OVERKILL Salutes You! achievement in PAYDAY 2: CRIMEWAVE EDITION

OVERKILL Salutes You!

Complete all contracts including pro jobs on the Death Wish difficulty.

OVERKILL Salutes You!-7.0
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How to unlock the OVERKILL Salutes You! achievement

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    06 Aug 2016 19 Jul 2020 27 Jul 2020
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    Seems that console won't get any more updates, so as long as the game stays the same, this guide will be rock solid. Console gets very few updates, any time an update is released we get mayor tweaks on guns, perk decks, new heists, etc. Pro Jobs no longer exist and escapes are not necessary.

    DLC heists DO NOT COUNT. So if the heist doesn't say DLC next to it, you must complete it on Deathwish. When you buy a contract and pause the game you will see the difficulty on skulls, if you have a zero on the fifth skull being Deathwish, it means that heist did not register as finished on Deathwish, there's no issue with the game tracking your completed heists, but if you join in the middle of a heist or re-join it will not count.

    This isn't that hard if you have the right build and guns. This calculator is outdated on perk decks, but not on skills, it is possible that the description on the calculator is not the same as in the game, but still, pick the skills I choose.


    You have to be at least infamy II - 100 and have chosen the Slaughter House set, that gives you a reduction on the amount of skill points that you need to spend to unlock the the last tier of the armor subtree on the enforcer tree.
    I advice Cook-off on Mayhem to get quick and easy money and exp, you unlock Mayhem difficulty at level 60.

    Why those skills:

    The ones on Mastermind to have health regen and FAK (first aid kits), if you think you are about to get downed place down a fak and you will get all your health back, it has a 20 second cooldown. ALWAYS HAVE at least 1 CONVERTED ENEMY, otherwise you are wasting skill points.

    The ones on Enforcer to get more armor (which is converted to health, remember the perk deck being used is all about health) there is also an aced skill for damage reduction, again the tankier you get, the better.

    The ones on Technician to make enemies swiss chees, especially those stupid gen sec tin cans, without these skills you would need to shoot em' in the head to kill them.

    The one on ghost are basic mobility skills, and unlimited get out of jail cards for tazers.

    And the only one on fugitive, again, damage reduction is great.

    I didn't pick any perk decks on the link provided, since the one you need to use is not there, you want to pick the STOIC PERK DECK, you MUST, MUST have this perk deck maxed out, use it with the lightweight ballistic vest. Why? It's the perfect balance between a dodge - armor build. You can take serious damage and have a fast mobility, plus the fact you can completely ignore that damage with proper use of cover and the stoic hip. (You drink alcohol to ignore damage, can anyone relate ?) You get the sotic hip as throwable, pretty much your get out of jail card in terms of damage, reloads every 10 seconds, below 35% health you get -2 seconds cooldown for every kill, above 35% you get -1 second cooldown for every kill. Read the perk deck to fully understand it.

    Pick as primary the KSP LMG (best LMG) and modify it to get accuracy as high as possible, why? Spam the button you use to aim and you will get lock on the target, the higher the accuracy the longer the range you get on aim assist. Only downside of using a LMG is that you can't use ironsights, just add a laser and it's pretty much solved. (You activate a laser if you press down on the D-Pad). The LMG has 400 bullets, and the ammo pickup is min 12 bullets and max 22 bullets.

    As secondary I advice an explosive weapon, there are 3 granade launchers, two of them are from DLC. Pick any of your choice. The difference between them are:

    -(NOT DLC) Compact 40mm
    The highest damage grenade launcher (1300), 1 grenade on magazine. 6 grenades total. Good ammo drop: 0.05 min 0.65 max.
    -(DLC) China Puff, lower damage (960), 3 grenades on magazine. 6 grenades total. Good ammo drop: 0.05 min 0.65 max.
    -(DLC) Arbiter, lowest damage (480) highest magazine with 5 grenades on magazine, 15 grenades total. Perfect accuracy, this is a sniper grenade launcher, it's laser accurate. Not a very good ammo drop, the payday wiki says this has the same ammo drop as the previous grenade launchers, but I always found harder to restock 1 grenade from multiple boxes. Still, this is a great gun in open maps with snipers that are very far away, I advice putting a red dot sight.

    And as for melee weapon Galvaknuckles , they quickly stun enemies, (with the exception of dozers and captain winters shields) and while being stunned, non special enemires are more easily intimidated and special enemies abilities are stopped while being electrocuted.

    All right you are set, now let's talk talk about your team.

    A player that knows what to do will prove to be way more valuable than an AI. If you don't have a crew, don't worry, this is still doable. Though, it will take you more time, especially on stealth heists only and heists with lots of lootbags.

    AI being brain dead is balanced providing you with some bonuses, like faster reload, health regen, more stamina, faster interactions, etc. And they can have skills such as Inspire, bullet penetration, you need to read all the skills and bonuses and see which ones fit you best.
    Last, but not least, equip the AI with LMGs.
    The rate of fire is insanely good, plus them being extremely tanky it's almost like you had your army of BullDozers.

    Now, im not going to describe each heist individually, but I will provide a couple of advices:

    -If you are having a hard time stealthing a heist, do it loud as long as it is available.
    -Be careful on the driving sections, driving design is awful in this game. (Ironic, since the game engine was meant for racing games)
    -ALWAYS read what the current objective is, i have seen people take 40 minutes on 15 minutes heists because all they did was killing.
    -If you are ok with random people joining your lobby, make sure they are good players, if not your are better with the AI.
    -If you are not ok with people joining your lobby go offline or set the game to private (don't be toxic and kick people for no reason)
    -Activate ammo outlines on the options, some people may find this annoying, you pretty much have X-ray to spot ammo boxes. If you are using the build I provided you will rarely run out of ammo.

    Now tips on the enemies:

    -Normal enemies are a joke, with the build I provided these guys will help you restock ammo.
    -Weak cops, glass cannons, the weakest enemy in the game, the deal insane amount of damage, especially those with a revolver.
    -Dozers, aim for the head, otherwise you are just wasting ammo. Use explosives to remove the faceplate.
    -Shields, just shoot a grenade and bye bye.
    , explosive weapons being useful, again. Sometimes it takes 2 from the Arbiter grenade launcher.
    -Captain Winters, take him down ASAP. Ignore objectives, and everything else you are doing when this annoying c**t appears on the map, otherwise enemies deal and take more damage and the assault never ends.
    -Tazer, they aren't threat to you since, well, again my wonderful build provided gets you free of any risk of getting downed by these annoying sh**s, 2 seconds after being tazed press the interact button (RB is default) and you are free. AI is still very vulnerable to them.
    -Snipers, stoic protects you hard against them, second weakest enemy of the game one shot of your LMG and bye bye.
    -Cloakers, now this is the enemy responsible of at least 90% of my downs, there is a skill to counter this motherfuc***g piece of s**t, but you have to actually be aware of them, and previously charged your melee weapon, so you would rarely be able to use it. Around 3-5 bullets of your LMG and they are gone, anytime they are close you will hear radio static.
    -Medic, anytime near a dozer, prioritize them, other than that they are just lame and annoying.
    -Murkywaters, almost the same as normal gen secs, they just take more damage.

    The other solution on this achievement says this stacks with the other difficulty related, achievements, I don't know nor confirm this, you can check my profile and see I got this achievement back in august 2016, and the other ones I got on different months.

    Any doubts comment the post, don't send me messages on Xbox, I won't respond.

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    BwF HughMungusTHIS GUIDE IS FIRE!!! 🔥
    Posted by BwF HughMungus on 27 Jul at 08:17
    Accept DownfallThanks
    Posted by Accept Downfall on 27 Jul at 17:44
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  • Solobrus22Solobrus22935,248
    01 Jun 2020 10 May 2020 25 May 2020
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    Difficulties does stack. So you can get this with the hard, very hard and overkill achievements.
    There are many contracts in the game, but not all are required.
    (Escapes doesn't seem to be required as I have only done 2 of the 5 on the higher difficulties. )

    Here is a list of the ones required for it to unlock.

    - Art Gallery
    - Bank Heist: Random
    - Bank Heist: Cash
    - Bank Heist: Deposit
    - Bank Heist: Gold
    - Car Shop
    - Cook-Off
    - Diamond Store
    - Jewelry Store
    - Shadow Raid
    - Transport: Crossroads
    - Transport: Downtown
    - Transport: Harbor
    - Transport: Park
    - Transport: Train Heist
    - Transport: Underpass

    - First World Bank
    - Slaughter House

    - Lab Rats

    - Firestarter
    - Rats
    - Watchdogs

    The Butcher
    - The Bomb: Dockyard
    - The Bomb: Forest

    The Dentist:
    - Hotline Miami
    - Hoxton Breakout
    - Hoxton Revenge
    - The Big Bank
    - The Diamond

    The Elepahnt
    - Big Oil
    - Election Day
    - Framing Frame

    - Aftershock
    - Four Stores
    - Mallcrasher
    - Meltdown
    - Nightclub
    - Santas Workshop
    - Ukranian Job
    - White Xmas
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    Solobrus22It has to be done on deathwish.
    Posted by Solobrus22 on 14 Jun at 23:29
    SnoozedsAm I able to do this on Death Sentence? I've done all the stealth heists on that difficulty except firestarter (lol) and the bomb: Dockyard. Would be a shame to have to redo all heists on Death Wish instead.
    Posted by Snoozeds on 20 Jun at 10:04
    SnoozedsOh and just as a quick tip - if you die from health a lot, use the stoic perk deck. You can basically regen health for the cost of a throwable. Armour is useless on it though but the more armor you use, the more health you get.
    Posted by Snoozeds on 20 Jun at 10:06
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