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H3: ODST: Find the 30th Audio Log.

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Achievement Guide for Audiophile

  • Maka91Maka911,013,509
    01 Jun 2015 02 Jun 2015
    41 12 12
    The final audio log requires you to have the first 29 audio logs that are found on Mombasa Streets. After collecting those, select the mission Data Hive - Rally Point 2.

    Follow your teammate until he unlocks a door and then follow him in. You'll then find a terminal unit on the far left wall that you can interact with in order to unlock this.

    The video location can be found below at 16:12
  • CrocsxCrocsx112,411
    30 May 2015 30 May 2015 09 Aug 2015
    13 1 3
    Be sure to have ALL OTHER 29 terminals.

    Then, start the mission "DATA HIVE". You will find during the mission a police officer that you will need to escort. After jumping down to level 9 from the second "well" and killing all the covenants in the corridor, he will ask you to stay at the door looking for ennemy while he will investigate for some "personal issue". Follow him in the room and there, you will find the last Audiolog.

    /!\ The Interactive Map, the Simple Map and my Video don't share the same numbering of the terminals order! Be sure to follow one option, but do not mix or you will get loss. Terminals can be unlocked in any order /!\

    All AudioLog Playlist : Here

    Interactive Map :Here

    Simple Map : Here
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,259,576
    31 May 2015 02 Jun 2015 22 Jun 2015
    9 4 8
    There are two methods to going about the audio logs on ODST for TMCC: getting all the logs as you progress through a run of the campaign, or simply getting them all in one run of the streets after you finish NMPD HQ (which coincides with Rally Point 6 on Mombasa Streets).

    I highly advise the latter. Due to the glitchy nature (currently) of these logs not saving to your profile, ESPECIALLY if playing co-op, it is best to get them all in one go without quitting out and should only take about an hour.

    Load up Rally Point 6 on Mombasa Streets (ignore the part in the video where I say to do NMPD HQ). You will be on Mombasa Streets with all the necessary paths open, and your next destination will be Kikowani Station.

    The Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter map is great, but it is numbered more or less based on getting them as you progress. I elected to make a video that shows a more logical route to grabbing them all based on your starting location after NMPD HQ at this portion of Mombasa Streets, doing a loop of the map and ending at Kikowani.

    You must collect all 29 logs in the streets, then carry on with the campaign. When you reach Data Hive, if you have all 29, a Marine will open a side door leading to the 30th one. Apparently if you're playing solo, from what I hear, you can quit out after getting all 29 and just load up Data Hive. Personally with how glitchy it is I'd just rush through Kikowani and all that just to be safe, but that's up to you.

    I have not numbered them in the video because they dont have designated numbers. Whichever one you grab first will be Audio Log 1, the second will be log 2, etc regardless of what order you pick them up. Check out the video below for an on-foot walkthrough of the path I took to nab this.

  • kegonomicskegonomics510,114
    30 May 2015 30 May 2015 03 Aug 2018
    10 5 14
    Follow the interactive map from AchievementHunter.com


    There's no checking things off, but it's easy enough to follow all of them in order. Be sure to get the first 29 before entering the Data Hive level, which is where the 30th audio log appears after collecting the other 29.

    Edit: Thanks to the comment by x PAYLOAD x, you can collect the other 29 audio logs and then choose Data Hive from mission select to get the 30th audio log.

    Edit: According to Lan Mordreth: "If you have the other 29 you need to start on Mombasa Streets: Data Hive rally point. Go through the streets and enter the Data Hive level, then proceed through as normal. The cop should drop down with you now."

    If you are having trouble getting to the 30th audio log, load up Mombasa Streets on the Data Hive rally point and get them all in one go, then play data hive to get the 30th audio log.

    Edit: Thanks to lightsup55 for sharing the corrected URLs as well as these additional videos:
    Audio Files 1-15:

    Audio Files 16-30:
  • PiCkLE SQU1DPiCkLE SQU1D850,529
    30 Oct 2017 03 Nov 2017
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    Here is a video guide by Halo Completionist who has done a guide for pretty much every achievement in the game.

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