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The Yiddler
The Yiddler

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Exit the basement.

20 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Depression achievement

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    You must complete your adventure through the Hospital.

    Inside the Hospital, get to its first floor, and head straight ahead until you reach a pressure plate. Order your companion to step on it, to acknowledge about its functionality. Step onto the lift, and order your companion to step onto that pressure plate again. Once you are uplifted, you must access and activate the located switch there at, in order to open up a gate for your companion to pass through at the correct opportunity. Oder to him, to stand on another pressure plate that is located behind the gate and down some steps. Make him activate it.

    Go down those stairs altogether, and reach the basement.

    An electrical switching unit must be powered enough to upen up a door. Do this with yourself being farther away from the switch you are required to throw a projectile at it, but be in front of the farthest ground switch of the other end. First, command to your companion, to be before the ground switch of the other side than yourself are at. Now, throw a projectile at the particular switch, wait one second, and both of you run towards the middle ground switch. You have to step onto the other two ground switches during that rush to make the four electric energies being combined to serve as a powerful enough impact on that unit. Your companion will run if you hold LB.

    Progress further on. Enter a room by a gate - this creates a Point Of No Return! Exit through that gate again, and you will step outside.

    Then a loading screen is coming up! Accomplished!
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