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Craglorn Completist

Eliminate the threat of the Serpent and his Scaled Court throughout all of Craglorn.

Craglorn Completist-2.3
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Achievement Guide for Craglorn Completist

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    For this achievement, you will need 3 ingame achievements. These are:

    - Celestial Investigator:
    Complete quest "The Corrupted Stone" in Craglorn
    Complete quest "The Warrior's Call" in Craglorn
    Complete quest "Elemental Army" in Craglorn
    Complete quest "The Shattered and the Lost" in Craglorn
    Complete quest "The Missing Guardian" in Craglorn

    - Serpents and Secrets
    Complete quest “The Serpent’s Fang” in Upper Craglorn
    Complete quest "Slithering Brood" in Upper Craglorn
    Complete quest "Dawn of the Exalted Viper" in Upper Craglorn

    - Craglorn Completist
    Complete the Missing Guardian quest.
    Complete the Time-Lost Warrior quest.

    So in total you need to complete 9 quests.
    These quests are very hard and are next to impossible to solo. You can solo 7 out of 9 of these quests.
    'The corrupted stone' requires 3 people and 'the missing guardian' requires 4 people.

    The maximum number of people in group is 4 because these quests take you to group delves which doesn't allow more than 4 people to enter so don't go inviting a fifth person.

    In order to start these quests, you have to complete 'The Star-Gazers' quest.
    This quest can be found in your alliance's capital city.
    DC= Wayrest, AD= Elden Root, EP= Mournhold.

    Here are the places you can find the quest givers:
    - The Corrupted Stone : Star-Gazers' Observatory ( where the fighters and mages guild are at).
    - The Warrior's Call : Bangkorai Gate.
    - Elemental Army : Proving Grounds Dolmen.
    - The Shattered and the Lost : Crossroads Taverns ( Belkarth's inn)
    - The Missing Guardian : Star-Gazers' Observatory ( where the fighters and mages guild are at).
    - The Serpent's Fang : Ilthag's Undertower ( outside the delve )
    - Slithering Brood : DragonStar
    - Dawn of the Exalted Viper : Star-Gazers' Observatory ( where the fighters and mages guild are at).
    - The Time-Lost Warrior : After finishing Dawn of the Exalted Viper and exiting the observatory. The quest giver will show up at the entrance of the observatory.

    Find the locations I listed on this map for the quest givers.

    I recommend doing the quests in the order I listed. Some quests require you to have completed the other so doing them in this order will make sure you don't miss anything.

    In order to get through these quests, your group will need atleast 1 healer. Some of the bosses are very hard without a healer. I recommend tackling this at veteran level 10 because the enemies do a lot of damage and have insane health. In fact you can do most of these quests with just you ( atleast vet 12) and a healer.

    Obviously the hardest part here is finding a group. Only way I can think of is camping by Belkarth's wayshrine or using the group finder tool but you'll be waiting for a very long time like me. You could also invite people from your guild but I'm not sure if they'll alway join.

    If you have any question then just ask and I'll try to answer them.
    Edit: Apparently a new update made craglorn solo-able so I guess you can disregard this guide.
    Also you don't have to complete 'The Corrupted Stone' and 'The Shattered and the Lost' according to some people.
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