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The Collector

Have all 3 classes of monsters

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How to unlock the The Collector achievement

  • SambawebSambaweb652,545
    04 Jun 2015 31 May 2015 10 Dec 2015
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    In the Newest update this solution did not work properly also the monster slots are glitched again if you managed to buy those beasts you did not get the achievement -.-

    This is now Fixed first of all download the update.
    if you have all 4 slots full of monsters you need to delete one of them and add them again the achievement pops then :)

    To get this achievement you need a total amount of 1.200.000 (?) coins
    100.000 for the second monster slot, 500.000 for the third monster slot and 600.000 for the fourth monster slot

    the fastest way was found by TanukiV
    Play the 3, 4 or 5th lvl (the lvl you are most comfortable) with an high lvl Adventurer with a high lvl Shield Aura, Stone Defense and MAX Treasure Magnet skill. Also use the Double Income Special (3000 Coins for 10min) (the Transmute is useless because the adventurer gets an auto transmute for all coins in Fever mode.)
    And run through the lvl get in fever mode as fast as the game let you and you can rack up easily 10k+ coins in each run. Each run cost round 2min 30sek. Boss not needed but if you leave game your progress get lost. Die or finish the lvl to collect the coins

    if you have no adventurer a easy way i found to rack up coins is replay lvl 1, you Can play any lvl you like i checked this twice it makes no difference, over and over again with two active specials the "Double Income" (3000 coins) and "Transmute" (6000 coins) special.

    You can use the specials for 10 mins. this is 4 and a half run in lvl 1. each run are round 2mins 15 sec with the Gunslinger.

    With both of the specials active you collect 17000 coins if i subtract the 9000 coins the specials cost its 8000 coins in 10 mins.

    With only the Income specials its only 5000 coins in 10 min.

    With no special 2500 in 10 min.

    You need a double jump to jump on the "air bridges" the walkways in the sky you can see from the bottom to collect the 25 up to 30 gold coins on top on theses ways. if you do not collect them you get round 1400 coins less then in a 10 min run.

    after round 120-800 rounds (depending on monster) you have collected the total amount of 1.200.000 needed if you spend them for nothing else ;) and you get the finish 100 rounds achievement also.

    the coins only count if you die in the round or kill the boss keep that in mind!

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    Sambawebhow much cost you the 4th monster`?
    Posted by Sambaweb on 10 Dec 15 at 16:25
    TanukiV600K for the Magician
    Posted by TanukiV on 10 Dec 15 at 17:31
    Sambawebokay thx.
    Posted by Sambaweb on 10 Dec 15 at 17:32
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  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand520,952
    09 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016
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    Nowadays this will only unlock if/when you also acquire the Magician monster even though it is not one of the 3 original monsters. So, you have to purchase all 4 of them, which will cost you a total of 1,200,000 coins. That's quite a grind!

    Adventurer: "free", since you start with it;
    Gunslinger: 300,000 coins;
    Berserker: 300,000 coins;
    Magician: 600,000 coins.

    Here's the best way I've found to grind coins while normally playing:

    - Used a fully leveled Adventurer class (default one) since during fever time his special power is to transmute regular coins into gold coins;
    - In terms of equipment, my hero had a nice set (Space Police) including head, back and shoes, all of them increasing health and defense attributes. As a weapon I kept the default Wooden Stick, since to fill up the fever time meter you need to be able to kill the enemies with more hits, not less;
    - Skillwise, you have to max out Treasure Magnet and Stone Defense. The other skills is up to you but I'd recommend avoiding Coin Bash, Light weapon mastery and even Second Chance (that way you will have 1 less screen after dying and starting over), for the reasons already explained above;
    - For a pet, and I can say that only 2 of them really contributed for me to complete the game, use the Magical Penguin. The other useful one is the Seal Artist (used on other solutions).

    Will all the above set up, I'd select the fifth stage and start hitting enemies (I used to like to jump and then hit them with the Slam skill to make things faster), avoiding obstacles, etc, until it triggered fever mode. Once there was lots of gold coins ahead of me I would jump over enemies and avoid them as much as I could for the duration of fever mode. When I got good at it, I was able to trigger 5 to 6 fever modes until the end of the level, when then I would let the final boss kill me, so I could restart over. Also, whenever I was under platforms, instead of going up on them, I'd keep jumping while having Treasure Magnet active so that way I was able to collect both the coins above and below at once.

    Following this play style I was able to gather in a single run around 3,500 coins. So, all in all, I'm not sure if it's a faster or better way than the changing the date thing, but at least for me it was a lot less boring. In any case, this game in general is very time consuming, so I wouldn't recommend it to other completionists and I'm glad I'm over it.

    In time: do not waste time considering to purchase the Special called Double Income, which doubles the coin value for 10 minutes. It does NOT pay off even if you do the simple math and think that it does. Basicaly that's because first you would have to play many times just to pay off the cost of the special. But that's not all. When you finish the runs needed just to pay the cost of the Double Income special then you would have to also discount the amount that you didn't make during those many runs (I believe that the legal term for that in English would be something like "the loss of profit"). So, let's say that you had to make 3 full runs through level 5 just to pay the amount of coins that you've spent to purchase the special. On the top of that you would also have to add 3x 3,500 coins to the sum, that would be the loss of profit you had, which you didn't earn by just simply playing the levels without buying the special.
    I tried to explain it the best I could. Some people who've played this game for longer and before the latest updates say that this Special used to be worthy but acknowledge that that's no longer the case.

    If this solution helps you in any way, please leave a thumbs up to let me know. Thanks!
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