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Legendary Devil Hunter

Defeat 10,000 enemies.

17 Jun 2015 until 16 Sep 2015

Legendary Devil Hunter
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    Legendary Devil Hunter - Defeated 10,000 enemies.

    This should be aimed for after getting every single other achievement. You will be grinding Mostly any mission on Legendary Dark Knight mode as Vergil.

    Basically, you'll be wanting to use Judgement Cut End on all the enemies you see. A good and short mission I'm aware of is Mission 14, a lot of enemies are on this level and Judgement Cut End will surely help.

    To use judgement cut end, your concentration bar must be full. How do you fill it? Lock on to enemies, then stay still. The bar at the top will fill. Once full, do into devil trigger, face the horde of demons and press the buttons required to use it. Vergil will slash all over the place and then turn his back and put Yamato back, killing all the enemies.

    You will get this along the way
    Devil May Cry 4 Special EditionLegendary Devil HunterThe Legendary Devil Hunter achievement in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition worth 226 pointsDefeat 10,000 enemies.

    A good opportunity to get this
    TrueAchievementsAdvanced ReconThe Advanced Recon achievement in TrueAchievements worth 0 pointsViewed 100 different achievement solutions
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    This is a speed guide.

    Load up mission 7 (first time in forest with Nero stage) and put it on your preferred difficulty (I did the new one unlocked from the start with added enemies; Legendary Dark Knight) now play the stage till you get to the part with the gyro and the doors you need to break with it. Kill a bunch of enemies with the gyro device and then leave a small group to kill you so you can select "Continue" and go back to your last checkpoint. You'll have to repeat small area before with plant monsters and lizards, use your Devil Trigger here to speed things up.
    This is both the fastest AND easiest method I could figure out.
    You should be getting 1.30-1.40% per re-load.
    Good luck.

    (I've been getting about 30% under two hours if anyone is unsure if they still have enough time.)
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