Down A Notch achievement in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Down A Notch

Defeat Dante with an SSS ranking in Son of Sparda Mode or higher.

Down A Notch0
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How to unlock the Down A Notch achievement

  • DanteDevilDanDanteDevilDan382,208
    19 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016
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    This solution is a lot better for me.

    Repeat the grapple and 3rd charge pistol attack over and over and Dante will go down fast and in style. Maybe better to customise the controls a little but I was able to get it with default controls just about after 20 minutes trying.

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    TexhnolyzedMechGot it first try thank you! :)
    Posted by TexhnolyzedMech on 20 Feb 17 at 11:59
    DanteDevilDan@Texhno Glad to hear that!
    Posted by DanteDevilDan on 24 Feb 17 at 02:56
    Sabin VIBest Solution by far toast the Top Solution is way to complicated for an Achivement as simple as this laugh
    Posted by Sabin VI on 12 Aug 17 at 05:40
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  • Removed Gamer
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    == Down A Notch - 20 GS ==
    ** Defeat Dante with an SSS ranking in Son of Sparda Mode or higher. **

    First of all, this Achievement can be ONLY done with Nero. Don't even try to do this, with Vergil or Lady. I could actually not believe at first, that Capcom would ever put this Achievement, because you need actually to do a WR strat for this. How ever.

    To obtain this achievement, you need to gain, as the description say, an SSS Rank against Dante from Mission 1, which also means, you need to do a NO DAMAGE RUN!

    You can do this achievement in following difficulties;
    - Son of Sparda (SOS)
    - Legendary Dark Knight (LDK)
    - Dante Must Die (DMD)

    To do that, i will share you the method how you get a flawless SSS without damage Dante. This strat is actually pretty old, but no one could ever say how it works. Even high tiers stamped this strat as 100% luck. Be aware... without knowing how to get into the loop, it will be a pain.

    I would advise you, to attempt this achievement on DMD. Yes, Dante can be pretty though there, but it has 2 reasons why you should decide to do this on DMD. But i will explain that later on going in the solution.

    I will show you first on DMD and SOS difficulty how the strat looks like, which you have to do. But DON'T reproduce the real fight against him, i have made a seperate video, which will explain the strat itself with DMC4:SE controlls. Just take the look on the loop, you will notice what i mean.

    Mission 1 - DMD - Dante SSS

    Mission 1 - SOS - Dante SSS

    There are actually 3 methods how to get an SSS Rank and to influence the "luck", which is needed to get into the loop.

    #1 Strat - Lucifer (works ONLY on DMD)
    - For this, you actually need a bit luck. Stay close to Dante and dodge every attack from him with single jumps, which contains iFrames. Keep always try to have your distance from him and his attacks. As soon, as he is going to use Lucifer ( cn_Y + cn_Y on the buttom) or when he's jumping into the air (He uses cn_Y ), you can Snatch ( cn_RB + cn_B ) him, wait a sec until he land on the ground and start looping by using the default Slashattack ( Default Setting; cn_Y ) with Nero's RedQueen. The good part here is, the loop always work while he is using Lucifer, so take your time to make sure, to snatch him at the right moment. ON DMD, you can do the loop until you have your flawless SSS Rank. To cancel the loop successfully, use DT.

    #2 Split - Rebillion
    - This strat works on every difficutly, which is in my opinion the easiest and fasted one. Always when Dante is jumping a step back and using a Split ( Air + cn_Y ) , you can Snatch him and start looping again. But within a real fight, it's luck based if he's using a Split. There is a way how you get him doing Splits everytime, with an easy method. Always at the start of the Mission, Dante is rushing to you / jumping back a step / then use a Split, BUT most of the time, he is doing something else... like shooting with his pistoles, using Stinger and more... to get this Mission start, you always have to restart the Mission by pressing cn_start -> System Menu -> Restart Mission. Always take a close look when the mission begins what Dante is doing, if he is rushing to you and then Split'ing. While he's doing that, go back a bit.

    #3 Side Roll
    - Like the Split Strat, this one also works for every difficutly. But this one is really just an alternative one, to connect a 2nd or maybe a 3rd loop if failed. I define a "Side Roll" by using ( cn_RB + cn_A + cn_LS Left/Right ) Watch carefully at Dante what he is doing. It doesn't matter if he's running, jumping or going with normal steps to you. If he Side Roll before he is going to attack you, wait until his roll is DONE, then Snatch him, wait a sec until he gets up and start looping. The following loop is compared to the other 2 loops a bit different. This loop only goes up to a high A Rank or with a bit luck to an S Rank. You can't go up to SSS Rank, because he will cancel the loop by using a Stinger or using his Shotgun most of the time. This also means, you need to connect a 2nd loop, by hoping to get the luck you need, which can be very annoying if you can't mindgame/read him. You can't button mash this loop like before, you need to Snatch him <- wait a sec <- Slash <- Snatch etc... you have perhaps to practice this loop. You also aren't allowed to use Excceds while using this loop. If for some reasons, with the Sideroll the faster loop will appear, then you had the luck that Dante have choosen Lucifer before, which automatically means, this can ONLY happen on DMD. To connect a 2nd loop, you have to have for the 2 other strats i have written down here.

    Now i will explain you the difference between the difficulties there.
    Remember first... restart the mission, if he's not acting like needed. On SOS/LDK, you can only do the slower loop, which can happen on DMD as well with the "Side Roll". But on SOS/LDK, you have on ANY strat, which i have mentioned, the slower loop, which automatically means... you need to do a 2nd loop, to get your SSS Rank.

    How to kill Dante then by having a SSS Rank? How to hold the Rank? How to kill very fast?
    This strat can be quite easy, but you will have to practice my strat i will you offer here now.

    - after you have recived your SSS Rank, activate Devil Trigger
    - while Dante is going up into the air, spam Snatch
    - just one single Slash, by using cn_Y with Nero's sword
    - jump a bit away from him to have a bit space
    - Snatch
    - Roulette Spin ( cn_Y + cn_Y ... break + cn_Y )
    - Snatch
    - Devil Bringer cn_B
    - 2x Snatches
    - Single Slash
    - Jump away etc...

    Points distribution by killing Dante with an SSS Rank without Advanced Techniques:
    X360/PS3 = 1500 PTS
    X1/PS4 = 1000 PTS

    If you still don't understand something, or have any questions, just leave your comment here. Thanks for reading!
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    Disregard that last comment, I misinterpreted the achievements description.
    Posted on 11 Jul 15 at 12:42
    MarkyshizzleJust to clarify... u can get hit... and u can use holywater to finish him, u just need to have a SSS combo when he dies. final rank does not matter
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 19 Sep 15 at 04:29
    Sabin VIthe other Solutions is way better and much easier to pull of than this because as always Diamondlloyd overcomplicate things with his "Solutions" roll seriously People don't even waste your time reading all this Crap just check out DanteDevilDan's Video and you will pop this Achievement in less than 10 minutes wink

    P.S: Also this "solution" has some misleading information...

    - this can also be done with other characters not just with Nero
    - you don't have to do a "No Damage Run"
    - I have no Idea what a "WR Strat" is but it is not required facepalm
    Posted by Sabin VI on 06 Aug 17 at 19:33
  • MasterNero14MasterNero14475,678
    22 Jun 2019 22 Jun 2019 21 Mar 2020
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    this achievement becomes very easy when you use Lady! to be able to do the SSS in the dante I activated the turbo and the automatic mode and put in the Son of Sparda, as soon as the fight begins holding cn_X until load the pistol in level 3 after that load keep cn_X pressed and jumping and pressing cn_B for her to pull the dante as she pulls the shot and press the cn_back button to make the challenge that the Rank will rise, now it's just you repeat everything until you can do the SSS Rank. follow below a video of how I did hope I have helped toast

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    Nahual AminiJust got it today, was super easy with this strategy. Thanks!
    Posted by Nahual Amini on 23 Jun 19 at 13:22
    Posted by MasterNero14 on 23 Jun 19 at 13:52
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