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Reach 999 Combos

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How to unlock the Combo Master achievement

  • SambawebSambaweb651,303
    30 May 2015 30 May 2015 08 Feb 2016
    12 6 25
    Newest Patch the glitches did not work any more i let this solution here for reference for people who play on older versions :)

    patch 1.0.4 brings a new good bug works the same way but this way it depends on skills

    Cookie Kenku found a positive glitch with Gunslinger. It happened that "Cooldown" ability upgraded only for 1 level makes every other ability recharged instantly, so you can use "Slomotion" through the entire level. The rest of my solution is works fine with this bug.

    This dont work with patch 1.0.3

    if you play on an older patch this will still work :)

    You can get the Chevos
    Monster Go! (WP)Combo MasterThe Combo Master achievement in Monster Go! (WP) worth 37 pointsReach 999 Combos

    Monster Go! (WP)Sacred CrownThe Sacred Crown achievement in Monster Go! (WP) worth 35 pointsDefeat the dark lord and bring back sacred crown

    easily with a little bug

    you need a gunslinger with slomotion skill and in best way a high lvl (Max) Combo Extension Skill

    go in any level you like. activate the slomotion skill and instantly use the menu button in top right corner of the screen

    press home button and confirm your choice.

    now press GO and choose lvl 3, 4 or 5 (depending on equipment and skill) i prefer lvl 5 because it has 200m (its the longest lvl in the game)

    and voila the slomo skill is bugged you have it the hole fucking lvl including the boss fight.

    i was a lvl 50 Gunslinger
    my attributes
    Sword (dmg) 108+1 (starter weapon)
    Shield (def) 51+2
    Heart (life) 925+13
    Blitz (Spd) 1128+0

    My Skill lvl
    Atk Speed Mastery 7
    Second Chance Max (1)
    Charge Attack 4
    Double Jump Max (1)
    Combo Mastery 8
    Combo Frenzy 6

    Slam Max (1)
    Slow Motion 1 (no upgrades needed because bug laugh)
    Tripple Jump Max (1) (this is not needed i think the tripple jump is useless ;)
    Combo Extension Max (1)
    Bomb 1

    Cooldown Mastery 5
    Firework 3 (dont now how this skill works its useless for me and my points are wasted
    Resistance 3

    i got with this setup round 930 combo after i reached the boss i hammer my finger on the screen for the rest of my hits and beat the boss my first time :)

    any problems with the solution ask in the comments before downvoting ;)

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    BuckswanaSlomo bug doesn't seem to work anymore since latest patch.
    Posted by Buckswana on 08 Feb 16 at 16:58
    Sambawebokay thx @Buckswana i edit the solution :)
    Posted by Sambaweb on 08 Feb 16 at 17:02
    BuckswanaThe achievement pops as soon as you hit 999 now, so at least there's that. :)
    Posted by Buckswana on 08 Feb 16 at 18:04
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  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper991,725,615
    30 May 2015 30 May 2015 17 Jun 2015
    6 0 8
    This isn't easy necessarily but it is possible. Here are a number of tips and tricks to help out. Keep in mind my character was the Gunslinger.

    I did this on level 4, the Desert. You need a decently long level and enemies that can take a beating before going down. You'll be aiming to be underpowered in general.

    -Skills: I had the stopwatch/slowdown mainly and it was powered up along with the cool down rate. This meant I could be rapid fire almost at all times.

    -Equipment: Almost nothing. You don't want to charge up your attack power at all. Being weaker means you can hit each enemy more times before they go down and build the combo counter.

    Startegy: Hit the slowdown and aim to kill everything in front of you. The slowdown should compensate for your underpowered attacks and allow you to kill the enemies.

    Even doing this, I was still at around 850 for my combo when I reached the Anubis boss. Continue using the strategy and I easily finished reaching 999 before defeating him. The key is to not pump points into categories or equipment that buffs your attack (I.e. No combo power up).

    I needed to actually reset my character completely because my original build wasn't suited to do this. Problem was that the reset didn't reset my skill points to respend. I had to completely delete and start a new character in order to go for this.

    You need to do this in one level. So even if you end a level with a great combo it will reset at the start of the next level.

    Keep at it though and you'll get there

    EDIT (6/17/2015): According to playerforty4, using the Firework skill had greatly improved the efficiency of this achievement. The 10x hit resulting for each enemy made it a lot easier so as a suggestion consider using that skill as well. Either way, there are a few options for attaining the achievement.
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    playerforty4I think the most important skill is Firework. When used, it hits every enemy on screen 10x. This unlocked for me about halfway through the 4th level (Desert). There really isn't a need to use powered down gear or the slo-mo glitch.

    MAX Skills: Atk Speed, Combo Extension, Cooldown Mastery
    Charge (4), Firework (4), Slow Motion (1)
    Posted by playerforty4 on 17 Jun 15 at 20:39
    BLUNT CHEMISTEvery time I use the firework skill it shoots off screen never hitting anything east of a skill
    Posted by BLUNT CHEMIST on 18 Jul 15 at 17:03
    HandheldRobin44thanks man for the help. the firework skills works perfect!
    Posted by HandheldRobin44 on 01 Sep 15 at 03:27
  • Jeremy JANISJeremy JANIS518,758
    27 Jun 2016 27 Jun 2016
    2 0 0
    I have an another solution to do this achievement. So use the gunslinger with these attacks at max level :
    Charger Attack
    Combo Remainer (I don't know the real name, in english, of this attack, it keeps the combo during some seconds depending on its level)

    And use the Lazy Cat animal. When the animal is active, each time a bullet hit an enemy, the hit add 2 combos in the counter. So if we have 5 hits, the counter marks 10 combos...

    Like this, playing the 4 level with the Expert Gunslinger, we can reach 999 combo BEFORE the boss. And if we are lucky, if the cat actives its power during the fiever mode, and we have 7 enemies on screen, we could have around 150 hits combos.
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