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Completion Serenity

No puzzle left undone.

Completion Serenity0
20 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Completion Serenity achievement

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    This may not yet be complete, but it contains the most propable of valuable information you may require to acknowledge about. Due to relative counter, there are 31 secrets, and currently details for two, are still missing here. I did recap all areas at least once, and two more secrets may not even exist, therefore it is probable that some secrets increase the relative Xbox Achievement's progress counter by two, when unveiled. But more likely, it is about the two final small gates at the end of Crystal Caves and Hospital. If you can help in filling the gaps of this Solution's details as you claimed relative certainty, please comment or send me a message relatively.

    Thanks to, Flarus Dragon1, and Skrapshak, this Solution became more complete!

    Solaris hints:
    In order to unveil a secret of Solaris, all dots must be blue. If you activate a dot, all other dots in a cross form will also become active. Often you have to throw two projectiles at specific dots, so that all of them are lit up altogether. Only two of such activations remain active, the oldest activation state gets disabled when another projectile is thrown if more than two activations are present.
    Often you can reset an artifact's complete activation of dots by using a ground switch nearby.
    You can correct gamma setting under options, in order to better distinct the blue lights from the yellow lights.

    Crystal Caves:
    01: Before entering the Crystal Caves, when you begin you will soon come to a giant gate which must be opened by using two switches. Open that first gate.
    02: In the Crystal Caves, when you keep going, you will come to a place with a spiral pathway leading up, at its central point. You will get a projectile throwing power, and you must activate a switch by using it.
    03: After passing through the first two gates, and further on when following the left path (it loops with the other path), and you will pass over a rope bridge, descend the stairs and follow upwards the path. Activate the ground switch there at and then throw a projectile at the left eye of the crying statue which is to the left.
    04: Soon afterwards when progressing forth, a choir is sung at a place with several gargoyles there at. Throw a projectile on the exposed switch at the fountain in the center, then activate the other nearby switch, to expose another switch at the fountain and throw a projectile at it. Do this one more time, to reveal this secret.
    05: If you pass the fountain, and continue to walk straight and follow to the right, you are lead to a place with a giant pillar in the middle of that place. Throw three projectiles at three switches to lower that pillar on which one a statue shone their blessing on the entire area, but now it means someone had died.
    06: After you have gained your companion, go further and you will reach the wooden gate that secures the Vault. Order your companion to stand on the nearby pressure plate. Walk through and stand on the next pressure plate until your companion comes in too. Order your companion to stand on one of the next pressure plates, and stand at the other next one nearby to gain access to the Vault.
    07: Proceed further on, and you will enter a tall hall with massive round pillars and three sets of ground switches, and a pressure plate at the middle way of stairs. Order your companion to stand on the pressure plate there at, and you must then step on all of the three inactive ground switches, one after another.
    08 - Solaris/Optional : Deep inside after the Vault before you reach the stone bridge next to a waterfall to the right is this secret at. You must activate all four grid plates in order from left to right. You have two throw one or two projectiles at each one of them in order to activate them. All dots must be blue to activate a plate. You have to throw your projectiles at two specific dots on each plate, so that all of them are lit up altogether.
    09: The final area before the path out will be revealed, but is blocked by a coded door. You have to order your companion to stand on the pressure plate there at first, and then throw a projectile towards the switch on the left. Lastly, you must activate the other switch. All this must be done when the circulating dots are within the thinner area between lines.

    Forgotten Forest:
    10: To the right, a swing is located on a dangerous place hung up on a tree above a lethal fall spot. To unveil its secret, you must throw a projectile through its tire.
    11: When you begin you will soon come to a giant gate which must be opened by using several switches whose surround two huge trees there at. Activate those switches so, that the trees' engravings are all blue alight. Then activate the errected separate switch to open the first gate.
    12: After entering the village, you go staight and the path leads to the left, but you shall head through a wooden archway to access a secret that can be unveiled by changing degrees of turnable rings of stone, and one turnable table of stone, to an image of thunderbolts. It is strategic to work from outside towards the inside when using the four pressure plates there at.
    13: In the upper levels of the village, in front of the elaborate stone bridge, order your companion to stand on the pressure plate, move to a side and throw a projectile at the floating switch. That bridge can be accessed.
    14: Afterwards you have crossed the elaborate stone bridge, you will be in further vast forest areas with artifacts and secrets to be unveiled. To the left, approach twelve pillars with switches on them. Take note of how the clock is, to understand about what you have to do. Start out to activate the switches that correspond to the pillars with the roman letters of X and XII. Then proceed with activations relative to what is shown on the ground there at.
    15: To the right of the twelve stone pillars, is a way that goes under an archway of massive stone. You will find a beautiful pond down there. Activate the ground switch in front of it, to make countless others arise from the water. All of those must be active altogether. Only walk forth on them so long until you toggled the activation state to one other than it relates to all the other's similar statuses you just walked over. Then return und repeat this process until it is all blue alight.
    16: Undoubtedly you will find a huge stone picture in the vast forest area's left. Use the four switches in front of it, in order to turn stone plates of that picture to recreate its image, and its secret gets unveiled.
    17 - Solaris/Optional : From the stone picture, position yourself directly on the left back edge of that it. Then look in the direction that edge is pressing towards. Visualize a lantern in extreme distance. Get to it, and in its nearness, the access point to the relative difficult secret is there at. Keep looking good for the line ups of dots, and also use the switch nearby to rotate one half of that pillar until you have finally unveiled its secret.
    18: Eventually you will find yourself at a place with six pressure plates pretty much surrounded by fences. You can get to there, when following the way through the stone structures whose are located where the great stone picture is facing towards. There is also an engraved symbol on a tree out of direct reach nearby. You muss activate all those switches. Step on one to toggle the statuses of the one stepped on and the adjacent ones. They have to be active altogether. Finally use the inside of a hollow tree to access the other side there at.
    19: You encounter phantoms in front of the gate of a huge stone arch. Activate the two switches there at by throwing projectiles at them. Head through.
    20: At the Mausoleum, you must activate a pressure plate in front of a statue with a blue engraving to unveil its secret. Then a video is played.

    21: Inside the Hospital on ground level's center, in front of a fountain which yields a secret. You must activate all four water spayers by using the four ground switches in a specific order.
    22: On a corner in the ground level, you enter a hall that has straight stairs leading up to the first floor. Stay down there, and combine the floating heart in the center there at by using ground switches through toggle function. Adjacent switches are also toggled when walked onto. The strategy is to first have two switches next to each other active only. Then lastly step on each of the middle ones of the still deactive ones of both sides.
    23 - Solaris/Optional : In the Administartion room of the ground floor which is past the floating heart, that secret is located at. You must control three switches to rotate plates that have dots on them, but there are also dots on a wall and ceiling. You know what you have to do, and it is only important that all dots are blue alight.
    24: Make your way to the Archive. Climb up the pallet to achieve part of the knowledge about what has to be done. Use the left switch so often until the left
    bookshelf is at its farthest position. Then use the other two switches to line up the hole between these shelfs. Throw a projectile through the four holes and hit the switch
    inside of the small room there at.
    25: Enter the Restaurant's kitchen and position yourself to the right in front of the static rings. Throw a projectile through all three of them with the same projectile.
    26: Inside the Hospital, get to its first floor, and head straight ahead until you reach a pressure plate. Order your companion to step on it, to acknowledge about its functionality. Step onto the lift, and order your companion to step onto that pressure plate again. Once you are uplifted, you must access and activate the located switch there at, in order to open up a gate for your companion to pass through at the correct opportunity. Oder to him, to stand on another pressure plate that is located behind the gate and down some steps. Make him activate it.
    27: On the first floor, enter the Woman's Ward. Stand on the ground switch. Order your companion to stand on the left pressure plate. Be fast and precast projectile throw as you strave onto the right pressure plate, and aim towards the switch, exposed during a very short time limit.
    28: Enter the Mens Wars on the first floor. Order your companion to stand on the ground switch nearby, and activate the switch on the left to it. The electricity must be combined and go to the electrical switching unit there at.
    29: Another electrical switching unit must be powered enough to upen up a door. Do this with yourself being farther away from the switch you are required to throw a projectile at it, but be in front of the farthest ground switch of the other end. First, command to your companion, to be before the ground switch of the other side than yourself are at. Now, throw a projectile at the particular switch, wait one second, and both of you run towards the middle ground switch. You have to step onto the other two ground switches during that rush to make the four electric energies being combined to serve as a powerful enough impact on that unit. Your companion will run if you hold LB.

    31 - Solaris/Optional : After progressing over the rope bridge in the Desert, you will have to open up a gate by first activating a switch one time, and then throwing two projectiles onto yellow dots at the central artifact.
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    CraziDutchman The chapter 2 was the last one I needed
    Posted by CraziDutchman on 27 Apr 18 at 06:54
    Otouto72 I missed the rings in the kitchen on chapter 3. I think I went for the bloody Thursday achievement and forgot all about the rings! laugh
    Posted by Otouto72 on 13 May 18 at 15:02
    acedawg4 Stuck on the puzzle at the hospital with 3 switches. Solution doesnt help when said....."You know what to do" I mean, no I dont, which is why I'm which is the correct for to set the frame and where do I put the blue light in? Doesnt seem to cover enough ground with 2 shots. Thx
    Posted by acedawg4 on 01 Dec 18 at 15:07
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