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Cyrodiil Cave Delver

Explore and clear all 18 caves in Cyrodiil.

Cyrodiil Cave Delver-0.2
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Achievement Guide for Cyrodiil Cave Delver

  • TostieeTostiee299,201
    05 Jul 2015 19 Jun 2015 05 Aug 2015
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    For this achievement you have to clear all caves in Cyrodiil. It can be a bit tricky and time consuming to clear all 18 caves because you have to kill all bosses in the caves to clear the cave. The spawn rate of the bosses can be terrible too.

    Here some tips to get the achievement a bit faster:

    - Only one boss spawns at a time.

    - Loot everything off a boss's corpse so that it will disappear because even it's body seems to delay the other bosses spawning.

    - The bosses do not spawn in any particular order. For example if you are in a cave with 3 bosses you can kill the first two bosses a few times before the last one spawns.

    Here is a screenshot of Cyrodiil with all the cave locations:
    External image

    For each cave you have to kill several bosses. I will post below what bosses you have to kill in each cave.

    Credits to this russian site for the cave pictures:

    Bloodmayne Cave

    - Kill Acanthia
    - Kill Ironlash
    - Kill Razorback

    External image

    Nisin Cave

    - Kill Barasatii
    - Kill Volgo the Harrower

    External image

    Pothole Caverns

    - Kill Serrin Vol
    - Kill Diabolist Vethisa
    - Kill Blighttooth

    External image

    Breakneck Cave

    - Kill Hegris
    - Kill Longfang

    External image

    Haynote Cave

    - Kill Theurgist Thelas
    - Kill Diabolist Volcatia

    External image

    Serpent Hollow Cave

    - Kill Bruuke
    - Kill Bear Matriarch

    External image

    Kingscrest Cavern

    - Kill Cynaceae

    External image


    - Kill The Faceless

    External image

    Muck Valley Cavern

    - Kill Kerks Half-Ear
    - Kill Ogre Biter
    - Kill Webmistress

    External image

    Newt Cave

    - Kill Gravel Tooth
    - Kill Rock Wing

    External image

    Quickwater Cave

    - Kill Athal Andas (Athal Andas can also spawn in the most southwestern part of the map)
    - Kill Steel-Tail

    External image

    External image

    Cracked Wood Cave

    - Kill Mebs Runnyeye
    - Kill Regsrot Blacktongue
    - Kill Wolfbreath

    External image

    Echo Cave

    External image

    Capstone Cave

    - Kill Claudette the Sharper

    External image

    Red Ruby Cave

    - Kill Endare
    - Kill Zandur

    External image

    Toadstool Hollow

    - Kill Lucienne Cerine
    - Kill Captain Roreles
    - Kill Captain Serniel
    - Kill General Virane
    - Kill Dreadfang

    External image

    External image

    Lipsand Tarn

    - Kill Gaston Asham
    - Kill Marbita

    External image

    Underpall Cave

    - Kill Raelynne Ashham
    - Kill Emelin the Returned

    External image
  • And0 Command0And0 Command0149,604
    26 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015
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    Tostiee's guide is extremely thorough, I just have a few more tips that might save some time.

    The caves are also PvE areas, which means you might face players from other factions who can kill you or the boss you're hunting. I recommend playing in a campaign that has as few players from enemy factions as possible in it to minimize interruptions.

    Only 1 boss will be active at a time, and their respawns occur exactly every 10 minutes. On top of that, they do not spawn in a particular order. For example, if you are in a 2 boss cave, it's possible for only 1 boss to spawn multiple times in a row. I personally had to kill the boss Endare in Red Ruby Cave 8 times in a row before the other boss Zandur spawned. If you just cannot get a boss to spawn, try delving some other caves and returning later, I've had better luck spawning after leaving a cave for awhile.

    Toadstool Hollows is an exception to the 1 active boss rule. There are 3 bosses active at once. It also has the most bosses, at 5.

    There is going to be a LOT of waiting around between boss fights. I recommend setting a 10 minute timer after you loot a bosses corpse, and doing something else for the 10 minute wait ahead. Then check all the boss zones until you find the active boss. Rinse and repeat about 100 or so times and this 10 gamerscore is yours! Good (spawn) luck!
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