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The Hunt is my Mistress in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition

The Hunt is my Mistress313 (50)

Complete all objectives in the Test of the Wild.

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Credit for this solution must go to SUPER BOCHMAN, who posted the solution that worked best for me on the original game. I made a few tweaks to his system, so I felt like I should post them. As a note, I completed this with almost 4 minutes left (plenty of time to feel comfortable), and over 14,000 points (not including the 1000 bonus for 40 minute completion. Let's get started

EDIT: If you are having trouble, I suggest reading through some of the comments below. Players have listed some of the methods and small changes that worked for them, and they might work for you too. I did not include everything in the solution, as it is already long enough, but credit and thanks goes to everyone who contributed their tips and tricks. A big thanks to Warboy925 for his Graug Bait map.

To play any of the trials, select play from the main menu, select Trials of War, and scroll down to Test of the Wild. In order to complete Test of the Wild, you must

- Kill all 5 War Chiefs
- Kill all 20 Captains.

In order to get this achievement, however, you must qualify for the Elite Leaderboards, which means you have to complete the following optional objectives:

- Complete in 40 minutes
- Kill 10 Captains with monsters
- Earn 13000 points

Here is a quick guideline on the steps required to complete this method:

1 - Gather info on all 20 captains. All you need is their locations, so you can get this by interrogating regular Uruks.

2 - Gather intel on Warchiefs until you find Kugor Beast Hunter, the masked Uruk with the crossbow that shoots fire arrows. *Might be called Zugor Beast Butcher now*

3 - Hop on a Graug. There is a Graug bait hanging off the bottom of the bridge directly west from the Forge Tower you start out at.

4 - Begin from the bottom right of the map and move clockwise, killing every Captain with your Graug. Avoid any power struggles, just stay on your Graug. Continually use the map/Saurons Army screen to plan out the closest Captain, and try not to miss any. A lot more detail on this to come

5 - Go to the mission for Kugor and draw him out. You need to do this quickly. Once Kugor has appeared (don't worry about bodyguards) you need to make him submit without killing him. See below for details.

6 - Use Kugor to riot against the other 4 Warchiefs and any remaining captains.

That's it! Now let's go into some major detail here to ensure you get this with as few failed attempts as possible (I did it on my second try with this method).

1 & 2 - Intel Phase:

You need to gather locations on all 20 captains and full Intel on Warchiefs until you reveal Kugor Beast Hunter. You start on the East-most Forge Tower on the map, so look down and to the left. There will always be one or more Uruks here. The method that works fastest is using Shadowstrike (cn_LT+cn_A) to swoop over and knock down all but one Uruk, grab the remaining one, gather Intel on a captain, then kill him. Continue doing this until all the Uruks around you are dead. Try to avoid larger groups, as fighting is wasting time. If you do get in a fight, build up your combo and use combo brand (cn_A+cn_B) to thin the crowd, then grab your branded Uruks and continue gathering captain locations. Travel around between this spot and the surrounding areas, such as the two ridges the to the West. The Uruks will respawn around here fairly regularly in small groups.

While you are doing this, keep an eye out for green Intel. There is always some either down where I told you to start, or on one of the two ridges to the west. The Warchief you want to reveal is Kugor Beast Hunter, so once you get Intel on him, you can just use any more Intel you happen by for Captain locations. Feel free to hop on cargors to move quickly around the area, just be sure to kill them. This racks up points early on so you don't have to rush at the end. You can brand a full group of cargors, then press cn_down to kill all the ones except the one you're riding.

This process should take around 8 minutes. Personally it usually takes me almost 9 because I like to kill a few extra Caragors. As soon as you are done, you can move on to the next step.

3 & 4 - Graug Time

Get on a Graug as quickly as possible. The closest Graug bait is underneath the bridge directly to the West of the starting Forge Tower. Shoot it, then start moving West as every time I used it, the Graug came from the west. Shadow mount him, then you can start your killing spree.

Open up the Sauron's Army page and look for whichever captain is nearest to the south east corner of the map. Use wraith vision to spot and mark the target. Chase them down and eat them up with cn_Y. Now move clockwise around the map, constantly checking Sauron's Army to plot your course. Try not to miss any Captains along the way, but ignore any power struggles, as these require loosing your Graug.

You can plot a course directly through the southern stronghold, and there is always several captains in here. Keep spamming Wraith vision. I would often find Captains with wraith vision without even realizing they were on my map. If you are really struggling to find one specific captain, it will probably be faster to just leave him for now and move on, don't waste time backtracking.

The north-west stronghold can also be infiltrated completely whilst on your Graug. The only place you can't get to is the back area of the north-east stronghold, so don't even try for those captains. When you're done, you should have at least 10 captain kills, hopefully nearer to 15. I was just over 20 minutes at this point.

5 - Brand Kugor Beast Hunter

Look for Kugor's mission on the map and fast travel to the nearest Forge Tower. Hopefully you get an easy call out mission, just take advantage of skills such as Shadow Strike Kill to get things done as soon as possible. Make sure you are near full on elf-shot when Kugor shows up. Don't worry if he has lots of bodyguards, you will simply be attacking him. Get a good line of site on Kugor and start firing arrows his way (they don't all have to be headshots, building the streak is more important. Once you can, shoot two fire arrows at him, then follow up with one or two more regular arrows. This should knock him to his knees. Run past everything else and up to Kugors prone body, and you will be able to brand him. Immediately command him to start the first riot against another Warchief.

6 - Riots

Go to your first Riot via fast travel and start it up. You start almost every riot from a birds eye view, so you can use this to thin out the herd on the opposing side with Elf Shot. If the Warchief is immune to ranged attacks, feel free to jump down and join the fray. I did this because if you are able to kill the Warchief yourself, you get a ton of points as opposed to letting Kugor do it. When the first warchief is dead, grab Kugor before he leaves and send him off to the next riot, then press cn_down to kill all remaining branded Uruks for points. Rinse and repeat this method.

When it comes to Warchiefs with bodyguards, it's a good idea to find a nearby Graug bait and eat them up. This speeds things up as you can kill them all before any escape. If you kill the Warchief first, another will be promoted. If you're fast, you can eat him too for more points. I did not use this method, as I worried about captains escaping, requiring another riot.

One big note is on the Ghul Keeper. If you just let Kugor take him out, it will take a minute or more off your time. What you want to do is find a Graug or Caragor bait and hop on a monster, as the Ghul Keeper is easily damaged by monsters, plus you get the points for killing him.

Quite a few riots will likely happen in the valley to the right of the southern stronghold. There are two Graug baits very close to here, so you can use these to end the riots very quickly. Always kill your Graug when done. You can fast travel to refresh Graug baits, but sometimes you will get a riot right back in the same spot, and it is much faster to just climb back up and start the next one.

If you kill all the other captains/Warchiefs and still need some points, as unlikely as that is, look for Graug/Caragor baits and call them in. Mount and kill them as quickly as you can, draining your mounts to replenish elf-shot when required. Beasts give tons of points.

To be safe, you should be just below the 12,000 mark when you kill your branded warchief. You get a good amount of points from it, but it would be awful to be a little short when just a few more Caragor kills can give you some quick points. When you're ready, press cn_down with your Warchief in range to finish the test and hopefully unlock this achievement!

That should be it. This achievement is definitely tough, but as I mentioned earlier, I got it on my 2nd try with this method. I hope this helps, feel free to mention what works for you, as everyone is different.
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Like most people, I was struggling with this one for quite some time. I ended up reading a bunch of different strategies, took different approaches and eventually came up with a plan that took a little bit of everything and unlocked that sweet, sweet achievement.

1. Immediately bring up your map and look for Intel. Nothing there? Go ahead and fast travel to the same tower and repeat. If still none by three fast travels, then restart entirely. Look for the Intel and go quick by shooting down Uruks with arrows until only the Intel one remains and cn_LT + cn_A to fly in and knock him down. Identify the Warchiefs right away and repeat until you find Tumhorn. I found once I took the first Intel there were others immediately nearby.

2. Start Tumhorn's mission which is usually in the Northeast and requires opening Caragor cages. This is easily done in cn_LB mode from vantage points but don't raise the alarm. After getting 4, get up high as Tumhorn approaches so you can instantly Shadow Brand with cn_RT + cn_B which scatters all other Uruks. Immediately send him to riot any Warchief.

3. Fast travel to nearest tower and make note of the nearest Graug Bait which you can find here: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/61509554576442... (thanks to \†/Teronjon\†/ from Steam who provided it). If there isn't one nearby, go to next paragraph. Start the riot and immediately summon the Graug then brand it as soon as it spawns with cn_LT + cn_A. You want to charge in and eat any Captains with the Graug using cn_Y when they are near his left hand. If they are knocked down, wait until they stand before trying to eat. Then eat the Warchief. Afterwards, jump down and grab your branded Warchief to send him off on another riot right away. Once he's gone, kill all other branded creatures by using cn_down.

If no Graug is nearby, go about fighting the Warchief right away in your preferred style. Remember, you can get unlimited executions by clicking in the sticks if Storm of Urfael is charged. Ideally, you want him to drop to his knees so you can brand him as well but it's ok if he ends up dying. Just grab your branded Warchief(s) and send him on another riot right away. Once he's gone, kill all other branded creatures by using cn_down.

4. Keep repeating this process until the only Warchiefs left are your one or two. At this point, advance time at any tower and new Warchiefs will step in for you to riot. To get the pattern started again, you need to do a quick Beck and Call mission to summon your branded Warchief. You'll very quickly race through 20 Captains as the Warchiefs bring bodyguards which you can see on the Sauron's Army page with connected lines. If they have none, no sweat, just quickly kill the Warchief and continue. Once all other objectives are complete, kill your Warchief(s) with cn_down and boom, achievement unlocked.

I did this on my second run with 33 minutes on the clock after using the first run to fine tune my strategy. Just keep your cool, take your time and it will happen. Good luck and good hunting. toast
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