Hold Onto Your Studs achievement in LEGO Jurassic World

Hold Onto Your Studs

Collect 2,000,000,000 LEGO Studs

01 Jun 2015 until 31 Aug 2015

Hold Onto Your Studs
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How to unlock the Hold Onto Your Studs challenge

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    Hi guys. This is my first guide in I don’t know how many years. But I wanted to post this since I know earning 2,000,000,000 studs is trouble enough that most people won’t go after it. Heck, I was having trouble earning enough to buy the red bricks multipliers more less the 65,000,000 studs need for Spared No Expense achievement. After searching online I found a way, here you go.

    You don’t need all the red brick multipliers but more the better. More you have the faster it will be of course. Once you have completed all the movie story missions, go to Jurassic world and find the bonus level Indominus Rex Pursuit. Select it and reap the rewards. If you have all the red brick multipliers turned on you will earn x3840 studs, on a good run you can get 310 million + studs per minute. When you’re the Indominus Rex make sure to hold the X button and ram the gyro sphere vehicle for lots of blue studs. You begin as the Indominus Rex and you chase the gryo sphere for about a minute, chasing and hitting it. That is basically it, fast and simple. Just like you have done with the T-Rex at the end of the final story missions chasing the dinosaur. I hope this helps a lot of people as it did me.

    If you need a quick list of the red brick locations you need to get your multipliers up here they are. Make sure you turn them on in the extra’s menu. There are videos and better guides than mine here, this is just a quick one I used from IGN for my run through.

    Red Brick 2x studs – Enter this cheat code 5MZ73E and it’s unlocked. It does not disable achievements.

    Cost - Free with using cheat code

    Red Brick 4x studs - Jurassic Park Lost World - Hunting Plains - In the area there will be a vehicle pad, get a gyrosphere with it and then drive it up to the dinosaur pad, and nearby it will be a launch pad. Drive over it, and then get a dinosaur that can scream in order to break it, and then simply pick up the red brick.

    Cost 2,000,000 studs

    Red Brick 6x studs - Jurassic Park 3 - Isla Sorna Aviary - (Requires 70 Gold Blocks to Access the Dino Pad) Walk down the stairs inside of the abandoned building, and you'll be in the lower area. Then, using the dinosaur pad, call in a Pteranodon. Nearby will be a red lever that you can interact with, and your control will be switched to a Pteranodon baby. Once you're halfway down, switch back to the main Pteranodon and let go of the red lever. Continue with the baby dinosaur and when you can't go any further, pull the red lever again and you will get access to the red brick.

    Cost 3,000,000 studs

    Red Brick 8x studs - Jurassic Park - Herbivore Territory - Go to the building that has a pipe sticking out of the side. Crush the rock with one of the dinosaurs, and use a character who isn't afraid of dark places to enter the tunnel. The red brick will be located in the back of the pipe.

    Cost 4,000,000 studs

    Red Brick 10x studes - Jurassic World - Indominus Territory - Go to the dinosaur pad and pick the Indominus Rex. Head to the big gate and you'll notice that it will close when the dinosaur get next to it. Make Indominus Rex go invisible ( use it’s cameo ) Once you're inside of the gate area, there will be a cage with bars that can be opened with the Indominus Rex’s roar. Inside will be the red brick.

    Cost 5,000,000 studs

    If you want to see a video – Thank you AdBradPlays for posting this on YouTube.com

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    This can be easily done after you get all of the multiplier red bricks. After you have collected them go to Jurassic Park and drive around the tour route over and over until you complete the challenge.
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    TheUndeadCPLAlso if you need to do the challenge accepted achievement for trueachievements app on the xbox one
    Posted by TheUndeadCPL on 22 Jun 15 at 00:56
  • prince matty jprince matty j275,788
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    Okay, so to complete this you need to collect 2,000,000,000 studs. It's not as bad as it sounds!

    As the other guides have stated - Getting the red brick multipliers will make this significantly easier.

    So, I'd personally recommend playing through the game and grabbing the multipliers as early as you possibly can.

    From there if you work on other achievements such as obtaining all gold bricks and minikits you will soon see that 2,000,000,000 studs doesn't take very long at all.

    I still haven't collected all the minikits and I'm on 7,000,000,000 so it's pretty easy!
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