Cut and Run achievement in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Cut and Run

Successfully escape a guard after choosing the "Flee" option in the Accost Dialogue Window.

Cut and Run0
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How to unlock the Cut and Run achievement

  • BaffledCowBaffledCow212,245
    09 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015
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    This achievement is really easy to get. Commit a simple crime such as killing livestock. When the interaction menu comes up with the guard hit flee and run out of the town.
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  • VvWhiteFangvVVvWhiteFangvV183,329
    09 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015
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    This is extremely easy if you follow what I did. I also made a good chuck of gold doing this for the start off area.

    1. Get to your starting city after intro (tutorial)
    2. Go from building to building and steal/ pick pocket everyone.
    NOTE: If you wait to pickpocket on a hard npc with a 20% chance wait for it to go green and you will have a 40% chance now
    3. Pick pocket enough to have about 3 green treasure items as they sell for 100g a piece. Now i say 3 pieces because they are less common than a white item that sells for 30g and you don't want to die when you have 10 pieces.... Like i did
    4. Run to your nearest Outlaws Refuge to sell to a fence.
    5. Rinse and repeat until someone catches you. Now sprint all the way to the Outlaw Refuge location using cn_LS. Now you don't enter the refuge but get the guards attention (know the path to get back there)
    6. Once a guard opens a conversation with you you will have 15 seconds to choose or it defaults to flee. Choose flee option as it's a mere 5g to start, typically you will have a bounty of 15+ after you choose flee.
    7. This is the moment you've been waiting for all your life to run... Just joking. But watch out as most guards are Dragon Knights and can stun you so use cn_LT+cn_RT if you get trapped (I died this way my first try cry)
    8. Enter the Refuge and..... BANG ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED

    Thank you guys and gals for reading (sorry I'm deployed and couldn't post a video for you guys and gals)
  • Chunkeh MunkehChunkeh Munkeh2,413,849
    09 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015
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    First off, commit a crime, if they try and fight you, run and hide then go back and they will confront you asking for payment. Flee and escape, achievement unlocked!

    A quick video showing my experience booking it from the guards for the Cut and Run achievement is below.

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