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Master Fisher

Complete all fishing achievements.

Master Fisher-0.2
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How to unlock the Master Fisher achievement

  • HotzoglouHotzoglou470,713
    31 Jul 2015 23 Nov 2015
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    For this achievement, you will need to unlock the in-game achievement Master Fisher. This in-game achievement can be found in your achievements section under Trophies. (Hit cn_RT to quickly tab down to see the Fishing section.)

    In order to unlock Master Fisher, you will need to unlock 8 other in-game achievements.

    - Covenant Fisherman

    Requires Unlocking:
    **Alik’r Angler
    **Banglorai Angler
    **Glenumbra Angler
    **Rivenspire Angler
    **Stormhaven Angler

    - Pact Fisherman

    Requires Unlocking:
    **Deshaan Angler
    **Eastmarch Angler
    **Rift Angler
    **Shadowfen Angler
    **Stonefalls Angler

    - Dominion Fisherman

    Requires Unlocking:
    **Auridon Angler
    **Grahtwood Angler
    **Greenshade Angler
    **Malabal Tor Angler
    **Reaper’s March Angler

    - Cyrodiil Angler
    - Coldharbour Angler
    - Stros M'kai Angler
    - Kenarthi's Roost Angler
    - Bleakrock Angler

    **I am 100% certain that the Craglorn Angler achievement is not needed for this achievement.

    I'd rather not break the solution page with a super long copy and paste, so here's a link to a super awesome and pretty detailed guide that rayvenus 2 came across that explains where to go to fish for each of the Rare Fish in Tamriel.

    Master Angler Achievement Guide!

    Old Enjin Fishing Guide!

    And here's another guide that will help you figure out which bait needs to be used where.
    Bait Guide
    From The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in ESO by Doctor Apocalypse

    Also, a website that is also helpful for this achievement. Thank you for the find HighT3chR3dn3ck.

    If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this solution, you can either leave it in a comment below or you can send me a private message.

    Any and all criticism is welcome. I will give credit to those who help make this guide perfect.

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    Mize8Just unlocked this, took 4+ years off and on. Totally possible, just fit in an hour a day in between actually playing the game.

    Put on a nice movie and sit back and relax. I enjoyed the achievement to be honest - was relaxing! :)
    Posted by Mize8 on 27 Dec 19 at 20:55
    Satans ShotgunThis achievment is alot easier to get now. Just buy the food called 'arteum pickled fish bowl' from guild traders. It makes fishing alot faster
    Posted by Satans Shotgun on 15 Feb at 19:39
    MarkyshizzleThis guide/stat layout is huge, should add it to the solution :)
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 02 Mar at 14:13
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  • Zephyrz InfernoZephyrz Inferno181,566
    13 Apr 2016 17 Apr 2016 09 Dec 2016
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    To earn the Master Fisher Achievement you must catch 12 rare fish (4 Blue and 8 green) in Alik’r Desert, Bangkorai, Glenumbra, Rivenspire, Stormhaven, Deshaan, Eastmarch, The Rift, Shadowfen, Stonefalls, Auridon, Grahtwood, Greenshade, Malabal Tor, Reapers March, Cyrodiil and Coldharbour. You must also catch one rare blue fish in Stros M'kai, Kenarthi's Roost and Bleakrock. Craglorn and other DLC zones do not count toward the achievement. You can check your progress by looking at the in-game achievements under the Trophies section.

    Each zone has three or four types of water and each type of water requires the correct type of bait to have the best odds of catching a rare fish. Bait can also be caught while fishing and is used in a different type of water than it is caught in. Bait, except for worms, can be farmed quickly and easily if you have access to all the zones. Here’s a breakdown:
    FOUL – Fish Roe (Caught in Rivers) and Crawlers (Farmed from spiders at Hrogar’s Hold in Stonefalls)
    LAKE – Minnows (Caught in Ocean) and Guts (Farmed from frogs at Sacred Leap Grotto in Grahtwood)
    RIVER – Shad (Caught in Lake) and Insect Parts (Farmed around Fell’s Run in Rivenspire)
    OCEAN – Chub (Caught in Foul) and Worms (Found with plants and zombies, but you’ll have to buy some of these unless you are really dedicated to farming).
    For Crawlers, Guts and Insect Parts I could farm about two stacks in about 30 minutes once I got used to it. If I regularly searched Guild Traders, I could get stacks of worms for 3 to 5 thousand dollars. (And I really didn't use very many worms.)

    Here is a link to The Elder Scrolls Online: Master Fisher – Fishing Guide which I used for reference, maps of fishing spots and most of the above information. It can be assumed that any duplicate information came from that website and the credit belongs solely to the author.
    The maps found at the ESO fishing guide are indispensable, but not perfect. As you understand the water types you will likely find other spots not on the map, so always keep an eye out. For example, running water is almost always river and if a dead body is nearby it is almost always foul water. Not surprisingly, however, there are always fishing spots that do not follow those rules.

    Finally, ZOS kindly lets us know that if more people are fishing at a fishing hole, your odds of catching a rare fish increase (NOT including NPCs). This, sadly, is terribly misleading. I tracked all of the fishing I did and the results were mixed.
    When fishing by myself I caught a Blue Fish every 153 casts over all of my solo fishing. Fishing with 1, 2 and 3 friends, I caught one every 80, 61 and 63 casts, respectively. This sounds much better, but there are two problems you face with fishing groups you do not face when fishing solo. One: Fishing holes dry out much faster so you spend more time looking for spots. Two: If you catch the blue fish you may be waiting a long time for everyone else to catch it. If I take out the duplicate blues I caught in groups, my rates drop to 110, 106 and 150 per blue, respectively. Considering how difficult it is to coordinate groups, it is suddenly clear that fishing solo is considerably better. On balance, however, fishing alone can be insanely maddening and the stats show that fishing with one partner is roughly as effective as fishing alone, so I recommend having a friend you can fish with occasionally, especially for the really tough fish.
    The range of casts it took me to catch a blue fish in one type of water ranged from 9 to 972 (solo), but only a few went over 250 casts. In the cases of tough ones, trying another zone or even different day and coming back frequently helped. I always gave myself a cast, time or hole limit each solo fishing trip to keep from losing it. Anecdotally, if you have some good luck you are definitely headed for some bad luck.

    Overall, it took me 94.4 hours of fishing and approximately 10 hours of farming bait to complete the achievement. A big thank you to Boozor and Harvey8irdman for putting up with me during our group sessions.

    The Last note I have is about the Ocean fish in Stormhaven. It appears (currently) that the blue rare fish, Alcaire Pike, and the green fish, Dab, have their odds mixed up, so it may take hundreds of tries to get the Dab, but you may get the Pike very often. Keep at it and soon you'll have every rare fish and an even rarer title! Good luck and happy fishing!
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    FFX BrotherhoodThank you, breaking it up made it A LOT easier to read. Thanks toast
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 09 Jan 17 at 22:31
    mcnichojChecking progress has moved, it's now under EXPLORATION and then the FISHING section on the bottom.
    Posted by mcnichoj on 13 Jul 17 at 22:27
    Grimace221By far, one of the most soul crushing RNG achievements lol
    Posted by Grimace221 on 24 Mar 18 at 01:06
  • PensiveOregonadPensiveOregonad895,071
    01 Aug 2019 02 Aug 2019
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    To add to your chances of catching the rare fish, I would use the Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl. This recipe can be randomly found by fishing in Artaeum Island (Summerset DLC). It is definitely worth your time to try and find this recipe (or have someone you know make it for you) because it can decrease your time on this achievement drastically. Here is a rather informative post on the effects of this food and how it can help save time.

    Happy hunting!
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