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The Yiddler
The Yiddler

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Our Journey ends

Climb to the top.

Our Journey ends0
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How to unlock the Our Journey ends achievement

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    Not to be missed!

    You must complete your adventures through the Crystal Caves, Forgotten Forest, Hospital, and Desert.

    Crystal Caves:
    When you begin you will soon come to a giant gate which must be opened by using two switches. Open that first gate.

    When you keep going, you will come to a place with a spiral pathway leading up, at its central point. You will get a projectile throwing power, and you must activate a switch by using it.

    After passing through the first two gates, and further on when following the left path (it loops with the other path), a choir is sung at a place with several gargoyles there at. Throw a projectile on the exposed switch at the fountain in the center, then activate the other nearby switch, to expose another switch at the fountain and throw a projectile at it. Do this one more time, to reveal this secret.

    The final area before the path out will be revealed, but is blocked by a coded door. You have to order your companion to stand on the pressure plate there at first, and then throw a projectile towards the switch on the left. Lastly, you must activate the other switch. All this must be done when the circulating dots are within the thinner area between lines.

    Progress further on. Enter a room by a gate - this creates a Point Of No Return! Exit through the gate again, and step outside.

    Then a beautiful video is played, followed by a stunningly beautiful loading screen!

    Forgotten Forest:
    When you begin you will soon come to a giant gate which must be opened by using several switches whose surround the huge tree there at. Activate those switches so, that that tree's engravings are all blue alight. Then activate the errected separate switch to open the first gate.

    In the upper levels of the village, in front of the elaborate stone bridge, order your companion to stand on the pressure plate, move to a side and throw a projectile at the floating switch. That bridge can be accessed.

    Afterwards you have crossed the elaborate stone bridge, you will be in further vast forest areas with artifacts and secrets to be unveiled. Eventually you will find yourself at a place with six pressure plates pretty much surrounded by fences. You can get to there, when following the way through the stone structures whose are located where the great stone picture is facing towards. There is also an engraved symbol on a tree out of direct reach nearby. You muss activate all those switches. Step on one to toggle the statuses of the one stepped on and the adjacent ones. They have to be active altogether. Finally use the inside of a hollow tree to access the other side there at.

    You encounter phantoms in front of the gate of a huge stone arch. Activate the two switches there at by throwing projectiles at them. Head through.

    Progress further on. If you activate the upcoming pressure plate you create a Point Of No Return!

    Then a video is played, followed by a loading screen!

    Inside the Hospital, get to its first floor, and head straight ahead until you reach a pressure plate. Order your companion to step on it, to acknowledge about its functionality. Step onto the lift, and order your companion to step onto that pressure plate again. Once you are uplifted, you must access and activate the located switch there at, in order to open up a gate for your companion to pass through at the correct opportunity. Oder to him, to stand on another pressure plate that is located behind the gate and down some steps. Make him activate it.

    Go down those stairs altogether, and reach the basement.

    An electrical switching unit must be powered enough to upen up a door. Do this with yourself being farther away from the switch you are required to throw a projectile at it, but be in front of the farthest ground switch of the other end. First, command to your companion, to be before the ground switch of the other side than yourself are at. Now, throw a projectile at the particular switch, wait one second, and both of you run towards the middle ground switch. You have to step onto the other two ground switches during that rush to make the four electric energies being combined to serve as a powerful enough impact on that unit. Your companion will run if you hold LB.

    Progress further on. Enter a room by a gate - this creates a Point Of No Return! Exit through that gate again, and you will step outside.

    Then a loading screen is coming up!

    After progressing over the rope bridge in the Desert, you will have to open up a gate by first activating a switch one time, and then throwing two projectiles onto yellow dots at the central artifact. All dots must be blue to unveil the relative secret there at. If you activate a dot, all other dots in a cross form will also become active. This means, that you have to throw your projectiles at two specific dots, so that all of them are lit up altogether. Only two of such activations remain active, the oldest activation state gets disabled when another projectile is thrown if more than two activations are present.

    You can reset this artifact's complete activation of dots by using a ground switch nearby. You can also correct gamma setting under options, in order to better distinct the blue lights from the yellow lights.

    Progress further on. Ascend the lighthouse and enter a room by a gate - this creates a Point Of No Return, and your adventures have ended.

    Then a video is played, followed by a loading screen and Credits! Accomplished!
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