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Fowl Hunt

H3: ODST: Kill 3 Jetpack Brutes with a shotgun on Oni Alpha Site.

Fowl Hunt+1.6
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Achievement Guide for Fowl Hunt

  • TopherXPwnsTopherXPwns400,424
    31 May 2015 31 May 2015 15 Jun 2015
    131 2 13
    Load up the level ONI Alpha Site at Rally Point Charlie. You will start with a few marines nearby, two who should have shotguns. Edit: Turns out the weapon spawns are a bit random, if nobody has a shotgun, reload the level. Swap out one of your weapons for the shotgun and hold on to it for awhile. You'll need to fight off a few waves of enemies coming first from the stairs to the right and left of the turret, then from behind. Clear out everything that comes at you until you need to take an elevator up to the roof. On the roof you will have more enemies to fight, this is when you will see Jetpack Brutes mixed in with a few regular ones. Kill 3 of them with the shotgun you took from your ally and enjoy your achievement!
  • Nordic IXNordic IX452,137
    30 May 2015 31 May 2015
    25 2 0
    very end of the mission just pick up a shotgun before going up the elevator and blast 3 brutes with a jetpack using the shotgun. BUT DO NOT SHOOT THEN MELEE KILL.

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,311,089
    31 May 2015 04 Jun 2015 04 Jun 2015
    14 2 0
    Load up at Oni Alpha Base at Rally Point Charlie. Make sure to grab a shotgun at your earliest convenience. Once you get to the top of the elevator, look for the three Brutes with jetpacks. There are only 3 of them, so make sure you get them all with the shotgun. Once the 3rd dies, you'll get Fowl Hunter.

    I've included a video below with loads of achievements. For the Fowl Hunter achievement, start at 8:18.

  • WemmettWemmett156,979
    26 Oct 2015 26 Oct 2015
    6 1 0
    Hi guys attached is my achievement guide for Fowl Hunt. It's pretty straight forward, all you have to do is load Oni Alpha Site at rally point Charlie and grab a shotgun of a marine. The shotguns spawn randomly so you may need to reeled the rally point a couple of times. Then play through the mission until you get to the top of the bugger infested elevator. The outside area you come to is where the jetpack brutes are and you simply need to get the killing blow on three of them with the shotgun to get the achievement.
    Hopefully this helps!

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