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Anchors Away

Destroy every Dark Anchor in Tamriel.

Anchors Away+0.4
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    Some small bits of information and advice that I would have loved to know myself when I started out on this journey:

    1. Just starting out? Everything you need to know about Dark Anchors is right here.

    2. You don't need to keep track of these yourself. For one the icon on the map is being updated when you clear a Dolmen so you will always know which ones you did. Also: The game has an achievement tracker for these. You can find the various trackers for this achievement by browsing to Journal -> Achievements -> Exploration -> Dark Anchors.

    Dominion Anchor Shatterer (Aldmeri Dominion, 15 Dark Anchors)
    Covenant Anchor Shatterer (Daggerfall Covenant, 15 Dark Anchors)
    Pact Anchor Shatterer (Ebonheart Pact, 15 Dark Anchors)
    Imperial Anchor Shatterer (Cyrodiil (PvP), 10 Dark Anchors)

    3. There are three anchor sites on each of the five areas for each alliance plus one in Cyrodiil (shared PvP area). Getting to each may be a hassle and some areas require that you complete certain quests to become accessible. A solution for this would be to ask a guildmate to give you access to a wayshrine in the area. You can join their group, have them travel to that location and then select the option to 'travel to player' via the group menu. I recommend doing these on the side or skip them and come back once you've reached max level. That way you don't waste any time on having to wait for other people to show up or wiping in the fights.

    4. You will be able to solo these eventually with any build, just maybe not at the beginning of your leveling journey. If you can't find other people running these skip them and come back later. My main is a healer and I don't have any issues clearing these alone.

    5. Timer for respawn is about 10 minutes.

    6. The Cyrodiil sites are located in the PvP area. I recommend doing these in one of the less popular campaigns as they will have fewer people playing them. It will also be helpful to run these early in the morning or late at night if you are not really keen on PvP encounters.


    If you need more information please do not hesitate to ask. I can update the solution with more information if necessary. Good luck!
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    This requires every dark anchor to be completed at least once
    Aldmeri Dominion
    Ebonheart Pact
    Daggerfall Covenant

    You can check which you need to get by looking in your achievements-dark anchors
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