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Rock You Like a Hurricane!

Win an online match where 100% of the enemy's base health is taken within 1 minute.

Rock You Like a Hurricane!-0.1
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Achievement Guide for Rock You Like a Hurricane!

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox571,291
    02 Jul 2015 12 Jul 2015
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    A simple Ultimate Jackal rush in a Coop game will do this every time.. I recommend several Ultimate's to make it go faster, but they shouldn't be mandatory. Basically, spam Ultimate Jackals or your best cheap vehicle unit from the start, using cn_left to target them on the enemy base, and try to get ~30 of them as fast as you can. Help them out with your AirMech by shooting down the enemy AirMech's if you can, and the match should finish extremely fast, in under a minute.
  • skorpo lorposkorpo lorpo160,630
    12 May 2015 20 May 2015
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    I made a quick guide
  • TonySkiTonySki1,305,009
    19 May 2015 19 May 2015 22 May 2015
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    So this doesn't mean rush the base, it means that from first attack to killing blow it is 60 seconds.
    I was playing with a higher level warthog user when I got the achievement. He had the T99 turrets and we were on Twin Peaks. built about 12 of them at the outpost next to the enemy base and then moved them all across the chasm in front of the enemy base. He was in the air and unloaded with the Gatling gun on the enemy base while I was on the ground attacking as normal. I brought a few starter tanks but don't think they helped as much as his awesome mini gun turrets.

    But I have played a match and wow... 2 players using Paladins, once build order started they started to make Bucky units. For sale in the shop. They had a group of about 20 when the gate dropped and built up until I guess their upkeep was full. Sent them out to attack the enemy base and because there were so many of them they just steamrolled through the central point, straight through to the enemy base. They were still building units after the first go and I barely had enough time to attack a 2nd enemy outpost before the enemy base fell. Maybe 2 min match total.
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