Flame Out achievement in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Flame Out

Defeat Berial with an SSS ranking in Son of Sparda Mode or higher.

Flame Out0
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How to unlock the Flame Out achievement

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    Very easy way to SSS Berial with Dante.

    I did this on LDK mode, though it should be able to be done on SOS & definitely on DMD.

    Must be done on mission 16.

    Have super Dante, switch to gunslinger style, activate devil trigger, have Pandora equipped, triple jump into air and press B bottom (default controls) and keep pressing till he's dead. He can't hit you at all.

    Just to save everyone time this will work for Angus & Echidna, but will not work for Bael (the giant frog), maybe on DMD MODE.

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    HerrKätzchenI love how the achv-pic showcases this method.
    Posted by HerrKätzchen on 02 Sep 16 at 17:39
    BPBPBPBPBPBPBPThis method has to be done on this mission, but the achievement can unlock on 3 as well.
    Posted by BPBPBPBPBPBPBP on 29 Apr 18 at 21:46
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    == Flame Out- 20 GS ==
    ** Defeat Berial with an SSS ranking in Son of Sparda Mode or higher. **

    This Achievement can be done on following difficulties and missions:

    - Legendary Dark Knight / LDK
    - Son of Sparda / SOS
    - Dante Must Die / DMD

    - Mission 2
    - Mission 16
    - Mission 19

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Actually, if you have decent skills in this Game, then it shouldn't be a big deal to get an SSS Rank against Berial. But sometimes Berial can waste your time and your Rank won't be perhaps anymore an SSS Rank. Like for example when he's doing the vulcano attack, where some fire columns are appearing from the ground or having less health and you can't build up style anymore etc...

    My solution will explain you actually how to get an easy SSS Rank without damage Berial himself. This method can be only done with Nero. Also it can be used while you are working on your S Ranks or when you just need him to do again alone.

    This method also give you, if you could successfully pull of the strat and defeat him with no damage DMG 5000 Stylish Points. It doesn't matter on which difficulty!!! The amount of points are the same for the 360 Version. Unless you will advance your strat to build up a very few more points. But in this solution i won't explain how the calculations are working exactly.

    First a small view how the following strat will looks like:

    Skip to: 15:38

    Full explanation:

    Before you start the fight, have maximum Exced and charge the Pistol to Lv3.

    #1 - Go directly infront to his legs
    #2 - Press cn_B, for the Devil Bringer (def. config)
    #3 - When he's raising his legs to crush you, press cn_A to Jump. - Remember; Jumps have iframes
    #4 - repeat until he's doing the "Roooaaar" - Two evidences when he's doing the "Roooaaar"
    * If you press cn_B again to raise him his legs, there happens nothing and he's not raising his legs.
    * He shaking his head and stretching his body like for example you wake up at the morning
    #5 - Do a Jump again up to his head and activate DT cn_LB (def config.)
    #6 - Shot with your charged pistole AT first, then do an Exced Lv3 Calibur, which is really really important to build up your style!!! ( cn_RB + cn_Y + cn_LS Down Up). Which moves you are using doesn't really matters, just do a few hits until he's done.

    Repeat this until you have your SSS Rank. As you can also see, i took also my time to load up my Exced again to strike again. You can load up Exced and your Pistole at the same time, if you can't pull of to load your pistole while attacking him.

    This strat can be ONLY done at the beginning, until he's doing his first explosion. Which happens when you're close to take his first two life bars.

    For a normal Mission attemp, while you're working on your S Rankst:

    If you are currently aiming to get an S Rank in one of the following missions, then you will have to try to do a no damage run or a less damage run. The advantage about this method is, you have from the begin an SSS Rank without damage him, which will give you a lot of space.

    Before you read the other parts, have the shot button on cn_RT instead of the usual cn_X Button, to load up everytime the pistole for an important part. - More on going in the solution.

    To deal out a run like this, i can only advise you to use your Devil Trigger (DT) as a shield protection, when you see he could hit you but you can't get out of the situation. When you're activate DT to protect yourself, don't press any other buttons if you want to hold on the iframes for a few more seconds. DT is also your life saver most of the time when he's doing his explosion. When you are on the ground, Nero always gets stunned for a few moments, after this stun, activate DT, because this attack is a bit delayed. When you are in the air, activate it after a second if you are close to him, if not wait 2 seconds and leave the DT animation until it's done naturally.

    Berials most annoying attack, in my opinion are the fire columns which appears from the ground. There's an easy way to let Berial avoid doing this. Everytime you will see, he's using his hand 90° straight to the ground, then every second the vulcanos are coming, to avoid this <- have your pistole charged up to Lv3 (when your hand glows red), just shot him, he will get stunned and doing something else. - Skip to 1:33 on my first video, he was going to release this and got stunned by the pistole.

    If you only wants to get the Achievement fast without getting any points from him:

    This is not confirmed by myself, but there are some certain solutions which advise you to spam the Item "Holy Water". As long, as there will stand up your SSS Rank at the end, the achievement should still pop up. Holy Waters can be found on Mission 3, 5 (each difficulty one, except Heaven or Hell / Hell and Hell) or otherwise you can buy them in the shop. If you are failing this for some reason, just let you die and restart again.

    Mission 3:

    Mission 5:
    Just only look until 1:18

    If you still don't understand something, or have any questions, just leave your comment here. Thanks for reading!
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    Sensei NeoWow what a fully comprehensive guide. Thumbs up if I could... : )
    Posted by Sensei Neo on 23 Jul 15 at 07:58
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