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Indecent Exposure

Have stolen clothing from all your armor slots repossessed at the same time by a guard.

Indecent Exposure-0.1
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Achievement Guide for Indecent Exposure

  • Surge of SkySurge of Sky468,178
    11 Jun 2015 14 Jun 2015
    37 4 8
    To unlock this achievement you need to steal and wear armor in the head, chest, shoulder hands, waist, legs, and feet slots then commit any crime. Then you must get caught and either pay the bounty or let them kill you. At that time the armor will be removed and the achievement will unlock.

    The waist armor is the most difficult to find. I've only found one in a bag, lockbox, or anything that you can steal from. All other pieces of armor can be found sitting around shops or near workbenches

    I have personally confirmed that the waist is needed and the weapons, ring, and necklace are not.
  • BattleWolfLVBattleWolfLV352,939
    10 Jul 2015 10 Jul 2015
    24 0 5
    I unlocked this while playing for Aldmeri Dominion.

    Head, Chest, Shoulders, Hand, Legs, Feet you can steal from Alsril (Tailor) / Ulando (Armorer) merchants in Auriodon. Skywatch.

    Waist you will find in Reaper's March Rawl'Ka city. The Waxing Crescent Inn (2nd floor).

    Rings and necklace are not needed.

    Put all your stolen items on and perform crime, when guard catches you, pay your bounty and return stolen items.
  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,289,980
    12 Jun 2015 10 Jun 2015 14 Jun 2015
    26 11 37
    For this achievement you must steal the following items and equip them. You may or may not need the weapons but I tried once without weapons and without a belt and it did not work. Here is what worked for me:

    Main - Stolen 2H (May not need but easy to get so why not)
    Offhand - Stolen 2H (May not need but easy to get so why not)
    Waist - Found in random boxes/wardrobes
    Legs - Did Not Need

    Once fully equipped with stolen gear. Get caught/killed by a guard and turn in your gear... Bleep Bloop. Yes... maybe in your game the guard won't be invisible though lol

    Pro Tip - The trick with finding the belt is to check all boxes, chests, and wardrobes. After you get the belt, then go for this. Let the achievement come to you, don't go around looking for a belt, just search when you see them. I know I've found at least 3 across my journeys, just keep it in your mind to do the achievement when you find one

  • wooberheadwooberhead193,495
    13 Oct 2016 16 Oct 2016
    4 0 1
    I had some trouble finding legs in Ebonheart (I may just be dumb), but here's a seemingly reliable leg spawn in the rift.

    External image

    External image
  • Biggity 068Biggity 068142,245
    26 Jul 2015 26 Jul 2015
    3 1 1
    For what it's worth, I just got this and I didn't have all the armor slots full of stolen gear.

    In my case, the waist slot that I had was legit, not stolen, and I still got the achievement. When I respawned at the wayshrine, I was stripped bare of all clothing except for my boxers and the waistband.
  • Trish RulzTrish Rulz225,409
    20 Jun 2017 17 Jul 2017
    1 0 0
    To unlock this Achievment you have to slot armor in the head, chest, shoulders, waist, hands, legs and feet. I unlocked this while playing for Aldmeri Dominion.

    In Skywatch, Auridon, head to Aegis of Auri-el where you can find armor to steal for your head, chest, shoulders, hands, legs and feet.

    Waist took me some time to find as it's in random boxes, Wardrobes or urns. I just searched in everything possible till it came up.

    Once you have all 7 pieces of armor, equip them all and perform a crime. Pay the bounty and the achievement will unlock!

  • WileyOldFoxWileyOldFox1,107,480
    25 Sep 2015 25 Sep 2015
    1 0 2
    Ok here is what worked for me.... head, chest, shoulders, waist, legs, feet, hands.

    Found a sash in the manor in davons watch
  • I 13 I 37 II 13 I 37 I7,487
    21 Jun 2015 21 Jun 2015
    2 3 1
    Markyshizzle is right in terms of what you need to wear when you get caught. I found it easiest to do this achievement n Kenarthi's Roost. Right at the beginning when you enter Eagle's strand there is a building where a mage conjured up a rain cloud. As you go up the stairs, there is a rack with most of the clothing you will need. If you are hidden and unseen when you steal the items, you can keep the stuff in your inventory without being challenged.

    I found the remainder in the chancery first floor. You will need to hide from the Khajiit cleaning there but I found a sash and if there was no armour on the rack there is a robe that will work just as fine. Just need to go through all the wardrobes, dressers and nightstands.

    Now if you put all that on and then steal something right in front of the guards, you will be stripped of all the clothing and the achievement is yours.

    P.S. I have been around Kenarthi's Roost with two characters now and the items were always in the same place with some minor variations but between those two locations I always got the whole set of clothing.
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