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Bounty Hunter achievement in Killer Instinct

Bounty Hunter

Avenge 25 Shadow Bounties.

Bounty Hunter+0.4
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How to unlock the Bounty Hunter achievement

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,531,841
    06 Jun 2015 06 Jun 2015 06 Jun 2015
    33 2 21
    There's a very easy way to do this by yourself in about 1.5-2 hours.

    1. Create a shadow on both your main account and a dummy account (remember dummy accounts share your Xbox live gold on XB1), playing through the 3 practice matches. DO NOT MOVE AT ALL during the practice matches other than to throw one or two quick punches. Save your shadow data after the practice matches are over.

    2. Play ONE survival match against a random opponent's shadow. Again, DO NOT MOVE AT ALL except for one or two quick punches. Save your shadow data. This step probably isn't necessary but I did it so I added it here.

    3. On either account, CHALLENGE the other account's shadow and defeat it. DO NOT SAVE YOUR SHADOW DATA after this match. This way your shadow (whether it be your main or the dummy) doesn't get any "better" and will always stand still.

    4. Switch accounts to the one that was challenged and defeated, and play the bounty match against the other, defeating it as quickly as you can, but again DO NOT SAVE YOUR SHADOW DATA after the match. Just back out to the Shadow Lab so the win/loss for each account saves to the server.

    5. Switch accounts to the other one and defeat the bounty match in the same method. Another reminder, DO NOT SAVE YOUR SHADOW DATA after the match. The idea is to keep getting your bounty wins without 'improving' either account's shadow.

    6. Rinse and repeat, switching back and forth and defeating the bounties without saving the shadow data until you have your 25 wins. You'll get Shadow Apprentice in the process. It should take 1.5-2 hours with all the down time/loading time between matches.

    Here's a video tutorial:

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    MIGHTYMILTON09The latest update has made unlocking this achievement possible again.
    Posted by MIGHTYMILTON09 on 22 Oct 20 at 22:23
    ll BLAIR llEveryone who need this, add me and fight my shadow, will return the favour.
    Posted by ll BLAIR ll on 09 Nov 20 at 15:55
    xDevilzxHDEveryone who need this, add me and fight my shadow, will return the favour.
    Posted by xDevilzxHD yesterday at 20:02
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  • Runner eGirlRunner eGirl495,329
    01 Jun 2015 01 Jun 2015 01 Jun 2015
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    To unlock this achievement, another player has to fight your shadow and beat it, either by randomly getting matched in Shadow Survival or by challenging you from the Shadow Challenge menu in the Shadow Lab. Once your shadow lost to that human player, you can press Y from the Shadow Lab's main menu to see your shadow activity. A list of all players who beat your shadow will appear. These are your available Bounties. You have the option to fight the shadows of those players and avenge your shadow, collecting a bounty of 12 coins in the process if you win. There's no cost if you lose. Win 25 bounty fights and the achievement is yours.

    So that's pretty straight forward and there's no real need to boost it, but if your gaming time is limited or for whatever reason you want to get this done ASAP, there are a few tips that if you follow them will speed up the process.

    1) To state the obvious, make your shadow easy-to-beat. You want your shadow to lose, as you get your bounty for avenging its loss.

    2) I only created one shadow so I can't confirm this either way, but just to be on the safe side, I would stick to just one shadow until you unlock the achievement. Also, this will come in handy for the achievements to have one shadow be fought 20 and 100 times, because it has to be the same shadow for those 2 achievements.

    3) Pair up with a friend or buddy who is doing this same thing and challenge their shadow from the Challenge Shadow menu. It will cost you 50 or 100 coins to challenge them (I'm not sure why it varies) and you'll have to beat their shadow 2 out of 3 fights (best out of 3). You can challenge any given shadow only once every 24 hours.

    4) Once you win the challenge, your friend can check his Shadow Activity and your name will appear as a pending bounty. They should then accept that bounty and beat your shadow. If they beat you, you will get a bounty from them almost instantly, and you'll be able to take it right away and "send it back" to your friend by beating their shadow again. Bounty fights are just one fight, as opposed to 2 out of 3. You can keep going back and forth doing this until you both get your 25 bounties. I didn't time it, but if everything goes smoothly you should both be done in 3 hours or so I reckon.

    5) If for whatever reason one of you loses while trying to get a bounty win, the player who did not send out the initial challenge can send a challenge. So if Player One sent the initial challenge to Player Two, now Player Two can challenge Player One and go back to 4) above until you're done.

    6) If for whatever reason one of you loses again, either of you can create a new shadow, receive a challenge with that shadow and avenge it with your regular shadow and keep uising that thereafter. So if both Player One and Player Two sent a challenge already and one of them loses, Player One can create Shadow B and Player Two will then be able to challenge Player One's Shadow B. When Player One takes the bounty, he can select his Shadow A to get the win. Player Two will then have to fight against Player One's Shadow A as before.

    7) If someone loses again, Player Two can create a Shadow B and Player One will be able to challenge that new shadow.

    8) If someone loses yet again, well, you'l have to wait 24 hours to keep going.

    9) If using multiple shadows, take into account that your buddy will have to fight against the shadow you used to beat him, so if your shadow is good it might make things difficult (See 1 above).

    As a side note, there seem to be some issues with some shadows that appear on your bounty list but don't show any stats (the ones for the four sections of the brain that usually show a number). These "faulty" shadows will appear with "--" for all 4 sections and you will get an error message that the shadow couldn't be downloaded. I haven't found any workarounds for it, it's probably on the game-end and you won't be able to do anything with those bounties, they'll just sit there. If you get that for your friend's shadow, you won't be able to boost together.

    That's pretty much it, let me know if there's something else you might need to know that I didn't mention or that needs clarification, but it's not really hard to get you'll see :)
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    XI AlphaMale IXDoes it matter if I save shadow data? I haven't been saving because I don't want my shadow to get any better, but its stats say 0 matches...
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 07 Apr 18 at 20:27
    Runner eGirlNo, this is not related to saving shadow data, in fact, you don't want to save that. Just to make sure you're following the right process, someone else has to challenge (fight) your shadow and beat it, and then you have to challenge the shadow made by that other player and beat it in turn (thus, avenging the loss of your shadow).
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 07 Apr 18 at 22:27
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