Millionaire achievement in Lara Croft: Relic Run (WP)


Collect 1,000,000 coins during runs.

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How to unlock the Millionaire achievement

  • MuppeT May CryMuppeT May Cry1,869,375
    Locked 09 Jun 2015 08 Jan 2016
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    Gather 1.000.000 coins... oh boy, we're in for the long run on this one.

    Best strategy is to kill bosses, the more you can kill in one run, the better.


    Killing the boss the first time will give you 1000 coins+10 Diamonds, the second time, 1500 coins+15 diamonds, the third time 2000 coins+20 diamonds (That's the most I have killed in one run).

    Each boss run on the desert scenario will take between 5min and 6min. This is the best boss for this since in almost all of his "stages", you will be able to attack him and you could take him down luckily in 2 attacks if you are quickly enough, but most probably in 3. Remember to use all your gold on health packs/Armors/Boots/Extra Ammo for this as it will make it easier.

    After the last update, the solution has been needed to be modified. Even though killing bosses is still the fastest method (at least for me). It has become a tad more difficult now.

    For this I had maxed out the coin upgrade+fully leveled Assault rifle (Doing this method won't take you long to max out every weapon making it go faster).

    Any comments or extra tips are welcome.

    Winginor has come up with warning I was not aware of.

    "MASSIVE WARNING: Do not try to 3 star a boss level. After 3 starring it you get less diamonds and gold for each kill. 6 Instead of 10 diamonds for the first kill and 9 instead of 15 for the second. And the third kill does not even bring you more diamonds than the second. Had 40 diamonds after my 3 Star run. So only 15 diamonds for the third kill and less for all runs afterwards."

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    Heretic555666Don't waste gems on the last upgrade for the coin trail either. 280 gems I believe and absolutely no difference in the amount I get by the Time I get to the t-rex.
    Posted by Heretic555666 On 03 Mar 16 at 20:15
    TBonePhoneDidn't realize they screw you after 3 starring levels. If I reset progress will it keep my achievement progress?
    Posted by TBonePhone On 23 Mar 16 at 16:32
    William723Killing bosses is a lot easier with the crossbow. Kills 'em quicker than the grenade launcher. Though don't start using it until you at least have it fully coin powered.

    Also, once your done collecting gems: start playing the infinite runs. No limit to coins/boss kills. Make sure you always use a Head Start because it can transition copper to silver coins 8x faster.
    Posted by William723 On 01 Jul 16 at 15:24
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  • DarkishPenguinDarkishPenguin68,096
    Locked 04 Dec 2015 04 Dec 2015
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    Alternative solution:

    head start costs 60, on average I pick up 50-80 using the biker outfit... I have the double coins addon as well, but it doesn't help towards the achievement, only for this method.

    macro solution (requires win 8+)

    1) Download Project My Screen. Download link can be found here (only works properly with Windows 8 Machines, Windows 7 does not recognize mouse clicks):

    2) Download TinyTask at the following website:

    3) Record a short macro of you clicking the screen where head start button comes up.

    - F8 for Record
    - Print Screen for Playback

    5) Start running the macro after selecting the option to run the macro continuously

    you're going to have to stop and buy more head starts every so often, but this automates the process some...

    without macro:
    just start the level, use a head start, and go until you get 60+ coins and die. Repeat. You can do this mostly without looking at the phone, just watch tv and keep doing it over and over... Might take a while, doesn't require much effort...

    mix up between this solution and the other (for instance grind a few hours using the original solution, buy a lot of head starts, then take a nap, set the macro, and let it run...). Will speed up getting the million
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    NBA Kirkland^Good tips Mr. Rodster. Thanks. Is there any reason to be online when you are running this?

    I've been getting about 6-7K coins an hour using this method.

    If you want to macro the whole thing you probably need to buy the $5 coin doubler. The extra coins don't count towards the 1 million. But you do get extra coins to help fund your purchase of Head Starts. With the doubler you'll get about 100 coins per run (more than enough) to spend on the Head Starts which cost 60 coins.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland On 12 Oct 16 at 21:11
    Mr RodsterI reached the same conclusion: I could either spend many many hours playing the game to keep up with the loss from using Head Starts or spend the money to buy the coin doubler. Though I was reluctant to give them money for this broken game, in the end I decided my time was too valuable. I bought the doubler.
    Posted by Mr Rodster On 12 Oct 16 at 22:59
    CLARION 85Worked great...a Little tip from me to all others who started this is to deactivate your connection to xbl because you do not have the 3hours timer for bonus and the click for signing in your Profile to xbl...without this you can run the game till your Batterie is near empty. I have only 3 points with my macro...and i let it run fast. But i must activate xbl before i reach the 1mio because the achievement i think only unlock with connection to now a bit over 600k :-)
    Posted by CLARION 85 On 18 Feb 18 at 13:02
  • DogmaticTulip78DogmaticTulip78385,105
    11 Dec 2015 11 Dec 2015
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    There are two ways IMHO to unlock this achievement. The first one is the method I used to unlock it.
    Cheevo Whore squad method:
    It takes perseverance (3 months approx) to get it this way, since you do not want to spend $50 or $60 ....isn't it supposed to be free?
    If you are starting the game, select jungle stages (there are 40); you will notice game cheevos start to pop as you achieve the specific goal (e.g stage 1 - reach 305m)... you will notice xbox cheevos are 20, but game has other cheevos (28 cheevos in the jungle); each time you unlock one, you will get a reward like gems. Do not need to desperate and buy gems to buy ankhs when you die, unless you want to buy gems ( if thats ok with you- pls skip and go to method 2 below). Coins and rewards as gems will allow you to buy upgrades at the store- inital upgrades usually require coins only- make sure to upgrade extra clip, medipack and kevlar vest asap... ( e.g I got 4 upgrades of medipack)- that will allow you to last longer in runs and in turn get more rewards, gems and higher gem required upgrades.

    I chose the shotgun as seconday weapon and patiently waited until I could get the stealth suit... didnt get any of its upgrades.

    Once you unlock some rewards and the ones mentioned above plus practice, you naturally obtain as you progress, you will reach the jungle boss- a green t-rex.... and I do state color, since there are harder red t-rexes later. You'll notice at first you do not have enough upgrade punch to kill them on first encouters- that'll improve once you get upgrades- I got one gem upgrade for the extra clip with gems I ammased at runs.

    Notice the infinite sign at the lower left? Choose such non stop runs once the above is accomplished- they have many jeep rides, which is the true secret to accruing coins faster, not so much the dinosaur, since to start with, green t-rexes won't be so easy at first-- if you use simple hand gun--youll even get chewed a lot. Once you can consistently survive the t-rex (killing it is much better since it also gets you at least 6 gems, sometimes 10, plus 500 coins and points too), you will be able to get to the second jeep ride- I just did it and after the second jeep ride I got 2557 coins in 4:56, using head start which will get you approx 50 coins automatically. Of course coins will vary, but I followed a routine, to get at least 10,000 coins everyday, which would in turn yield 900,000 coins in 3 months by playing 20 minutes per day, but I also played Sahara, skipped many days and so on. I got approx. 75,000 coins yesterday- it's like a good book; once you're about to finish it, you just can't let go. The most important thing for me was consistency.

    Method 2- Its more of a different approach, really.Go to store, buy coin doubler for$5, which I didnt get since I was at 620,000, but if I started this over again, I would; buy if its still available, since I just checked and don't see it anymore (the all outfit upgrade package for $20), buy the vault of gems for $25, which will get you 4,300 coins. Once all those are bought, follow method 1 above. I will leave this open for discussion, but my guess ( I didn't do it, pls be welcome to state) is that you would take 1 -to 1.5 months with all these upgrades to achieve Millionaire.

    Despite all of the above, bear in mind there is no simple, easy pie method here to get this; I only spent $7, but took a while. The 18.01 ratio is well deserved and I think it should be at least 20 G score.

    I do acknowledge MuppeT May Cry and DakishPenguin guides.

    I was going to say Happy hunting, but instead....Warning.....highly frustrating cheevo ahead- completionists, ratio and cheevo whores only.
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    creeping monte2x coins doesn't count for the 1M
    Posted by creeping monte On 08 Jan 16 at 15:10
    jamsandwhichcreeping monte is correct DO NOT BUY X2 coins Doesn't add to the 1M
    Posted by jamsandwhich On 04 May 16 at 20:46
    Homunculus FuryWant to talk about frustrating? I've had this game on 3 different phones now. Last 2phones the progress carried over. Now it didn't for this one and it didn't carry over game is showing me with 0 achievements and 0 coins. This is going to take a while
    Posted by Homunculus Fury On 17 Jul 19 at 17:05
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