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Geriatric Brigade

Beat a tactical battle where every hero is over 60 years old

Geriatric Brigade0
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  • Crownless DinCrownless Din209,900
    08 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015
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    Hi, I just want to add a minor case to the RazorPriest's solution:

    If you, like me, have to start a fight and you have just 3 or 4 guys with 60 years old (or more), just check if you can start a battle where there are Wrinklers and you can fill your Vanguard with someone that have 50 years old or more.
    In my case I started the battle with 4 heroes with more than 60 years old and 1 guy with 55 years.

    Now just find a Wrinklers and let him hit your youngest hero. Every Wrinklers attack adds 5 year to your hero.
    In my case, after just 1 hit, i had every hero with 60 years or more

    At the end of the battle: DING! Achievement unlocked!
    I tried this yesterday and it worked perfectly...

    So you don't have to join the battle with every hero with 60 years or more, you can also let them grow during the battle!
  • AwooAwoo1,425,217
    31 May 2015 31 May 2015 02 Jun 2015
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    This achievement description is a bit lacking. Apparently having a hero of exactly 60 years of age still works. Also, everyone has to survive the battle. That's important.

    If you play as normal and recruit a lot of people as well as make sure your keeps are well maintained, you should eventually reach a point where enough old farts are still alive when a battle appears. If you have a choice, avoid any battles with Wrinklers, as their aging attacks have a very high chance of straight up killing your people.

    As for the fight itself, your guys will probably all suck, unless you get lucky and one of your high level heroes happens to be of appropriate age at the time. Play carefully, save a lot and use health items, and you should be alright.
  • Obscure AleObscure Ale202,284
    26 Jun 2015 01 Jul 2015
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    As you play through the game under the "Nation" research tab you will get a longevity boost which increases the lifespan of all your heroes, Once you get this you a majority of your heroes will be lasting well into the 70's.

    I found until this research completed even with 4-5 keeps I was struggling to have a full vanguard that was 60+ as most of my heroes died before 65. If you playing on normal difficulty when you get to the later game 200-250 your heroes will be starting at level 8+ at this point making the battle a breeze.
  • BlamelessHiltonBlamelessHilton223,569
    05 Mar 2016 05 Mar 2016
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    This works with 3 members over 60, I found this out after trying for hours to get full five members
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