle base and take out the tank below the middle base
    after you control the middle base make sure you make as many buckies as possible and send them to capture bases, but still try and roam around to kill as many enemies as you can
    I would fill my Queue with buckies and while they were being built i would fly to the enemy base and take out their utilities around their base until my buckies were ready and then i would fly back and send them to capture a base and i would repeat that until i was level 9
    When i reached level 9 everyone else was level 4,5, and 6
    When you reach level 9 start sending buckies to attack the enemy base instead of capturing bases and you should reach level 10 right before you win and everybody else should be level 7 or below and you will get the achievement.
    If theres anything i should add or remove from the guide just PM me or comment what to change, hope this help and don't forget to give it a thumbs up.toast
  • King fiShiZKing fiShiZ247,456
    16 May 2015 16 May 2015
    7 0 1
    I got this Achievement on my first try in a PVP Custom Match with Bots.
    The downside is that you properly need the Hero Ultimate Erik (900 Diamonds in the Store, I got a few Diamonds with Quest and 1900 from a Loot Box after a Game.)

    Skill XP Boots first and always be a the front Row kills Bots and Creeps, I ended up being Level 10, the others 6 and 4.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One661,264
    15 Jul 2015 16 Jul 2015 16 Jul 2015
    1 1 0

    As King fiShiZ says the best way to going about getting this achievement without hardly trying is getting Ultimate Erik which is 900 diamonds in the store. IF you want to know how to get 1000 diamonds (without spending a dime or loads of time) this is the answer for you!

    Once you start the game your going to want to do the challenges and 3 star all of them. In doing so you obtain 1000 diamonds and you can buy Ultimate Erik.

    Guide to getting 3 stars on every challenge (thanks to Shadow Fox):

    AirMech ArenaChallenger: 45 StarsThe Challenger: 45 Stars achievement in AirMech Arena worth 185 pointsAccumulate 45 Stars in the Challenges.

    After you obtain him you can unlock this in a custom match with bots since they won't have that massive 120% bonus. To help out you can buy the in-game Xp boosts at the beginning of the match by holding cn_LB and it will be in the upper left hand corner.

    As long as you finish the match before you hit level 15 and they start to catch up to you, you will unlock this achievement.

    Good luck and have fun!
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